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Ethan Loy | Video Check Out

Age: 18; Home: Santa Ana, California; Sponsors: Element Skateboards and Apparel, etnies, Independent, Spitfire, Bones Swiss, Active, Glassy Sunhaters

Mobb Deep | Real Late w/ Peter Rosenberg

Mobb Deep | Real Late w/ Peter Rosenberg

The Blueprint | EA Sports

In this episode of The Blueprint, Life+Times takes a look at how the increasing realism of video game sports titles -- specifically those of EA Sports - is allowing non-athletes to discover and participate in the actual sports themselves, helping the popularity of fringe sports like soccer and MMA to grow.

Sir Sly: Gold | Peter CottonTale (Remix) ft. Vic Mensa & Kami De Chukwu

Sir Sly: Gold | Peter CottonTale Remix ft. Vic Mensa & Kami De Chukwu

 photo Gold2014.jpg

Peter CottonTale

Sir Sly

BrickHeadZ vs Floor Kingz | Master The Art 11 | Semi Finals

A clip from Chicago's number one breakin' crew, BRICKHEADZ most recent win in Michigan, Master The Art 11. Check it out. More information on BRICKHEADZ.


BrickHeadZ vs Floor Kingz | Master The Art 11 | Semi Finals

For booking contact or 773.934.2254

#FMM Jonwayne ft. Oliver The 2nd | The Desert

Our final Free Music Monday North American Takeover is from the amazing Stone's Throw Record's MC/rapper Jonwayne. Fresh out of high school, Jonwayne emerged alongside the new generation of Hip Hop beat-makers: Flying Lotus, Gaslamp Killer, Nosaj Thing and Daedelus at the Los Angeles club Low End Theory. First, he kicked up a stir producing homemade mix tapes before he caught the attention of Stone's Throw and was signed to record an album as an MC. This exclusive track has a 90s vibe with a verse from Oliver the 2nd and we are SO excited to share it with you!

 photo Jonwayne2014.jpg

Jonwayne kicks of a solid month of shows through Europe on April 2nd:…rope-april-2014

His first rap album, coincidentally titled 'Rap Album One', was released late last year.


Maryann | When You Die (Goldlink "When I Die" Cover) N8 The Gr8 Remix | Free Download*

About The Song:
Inspiration can come at any moment. Maryann decided she wanted to rework this Goldlink song on Friday (3/28/14). She came up with an idea for the concept, and N8 got to work on the beat. In This remake of Goldlink's "When I Die", Maryann reworks the song from a different perspective. Instead of focusing on her own demise, she points out how thinking about someones death can bring up such emotional reactions, negative or positive. This track is a sharp contrast to her playful last release #CookingForBae. Her Sophomore album "Futuristic Always" is set to release April 28th, it features Stones Throw artist Guilty Simpson, and Devin The Dude and more. Make sure and Grab Goldlink's "The God Complex" when it drops April 1st.

Written By Maryann & N8 the Gr8
Remixed by N8 the Gr8

FREE DOWNLOAD here: here:

@xtraordinaryann @n8thegr8cuf @GoldLink @McCallaman

Boiler Room | J Rocc, Mr Wonderful & Residents

We're back in the original Boiler Room from 2010 with friends J Rocc, Mr Wonderful, and residents Thris Tian & Sofie.

Hip-Hop Lyft Cypher | A-1, Say Knowledge, Richie Cunning


A-1: (
Say Knowledge: (
Richie Cunning: (
Chase Moore: (
Deco: (

TeamBackPack continues to redefine, reshape and expand hip hop's truest platform; most recently, joining forces with Hip Hop Lyft for a new set of cyphers. For those who don't know, Lyft is a ride sharing service based out of San Francisco. Deco Carter, Hip Hop Lyft, has established himself above the rest with great music mixes, hip hop trivia and prizes. He is a gracious host to San Francisco emcees A-1, Say Knowledge and Richie Cunning, who catch a ride and make good use of their time in this latest video. The Chase Moore beat could easily be the backdrop of a movie car chase scene so it fits the cypher's aesthetic perfectly. TeamBackPack is "in the vehicle" as Richie Cunning puts it.

A-1 delivers a quality verse that features more rhymes than any I can think of, off top. Without overpacking his bars, or trying to fit too many syllables into a scheme, each line contains a few rhymes that fit right in and set the pace of his verse nicely. The unconventional cypher shoot is a good match, creatively, for A-1, who came onto the scene with his After School Special mixtape that featured him spitting on kids' tv show theme songs. It's been a while since A-1's last full length, the Thurl tape, dropped in 2012 but we can expect a new project this summer. If you listen to A-1's music, then you won't be surprised that he saw this verse as a chance to spit on some of the social issues in the city like gentrification and issues facing the youth:

"me and Deco, Say Knowledge and Richie/
the fact that we didn't graduate college is tricky/
On the one hand its hard to find jobs in the city/
but at least we won't be paying loans off till we're fifty"

Say Knowledge's verse is riddled with Bay Slang and San Francisco imagery, with shoutouts to specific neighborhoods, area codes and plenty more that SF natives can appreciate. There is still plenty to enjoy for the non-Bay Area hip hop fans like his opening bars: "dudes can't tussle with me in the Sucka Free so whatchu think we do to sucka emcees?" Say Knowledge has been dropping loose tracks here and there for a while, the last being "Fire and Wheel" last year but a new one is dropping on Monday at, you guessed it, 4:15 PST. "Toll Booth", claims Say Knowledge, is his best work to date and we hope that it leads to a longer project soon.

The Rec League's Richie Cunning closes out the first Hip Hop Lyft cypher. Richie's comparing his penmanship game to Coltrane's tenor sax and his sound to Jimi Hendrix on the Fender strat provide insight into his goals and prove that he does not take this lightly. His last album was 2010's Night Train but the last song he dropped was a "Salute" to Rakim's "Juice (Know the Ledge)" last December. And for anyone who naively thought that Richie was only about 16s, you can catch some of his dope production on Zion I's Shadowboxing: The Remixes.

Alicia Keys ft. Kendrick Lamar | Its On Again

Alicia Keys calls on the services of Kendrick Lamar for her latest offering ‘Its On Again’.

It comes with production from Pharrell. A video has already been shot and should be dropping soon. This will appear on the soundtrack to the upcoming movie ‘The Amazing Spider Man 2′ dropping April 22nd.

The movie will open in theaters on May 2nd.

Black Jeopardy |Saturday Night Live

Where the Kompetition starts | Aerosol Supply | 2014


Where the Kompetion Starts . Chicago . 2014 .

Music: "You're Welcome" / Alex Wiley / Closed Sessions

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Ethan Loy Video | Check Out Trailer

Ethan Loy Video | Check Out Trailer


You might know BaoHaus as a top eatery in NYC, or for the hilarious Fresh Off the Boat series with Eddie Huang, but now the company is extended their brand even further with some help from Nike SB.

This special Dunk High collaboration is called the "Chairman Bao" — a nod to the restaurant's signature dish — and features a colorway reminiscent of BaoHaus's 14th street exterior.

From the beige unfinished suede upper to the ice blue midsole, you'll be craving these big time.

Expect these Nike SB Dunk High “Chairman Bao” kicks to hit Nike SB retailers starting April 1st.

 photo nikesb-baohaus-1-374x251_zpsbc55b060.jpg

 photo ba7fed27-1f0f-4b76-bd9c-4982b499a664_zps88478dcb.jpg

#Dtoider | chicagOriginal

Dtoid community member chicagOriginal has been lurking around our parts for a little over four years now, but it wasn't until recently that I discovered what a badass he is!

A lifelong gamer, breaker and skater, "Junebug" (as he's known in the skating world) hosts an after school program that teaches teens the basics of carpentry, lamination, and graphic design, the end result of which are some amazing videogame-themed skateboards created completely from scratch! And when he hops on the board himself, he loves repping his Dtoid green -- just take a look at some of the shots from his recent photo shoot!

You can see both sets of pics in the gallery below, as well as a shot from his most recent NARP, where his gaming and breaking w/ BRICKHEADZ first livestream attracted 4,000 viewers! Thanks for doing us proud, chicagOriginal!

Here is the link to the full article on the DESTRUCTOID site.

SOTY Naawwsty | Full Video

No patience for webisodes?

Well quit your bitchin' and watch the entire SOTY Nawwssty trip video right here, right now.

Kinda like your family vacation except with way more skating and way less grandmas.

Too Short ft. Oh Blimey | Weird Science | Prod. El Diablo

Too Short ft. Oh Blimey | Weird Science | Prod. El Diablo

CunninLynguists ft. Blu & Psalm One | The Morning

The Morning is one of the recently released tracks off the CunninLynguists newest album Strange Journey Volume 3. The album is to be officially released on April 1st, but up until the official release date, you can download the album for no charge, or whatever you'd like to offer up.

"We were going to make it free on March 31st to our fans as a thank you for helping us make the record, but The Internets decided to leak it -- and "ripping groups" weren't involved in making this record, so fuck 'em...we're putting the deluxe digital edition up for free right now! "Burn it off the fucking internet, and bump it outside..." You can still pre-order "The Rocket Booster Pack", but "The Format Pack" has sold out! Peace!" - Kno

Stream/download and if you enjoy what you hear, be sure to pick it up at West Coasters can also show your support by attending any of their Strange Universe Tour stops.

Strange Journey Vol 3 will consist of fan input for the first ever crowd-sourced album. The role of A&R will be filled by the fans.

The first ever truly crowd-sourced album. Not happy simply “crowd-funding” a release via Kickstarter like so many other artists, Deacon The Villain, Natti & Kno asked their fans for no money — instead they spent a year interacting with fans via social media & allowing them to vote on guest artists, suggest song concepts, letting them peek in on studio sessions & make decisions on album artwork.

GMR Super 60 Showdown Recap | Dennis Smith Jr, Jatrious Smith & more!

The 1st-ever GetMeRecruited Super 60 Showdown lived up to the hype last weekend in Winston Salem, NC!

Featuring Dennis Smith Jr, Lonzia Tyson, Dondre Griffin, Charles Minlend Jr, Jalen Harris, Ian Boyd, Ty Gadsden, Zaqwaun Matthews, Isaiah Maurice, Ronshad Shabazz, Jaylen Fornes, Tavion Atkinson, Juan Munoz, Malik Massey, Deshawn Patterson, Jatrious Smith & more!

Les Twins Performance | Huawei CES 2014 | #SXSTV

Les Twins Performance | Huawei CES 2014 | #SXSTV

Les Twins perform at Consumer Electronics Show 2014 representing Huawei's newest technology.

Thank you to Huawei, Ogilvy PR, and Kari.

House of Fingers | Finger Circus

Some new ish from Finger Circus. A day in the life...

Dancers: #FINGERCIRCUS Strobe Ctut Pnut Nemesis Era (Missing Jayfunk)


Song: Fytch- That i love you

Snake Island | Full Length Documentary

The highest concentration of one of the most venomous snakes in the world is located about 90 miles off the coast of Santos, Brazil, on a small, craggy chunk of otherwise uninhabitable land. It's known as Ilha da Queimada Grande, or Snake Island, and it's the only place you will find 2,000 or so of the wholly unique golden lancehead viper, or Bothrops insularis.

When you step ashore, with a keen eye you spot one of these snakes roughly every 10 to 15 minutes after clearing the base of the island, and as many as one every six square yards in other parts of the island. This means, as you are walking through the waist-high brush, even with some good boots on, it's like walking through a minefield that moves and, instead of blowing you into chunks, slowly paralyzes you and liquefies your insides, as the golden lancehead does to the migrating birds it feeds on in the treetops.

Well, "liquefying your insides" may be a stretch, but no one knows for sure because no one bitten has lived long enough even to be admitted to a hospital, or at least none of the researchers who accompanied VICE on their journey to Snake Island owned up to that fact. Nor did the Brazilian Navy, who allowed VICE exclusive access to document their annual maintenance inspection of Snake Island's lighthouse—which has been automated ever since the 1920s, after the old lighthouse keeper ran out of food and disappeared while picking wild bananas in a small grove near the shore. According to legend, he and the members of his rescue party died one by one, all alone and in search of one another after each had been missing for some time.

The golden lancehead is so unique and its venom so potent that specimens procured by snake-smuggling "biopirates" can fetch up to $30,000 apiece on the black market (with prices going much higher depending on the location of the rich weirdo snake collector or, some have speculated, the black-market biopharmaceutical chemists attempting to beat Brazil on a patent).

Is that the craziest fucking description of a documentary you've ever heard? The answer is yes. So of course VICE's editor-in-chief, Rocco Castoro, and senior producer, Jackson Fager, had to go there and nose around for themselves. On their return they said things like:

"It was like a David Lynch movie through the prism of Satan's asshole. The anti-Galápagos. Darwin in reverse."

"[It's] cut off from the mainland and perhaps the land of a long-buried pirate treasure, according to the stories from local fishermen. But they also told us there were aliens on the island, so pretty much anything goes. It's scorched earth. It's where I would send my worst enemies to live, and I look forward to setting up a business with the Brazilian government to do just that. After the World Cup, of course."

"What I can tell you is that there are stone fucking steps hand-carved into the face of one of the prominent cliffs, all the way up. But you can't dock anywhere near there. There's also the possibility that [the venom] could be used for an anti-cancer drug, or perhaps anti-aging. Maybe it could save mankind. Whatever. They wouldn't have saved my ass."

"There are blue locusts and so many of these weird, prehistoric-looking cockroaches on the ground at night that it crunches when you walk. Place is fucked. No one is allowed there for a reason. Don't ever go."

"All that said, great shoot. Great diving, too."

Top Ten Worst Marvel Movies | TFTW

Steve and Larson find time to clobber some of the worst cinematic efforts from the House of Ideas as they countdown the Top Ten WORST MARVEL MOVIES EVER.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Bboy Showdown | Bboying in Dubai UAE | YAK FILMS

Bboy Showdown | Bboying in Dubai UAE | YAK FILMS

Music "UDS" by DJ Vag

Friday, March 28, 2014

Alex Wiley & Mick Jenkins | Forever

Alex Wiley and Mick Jenkins have recorded a new song together called "Forever" to showcase their lyricism. Be on the look out for these 2, they comin for ya.

Sonny Fodera & Ari Lourdes | Everything You Want

Uplifting house track by Sonny Foder and Ari Lourdes. Music is the healing of the nation.

out now! buy on this link :…inal-mix/5123817

OLDRBRO | No Love Without You Mix

This mix is pretty nice, makes me want to shake what little my momma gave me. Especially Feelin the first track alot alot. It's Friday Let Loose!!!


Michelle Owen Kruse Nuernberg feat. Isis Salam - We Find Deep Big Room Mix
Wouter de Moor Nymphi
Andy Ash - Release and Check Pt1
One To Watch - Sonny Fodera Remix
Love Inc.
Miguel Migs - Down To It
Cloud - Turning

3Elements ft. Tumi | My Calling

If your into Soulful,Jazzy House Tracks with smooth vocals this is all u.

Livin for this song right here!

Listen, Love, Dance, Enjoy

Boddhi Satva | Africa Hi Variations

Boddhi Satva went back into his vaults and found this mix from back in 2009.

"Those mixes had for purposes to show the connection between African Music and all other genres that derived from it."

Enjoy the Africa Hi Variations Voyage!!!

N.O.R.E. | Noreaster Mixtape

N.O.R.E. "Noreaster" Release Date, Cover Art & Tracklisting

N.O.R.E.'s forthcoming "Noreaster" mixtape is slated to feature Styles P, Raekwon and Troy Ave.

N.O.R.E. is slated to release his Noreaster mixtape April 20.

The 10-cut collection is scheduled to feature appearances from Cormega, Styles P and Raekwon, among others.

A video for the song “Powder Water,” which also features Troy Ave and Sho Ballotti, is set to be released soon.

Last month, the Queens, New York rapper said that Capone-N-Noreaga will be releasing the War In One Night EP and that he is also preparing for the release of his next studio album. Titled Dyslexia, the project will serve as what the N.O.R.E. says will be his second to last album.

 photo b6639b8b-d1f1-4431-95f2-c28d43b93b99_zps1424e825.jpg

The Noreaster cover art and tracklisting are as follows:

1. Lion ft. Styles P & Raekwon (Prod. By Hazardis Soundz)

2. All Alone (Prod. By Beats N Da Hood)

3. Diablo B (Prod. by Scram Jones)

4. Cheatin ft. GoodBelt Gang (Produced by Spk)

5. #FACTS ft. Yung Reallie (Prod. Jahlil Beats)

6. That's A GoodBelt ft. GoodBelt Gang (Produced by International Sho)

7. Cowboys And Indians (Prod. by Harry Fraud)

8. Medical Theory (Get High) (Prod. by Beats N Da Hood)

9. Powder Water ft. Troy Ave & Sho Ballotti (Prod. by Dame Grease)

*Bonus Track (Capone -N-Noreaga)

10. Rap Rushmore ft. Nature, Capone, Cormega (Prod. By Hazardis Soundz)

Jay Electronica ft. Jay Z | We Made It

Jay Electronica ft. Jay Z | We Made It

Spider-Man | Earth Hour | Chicago

Not only will Chicago represent the U.S. as the World Wildlife Fund’s 2014 Earth Hour Capital, but we’ll have Spider-Man on hand to help celebrate.

The iconic superhero — the first one to serve as an ambassador for Earth Hour — will be swinging his way to town and will be on hand 6:30 to 9:30 p.m., Saturday at the Chicago Cultural Center’s Preston Bradley Hall featuring DJs: Shon Roka, Lester Burn Em, Moz Definite and DJ Illanoiz.

Along with being able to pose for photos with Spider-Man, attendees will get tips on how to make Chicago a more sustainable city. There also will be a lot of fun activities for kids, including face-painting and prize drawings. The first 400 guests will also receive an exclusive, glow-in-the-dark T-shirt from the upcoming Sony Picture film, “The Amazing Spider-Man 2.”

Earth Hour itself is being recognized at 8:30 p.m. (local time) around the globe. In Chicago, Spider-Man will help flip a ceremonial switch to symbolically turn off the lights in the city — unveiling a glow-in-the-dark painting by Chicago artist ZORE64.

Thanks to being named the U.S. capital for Earth Hour 2014, Chicago will also receive a $30,000 grant from the World Wildlife Fund to be put towards a solar purchase program for residents.

Spring Fever | Silo Art Space | 3/29

Silo Art Space is changing there sunday black book sessions up a bit to bring u there first spring show.

You don't want to miss out on this event, it will be featuring seven lovely talented ladies!

"Spring Fever" opens Saturday, March 29th. 6-10 pm, and will be running through April 13th.

Libations provided by Revolution Brewery and horsd'oeurves by Nini's Deli.

 photo 29e2031a-eb29-40ec-8451-227c44bb2daa_zpse2b23b68.jpg

5110 W. Irving Park Road
Chicago, Illinois 60641

Phone (773) 710-9909


Mobb Deep | The Infamous.. Mobb Deep 4.1.14

The Infamous Mobb Deep is the upcoming eighth studio album by Havoc and Prodigy. The Infamous Mobb Deep is a double album that will consist of one disc of new original music and another of unreleased tracks from the recording sessions from their second studio album The Infamous (1995).

The album has been in development since 2011, but after the duo toured to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their debut studio album during 2013 the recording process kicked into high gear. The album's production is handled by Havoc, Boi-1da, Illmind and The Alchemist among others.

#TGIF Stak Da God | BirdSh*t | Shot by @DGainzBeats

#TGIF Stak Da God | BirdSh*t | Shot by @DGainzBeats

Hot Town, Summer in the City | 1970's NYC | Charles Fazzino x TATS Cru

Acclaimed 3D pop artist Charles Fazzino and legendary Bronx-based graffiti artists TATS Cru have come together to create a collaborative limited edition artwork titled "Hot Town, Summer in the City...1970's NYC."

The first partnership of its kind finds the contemporary pop artist Fazzino rendering 1970's New York City complete with subway cars "tagged" by the famed graffiti group. The artwork will be released as a limited edition in the signature three-dimensional Fazzino style by Fazzino's publishing company, Museum Editions, Ltd.

IT'S FOR US | ES PARA NOSOTROS | | #WindyCityWednesdays

More info about this documentary coming Wednesday 04-02-2014 for now please watch in it's entirety and share if it has touched you...



Follow us at

Pre-visualization | Phife's "Dear Dilla" Video | Directed by Konee Rok | Prod. by DJ Rasta Root

A behind the scenes look at Konee Rok's original animatic storyboard presentation to Phife of A Tribe Called Quest & music producer, DJ Rasta Root; compared side by side with the videos final outcome.

The animatic was presented on 10/17/13. The video was planned with shooting completed exactly one month later on 11/17/13 . The final edit with animation was completed by 12/21/13. The video was premiered at the Atlanta Landmark Midtown Art Cinema on 2/7/14 & in Detroit at The Fillmore Theater for Dilla Day on 2/8/14. Phife's "Dear Dilla" was added to MTV Jams, Hits, U, ,BET Centric & Vevo rotation & released worldwide 2/11/14.



About a decade ago, if you walked into the San Francisco home of Deborah and David Van Dommelen, there was a good chance you’d find some of the Bay Area's most popular rappers crammed into their son’s bedroom. No, he hadn’t constructed a makeshift studio. Twentysomething Ian Van Dommelen was creating images that gave his hometown's music scene a distinctive, sometimes gritty and often tongue-in-cheek humorous visual identity.

 photo d82d3d2a-069d-43a0-a3c1-946e2008caa2_zpsbb26e086.jpg

The CD art and merchandising images he made had the composition and attention to detail that would typically come from a creative director in the corner office of a record label, but the UC Santa Cruz photography graduate brought something else: an understanding and connection to the music itself. "These artists tell universal stories, like happiness, sadness, partying, poverty--but there's a lot of unique, street culture to this area. My job is to take these stories and relay them in a visual sense," he says. Van Dommelen's reputation spread as his name and face became more entrenched in the Bay Area hip hop scene. "Back then, people could sell 20,000 copies of a CD, so there was money in it," he remembers. "And when I started making some of the money I thought, wow…let's do it." So his company Photo Doctor was born.

What has changed since then? In a word, everything. Not surprisingly, Van Dommelen has moved out of his parent's house and is now a married father of two. But he is still doing what he loves, the A to Z of designing a visual identity for musicians. "I do the photography, design, and art direction," says Van Dommelen, who creates album artwork, websites, logos, and ad campaigns. He has worked with Bay Area artists that the world knows, like Too Short, E-40, and Kreayshawn, as well as ones who haven't yet transcended the local music scene. For Van Dommelen, who considers himself an artist first and a businessman second, this is the payoff. "I'm motivated by other artists. All the visuals I create spiral off of the music."

 photo b4291e63-d426-4974-a411-adb0a42393b1_zps3c0cf0f5.jpg

Yet as any artist-turned-entrepreneur will admit, creative inspiration does not always pay the bills. And paying the bills has gotten harder now that the entire music industry has changed how it operates. When Photo Doctor opened, artists went into the studio and made music that was sold on actual CDs or records, items that you could hold in your hand and look at the artwork. Now, with the dependence on downloads, images, and liner notes are no longer as in-demand. "A couple of years ago, I would've sworn I wouldn't still be doing this because the industry was going south so fast," he admits, adding that while he continues to get hired for CD cover packages, it has slowed down, meaning more of his output consists of merchandising items, like T-shirt images.

For Van Dommelen, this seismic shift in the music industry has meant a major readjustment to how he runs his company. Though he has just completed album art for platinum-selling rapper Sage the Gemini, Photo Doctor is broadening its purview to include online banners, website design, and Instagram ads. "You still have to have some sort of image to sell your music. Kanye did that blank cover [for 2013's Yeezus], but even that was an image," he says. "Trying to make that one still moment intriguing remains the most powerful advertising." Van Dommelen also wants to branch into video games and other avenues that use motion. In addition, his client base has moved beyond the Bay Area, including former Roc-a-Fella rapper and Philadelphian Freeway. Like the musical genre that inspires most of his work, Van Dommelen's success relies on his ability to innovate and fearlessly break new ground--a talent he has proven he has in droves.

Parallax | Hip Hop Philosophy | Official Video
Performed by Parallax
Produced by Sam Zircon

Mastered by Chemo @ Kilamanjaro studios

Twitter -
Instagram -
Soundcloud -

Shot & Directed by Rufus Pinkerton
Edited by Jake Armstrong
Production company - Black Tooth TV

Track taken from "Depth Perception" Coming Soon!

Email for bookings and enquiries:

Unusual (Interlude) | Teaser Video

The interlude off Nemo Achida's upcoming ' Well Raised Beast Ep' gets the Teaser-Treatment

Prod. by Pinky Liberachi
Directed by Well-raised

Dave Chappelle Headlines his 1st Ever Show

Dave Chappelle To Headline His 1st Ever Show At Radio City Music Hall In June

 photo 4c435543-596a-4c5b-9d4c-6f05f55cef69_zps81a4947f.jpg

Dave Chapelle is coming back to New York City. Last night (March 27th), LiveNation sent out a press release stating that Dave Chapelle will perform at Radio City Music Hall in June.

The show will be Chapelle’s first ever headlining show at Radio City Music Hall. Tickets go on sale to the general public next Friday (April 4th) at 10 A.M. on Prices for the tickets will range between $59-79.

American Express® Card Members can purchase tickets before the general public beginning Tuesday, April 1 at 10 a.m.through Thursday, April 3 at 10 p.m.

This may be Chapelle’s first headlining show at Radio City Music Hall but he has performed at the famed establishment. Back in May of 2006, he appeared as one of The Root’s surprise guests during Verizon Presents The Roots With Special Guests. The appearance occurred a month after telling Oprah on The Oprah Winfrey Show that he left The Chapelle Show due to fatigue, lack of creative control and illness as a reason for his decision. To the packed crowd at Radio City Music Hall back in May 2006, he told a different story:

I figured it out. This whole sh*t is run off a game. Nobody knows what the game is. I figured it out. I know the whole sh*t. You have to look for the clues when you dealing with Hollywood. You have to ask yourself the right question, because Hollywood thinks they’re slick. I’m serious, man. Ask yourself this: How many people live in India? 1.2 billion. So think about it: Do you think Hollywood, could’ve found an Indian to play Ghandi.

The film Chapelle may have been referencing was the 1982 film Ghandi which had British actor Ben Kingsley play the role of Mahatma Ghandi.

Check out 10 minutes of Dave Chapelle’s set at The Roots’ 2006 “Verizon Presents The Roots With Special Guests” below:

Deltron 3030 Tour

Deltron 3030’s sci-fi concept takes hip-hop to loftier levels

The future is now

Hip-hop’s sci-fi streak runs surprisingly deep. From Afrika Bambaataa’s space explorations in the 1980s to Kool Keith’s time-traveling Dr. Octagon alter ego and RZA’s comic book-influenced Bobby Digital persona in the ’90s to MF Doom and N.E.R.D.’s deep cuts in the ’00s, rappers and producers have savored the opportunity to zone out and get metaphorically high.

No one has taken the sci-fi concept to loftier levels than Deltron 3030, a supergroup comprised of MC Del the Funky Homosapien, mix master Dan “the Automator” Nakamura and turntablist Kid Koala. The trio’s self-titled debut album dropped in 2000, when the tech bubble was most bloated. But rather than focus strictly on the present, songs like “Virus,” “Time Keeps On Slipping” and “The News” were set 1,000 years in the future, when corporations dominated public life and an “interplanetary computer prodigy” and rap battler named Deltron Zero was fighting the New World Order with sociopolitical satire and cyber-scorched rhymes.

It took 13 long years, but Deltron 3030 released a follow-up, Event 2, in 2013. Now the band will tour as a four-piece rock outfit, adding the Mars Volta bassist Juan Alderete, to follow up on last fall’s 16-piece orchestra tour. With both albums as parts of a single apocalyptic piece, though, Del (real name: Teren Jones) and Nakamura say that the tour will blend old and new material. “The way we strung both together, it all makes sense and you don’t really trip on songs coming from one album or another,” Del says. “Plus, when I wrote Event 2, I said, ‘Let me pump the brakes and not go too far from the original formula.’”

 photo deltron_zpsc4e71354.jpg

Another similarity between Deltron 3030 and Event 2? Each album’s futuristic nature reflects the present, while their technological focus probes the human condition.

“Really, the Deltron records are about the nature of man,” Nakamura says. “The first one was more fun, but the songs that stuck with people had a message to them, whether that was about technology, love or life. The same thing’s been going on since the Middle Ages – man trying to see what the future might hold. With science fiction, you have the liberty to not stick to exact facts and instead illustrate a point based on how you feel the future’s going to be.”

The first Deltron album featured guest stars like Prince Paul, Sean Lennon and Damon Albarn (who had Nakamura produce and Del guest on his paradigm-shifting Gorillaz product). And the second one features cameos from actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, chef David Chang, comedy-rappers the Lonely Island and hard-rock icons Zack de la Rocha and Mike Patton. But Deltron 3030’s fluid lyrical journey is decidedly Del’s, just as the cinematic, string- and horn-laden sonic landscape is decidedly Nakamura’s.

“We work together and feed off of each other, but Del’s vocabulary is far superior to mine,” Nakamura laughs. “In a different time, he would have been a crazy writer or poet. He has this magical quality for lyrical wordplay. I make music that sticks with people and then 10 years later they figure it out, just like Del writes lyrics that 10 years later I finally figure out.” But Del emphasizes that his Deltron Zero character doesn’t represent a big stretch for him. “Although Deltron Zero is presented as a character, I’m giving you what I really feel about the situation, whether it’s now or 1,000 years from now. I’m not a different person than I am on my record. Rap is so reality-based that it helps if you are a little bit of the person that you bragging about. And some people out there are not one iota that person. They completely fake – just spitting hot air.”

Del and Nakamura both had plenty more to say about the current state of hip-hop and their perpetual roles as “alt-rap” outsiders. “To me, hip-hop is so insular,” Del says. “It’s like a secret society: You either in or you out, and there are certain ways you supposed to sound. As far as [Deltron’s] music is concerned, we definitely outsiders.”

Riffing on the pluses and minuses of Jay-Z, Master P and Cash Money Records, Nakamura adds, “With hip-hop, you have the bright spots and the status quo. I don’t need to keep hearing about your money or your bitches. It’s the same with all music in general. The kids will always have their One Directions. So in terms of manufacturing characters and personae, even though we’re 1,000 years in the future [with Deltron], we’re more realistic than Lady Gaga or Katy Perry. We’re at least talking about stuff that’s real.”


Tour Dates


House of Blues Houston
Houston, TX
08:00 PM
Deltron 3030
Details: Deltron 3030, Kid Koala


House of Blues New Orleans
New Orleans, LA
08:00 PM
Deltron 3030 plus Billsbury Flowboy
Details: Deltron 3030


Spanish Moon
Baton Rouge, LA
08:00 PM
Deltron 3030 featuring Del the Funky Homosapien, Dan the Automator & K
Details: Deltron 3030, Dan the Automator


State Theatre
St Petersburg, FL
08:00 PM
Deltron 3030


Culture Room
Ft Lauderdale, FL
08:00 PM
Deltron 3030

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Stussy x Saint Alfred

Saint Alfred and Stussy proudly present the Windy City Tribe Collection.

Releases Friday March 28: in-store 11:30 am central and in the webstore at noon.

The collection will also be available Saturday, March 29 at @kickshawaii , and select Stussy chapter stores.

Check out the fresh collaboration between Chicago's Saint Alfred and Stussy.

 photo eacd5417-6a56-4f57-a086-fffdf1f5c138_zps7971be30.jpg



Saint Alfred x Stussy Windy City Coaches Jacket



Screenprinted graphics on chest, rear, and cuff

Snap button closure
Drawstring hem
Made in the USA

 photo 2eaa10af-92f6-4c87-bc94-9e7436ef49a8_zpsd08d2383.jpg



Saint Alfred x Stussy Crewneck

Grey Heather


%100 Cotton
Dip-dye treatment
Screenprinted graphic
Ribbed cuffs, hem, and collar

 photo db6e5d7f-09ce-435e-8e9a-2ab861c239f4_zps749c8953.jpg



Saint Alfred x Stussy Crewneck



%100 Cotton
Screenprinted graphic
Ribbed cuffs, hem, and collar

 photo b74e49a2-1d3c-47af-9e0a-1d75b0f36bde_zpsce57bab0.jpg



Saint Alfred x Stussy Rise Above T-Shirt



100% Cotton
Screen printed graphic

 photo ed57be82-87c0-413d-b7aa-986e367f2b98_zps7d710cc6.jpg



Saint Alfred x Stussy Cap



Embroidered logo
Adjustable snap closure

 photo 9853dc9e-54dc-4f0e-a4da-7cfe8bf61dbb_zps2aeee706.jpg



Saint Alfred x Stussy Button Pack



6 Pack button-style pins


Saint Alfred
1531 N Milwaukee Ave
Hours of Operation

Monday - Saturday : 12:00pm - 8:00pm
Sunday : 12:00pm - 6:00pm

Telephone : 773.486.7159

#TBT | Choice | The Big Payback | 1990

For shits and giggles, throw back thursday. diss for u bitch ass!

Boston George f. Rick Ross, Slim Thug & Rich Andruws | Greatness

Boston George drops a single from his upcoming mixtape, "Trappin In Traffic," featuring Rick Ross, Slim Thug and vocals from Rich Andruws.

#TBT #Style #Video Slum Village | Yes Yes | Official Music Video

Slum Village | Yes Yes | Official Music Video

Directed by Ryan Lightbourn

Official Music Video by Slum Village performing Yes Yes. 2014 Synchronization

Breakin' The Law 11

Breakin' The Law International Festival of Urban Movement 11th Edition

 photo 9c999e50-a0ad-4d50-9178-8b638bc66f13_zps7a1d33dd.jpg

April 30 - May 4
Starts at 5:00pm · Ends at 5:00pm

University of Wisconsin-Madison
500 Lincoln Drive, Madison, Wisconsin 53706

5-Day FREE Urban Dance Festival at UW-Madison
APRIL 30 - MAY 4


Renegade (Soul Mavericks) - London
Vilas Park Sniper - Madison
Rocklee (Flame Illusion) - Macau
Fleg (Lions of Zion) - Baltimore

Masters & Mistress of Ceremonies
Agent Mos (Ninja Church & Boogie Knightz) - Chicago
El La Katrina (Ninja Church & Goddistas) - Wisco
ManOfGod (Ninja Church, Rhythm Attack & Motion Disorderz) - Chicago

2vs2 Breaking ($1000) + Prizes
Stuntman (Style Elements & Furious Styles Crew) - Cali
Wicked (Phaze II) - Chicago
Ayumi (Body Carnival) - Japan

1vs1 Allstyles ($500) + Prizes
Toyin (Assassins & Urban Artistry) - DC
Free (Circle of Fire & Soul Shifters) - Seattle
Remind (Style Elements) - Bay Area

1vs1 Popping ($500) + Prizes
Standing O - Detroit
Pop Master Fabel (Rocksteady Crew) - NYC

1vs1 Breaking ($500) + Prizes
Stuntman (Style Elements & Furious Styles Crew) - Cali
Connie Rock - NYC


Festival Schedule

Wednesday = Beginner Workshops
UW Madison - Union South (Northwoods Room)
5pm - 8pm

Thursday = Welcome Session

Friday = Battle Prelims
UW Madison - Union South (The Sett)

Saturday = Judges' Workshops + Battle Finals
UW Madison - Union South (The Sett)
4:30pm - 10:30pm

Sunday = BTL Bar-B-Que

More details to come...

Follow us on Instagram for updates as well!


Lodging Information

There are different options if you are looking for a place to stay while at the festival.

ALSO - Never underestimate the power of,, and other online hotel search engines for better prices and different options. You can also look online to get better prices at the hotels/motels listed below with the exception of Madison Hostel.

1. Madison Hostel Located Downtown (Low Cost Option)
6 Bed Rooms - $23/night/person
4 Bed Rooms - $26/night/person
Private Rooms (1-3 person options) - $48/night flat rate
Call for bookings: 1-608-441-1044

2. Hotels Outside of the Downtown Area (Mid Cost Option)
***Only for those traveling with cars***

Super 8 Motel (South Side)
(prices between $75-$85/night)

Baymont Inn & Suites Madison East
(prices between $50 - $60/night)

3. Hotels Near Downtown Madison (High Cost Option)

Best Western Plus InnTowner & Highlands
(prices between $110 - $150/night Double Room)

Madison Concourse Hotel (free Airport Shuttle)
(prices between $145 - $165/night Double Room)

Double Tree on Johnson Street
(prices between $140 - $160/night Double Room)


Co-Sponsorship provided by:
Associated Students of Madison
WUD Music Committee
Wisconsin Experience Grant
Willy Street Coop
Red Bull

Cain | War | Dir. by @Lashe_2Tone

Cain | War | Dir. by @Lashe_2Tone

Directed By Brianna Lashé™
For Booking
Music video by Cain performing War

Black Milk | Rhythm Roulette

On this episode of Rhythm Roulette we linked up with one of our favorite producers here at Mass Appeal, Black Milk. Fresh off the release of his LP No Poison No Paradise and Glitches in the Break EP, Black Milk invited us down to his studio in Dallas, TX to participate in the blindfolded challenge.

#Bboy Froz | Trita Trix Vol.2

Bboy Froz | Bandits Crew (Italy)

Click here if u like Bboyworld:

More Clips:

BBOY BAILROK Rocksteady Crew, Copenhagen | YAK FILMS

B-BOY BAILROK is the youngest member of the legendary ROCK STEADY CREW and THE PRODIGY of Las Vegas. You may have seen him on America's Got Talent Season 5 as a semi-finalist.

Congratulations to Bailrok and Ynot for winning the toprock battle at Floor Wars 2014 !

U can find him at his website

Music "Funky Zulu" by JasimPROD

ALESIA x M.I.A | Pull Up The People

“SURPRISE MOTHERF*CKER” announced French duo, Alesia, this morning regarding a free download drop featuring vocals from the talented M.I.A. “Pull Up The People” furthers Alesia’s allegiance to no genres, incorporating elements of Techno, Hip Hop, and Electro for a beastly, bass-heavy rumbler that perfectly conjoins with M.I.A’s distorted vocals. Bounce along to this great, gritty collaboration.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Art of Cocking in Bboy Culture | Video

We go deep inside the cypher to explore one of dancing's greatest mysteries: THE COCK.

Escape From Greece | VICE

As one of the gateways to mainland Europe, Greece may be home to thousands of immigrants -- but at the moment, it's not a particularly happy one. Many spend their days trying to escape the xenophobia and erratic immigration policies that characterise Greece at a time of deep financial crisis. More often than not, the migrants look to the West -- to countries like the UK or Germany -- where they feel they will be able to lead richer, happier lives.

However, even if certain sections of Greek society would rather rid their country of immigrants, EU law means that's easier said than done. What do you do when you're trapped in a country that doesn't want you?

Bunji Garlin | VP Records | Promo Tour

Check out this recap video from Bunji Garlin's recent promo tour in Miami, Florida

50 Cent | The Pilot | Explicit

Music video by 50 Cent performing Pilot. © 2014 G-Unit Records

Download now!


Playing on a cool design for spring/summer 2014, Nike SB drops a new pair of Dunk Lows to add into the collection this season.

The sneaker is constructed from a combination of “Giraffe” print and leather for the upper, with additional “Team Orange” accents and a classic gum sole.

If they're still available, Premier has these Nike SB Dunk Low PRM “Giraffe” shoes in stock now.

 photo f9e7f23e-a8c9-4409-9187-51c2b2502622_zpsdf84e0da.jpg

 photo 9e5d8758-9dc3-47f3-8288-f68f108f249e_zps2a703254.jpg


We've been anticipating another pair of the premium-built Air Jordan 1 Mid Nouveaus for some time now, and it looks like the wait is over with the new “Night Shadow” colorway.
The suede construction is complimented by a tonal turquoise upper, with a crisp white midsole that includes contrast stitching for added effect.

Slight details like the perforations on the toe box and side panel are reasons why these come of looking so refined.

Pick them up now for $130 at select retailers like Sneaker Politics.

 photo efcac2dc-7f35-4269-80ae-9b0617ba47e6_zps93d2e970.jpg

Lollapalooza releases 2014 lineup | Chicago

After selling out of its three day passes in record time yesterday, Lollapalooza has finally released their 2014 lineup. A top the lineup sits acts like Eminem, Skrillex, Outkast and Calvin Harris.

Lollapalooza’s usual EDM stage, Perry’s. seems that it will be primarily house acts, with some outliers like Flume, Gramatik, Flosstradamus and Chase & Status. Hip Hop lovers will have a grand time at Lollapalozoa with acts like Nas, Chance The Rapper, and Outkast all performing.

What do you think of the lineup?

Single day tickets go on sale today, 3/26, at 10 A.M. so if any day tickles your fancy, jump on over to Lollapalooza’s website and hop on a ticket! Good luck! Hope to see some of you at Grant Park this summer.

 photo e5bfcd38-e39e-4bd5-925e-fc6378ef696f_zps0fd0333a.jpg

* Lollapalooza 2014 lineup by day *


Artic Monkeys
Above & Beyond
Broken Bells
Lykki Li
The Glitch Mob
Portugal. The Man
Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike
J. Roddy Walston & The Business
The Kooks
Iggy Azalea
Bombay Bicycle Club
Sander Kleinenberg
Blood Orange
Perry/Etty vs Joachim Gerraud
Jagwar Ma
Vic Mensa
Francisca Valenzuela
Into It. Over It.
Courtney Barnett
San Fermin
Roadkill Ghost Choir
Jacob Plant
The So So Glos
Cash Cash
Bebe Rexha
Of Verona
Highly Suspect


Calvin Harris
Foster The People
The Head And The Heart
Chase & Status
Cut / Copy
Fitz & The Tantrums
Jenny Lewis
Manchester Orchestra
John Butler Trio
Martin Garrix
Duke Dumont
The Temper Trap
Joachim Gerraud
Kate Nash
Vane Joy
Rich Homie Quan
Parquet Courts
Wildcat! Wildcat!
The Districts
Royal Blood
Meg Myers
Desert Noises
John Batiste and Stay Human
Benjamin Booker
The Last Internationale
Charlie Hirsch
Anna Lunoe
Rocky Business


Kings Of Leon
The Avett Brothers
Sebastian Ingrosso
Childish Gambino
Cage The Elephant
Young The Giant
Chance The Rapper
The 1975
Glen Hansard
Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue
Run The Jewels
The Airborne Toxic Event
London Grammar
White Denim
Delta Rae
Jhené Aiko
Gemini Club
Bomba Estéreo
Bear Hands
Bronze Radio Return
Lindsay Lowend
Betty Who
Fly Golden Eagle
Crass Mammoth
Space Capone
Plastic Visions

Bboy Junior | Trailer 2014

Bboy Junior, real name Bosila Banya, was born in Zaire, central Africa. As a child, he always was on his hands performing tricks to impress friends and family at an early age.
He moved to france at around the age of 5 and in 1997 saw a tv show about breakdancing that made him realize that was what he wanted to do.
Even though bboy junior's leg has polio, he pursued breakdance with dedication and was mentored by Jeff and Rudy. In 2001, he then joined the wanted posse crew that soon gained popularity around the world.

Hercules Starring The Rock | Exclusive Trailer

Paramount Pictures and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures' film HERCULES, starring Dwayne Johnson, bows on July 25th. Based on Radical Comics' Hercules by Steve Moore, this ensemble-action film is a revisionist take on the classic myth, HERCULES. The epic action film also stars Golden Globe Winner Ian McShane, Rufus Sewell, Joseph Fiennes, Peter Mullan and Academy Award®-nominee John Hurt.

Director: Brett Ratner
Release: 7/25/2014
Studio: Paramount Pictures
Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Ian McShane, Rufus Sewell, Joseph Fiennes, Peter Mullan, John Hurt, Rebecca Ferguson, Ingrid Bolso Berdal, Aksel Hennie, and Reece Ritchie.

The Hot Box | Rapsody w/ DJ Enuff

Jamla Records own Rapsody steps into "The Hot Box" cave with DJ Enuff to spit "Dark Knight" track. She then followed up with a freestyle over a 9th Wonder exclusive beat. Check out the video and make sure to subscribe to ThatsEnuff Channel.

Vince Staples | @SXSW | YA BOY GITOO

Vince Staples explains how to manage your side chick and also how he used to "do business" with Your Boy Gitoo hosts this final installation of our SXSW 2014 series

Karmaloop Discount Code: #BHZLife

Zion I | Supreme | Official Music Video

The official music video for "Supreme," the first track from The Masters of Ceremony EP, is now out!

The Masters of Ceremony EP available on iTunes

#Gaslamp #JustBlaze Ray-Ban x Boiler Room 004 | SXSW Warehouse

Gaslamp Killer b2b Just Blaze 30 min DJ Set

Bboy Shorty | Brickheadz Crew | Silverback Bboy Events | | #WindyCityWednedays

Powered by Silverback Bboy Events

This Wednesday we feature Bboy Shorty of The Brickheadz Crew Chicago!

Music by - The Hipstro

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

FKA twigs x inc.| Video

FKA twigs is already living up to our “Fresh Female Who Will Rule Pop In 2014” expectations. The British alt-R&B artist has teamed up with Los Angeles duo inc. to serve us the seemingly untitled “FKA x inc.” collaboration video, and, unlike their lowercase monikers, it’s worth all kinds of caps-locked #PRAISE.

Directed by Nick Walker and twigs herself, the black and white clip sees the “Water Me” singer and inc. brothers Andrew and Daniel Aged inhabiting a mundane homestead in the middle of what looks to be SoCal’s desert. Interspersed are scenes of twigs convulsing in a shower and all three partaking in some sort of ritual involving a Bible and a joint. (NSF Sunday School, obviously.)

Needless to say, the video’s as anxious as it is striking. There’s a fragility to the visuals, like they might crumble away at any second.

This temporal feeling’s probably intentional, since the lyrics say as much. Over ghostly blips and glitches (think Blood Orange-meets-Portishead-meets-Physical Therapy), twigs hauntingly cries: “So I try to satisfy/ By falling down, by falling down/ But, I’m never gonna be your savior.” We’d beg to differ on that last point, but whatevs.

The song is only part of a greater “FKA x inc.” collaboration between the three musicians, which includes the track on a one-sided 7″ record plus a full-color zine. OH WAIT, NVM. All 400 copies have already been pre-ordered. Guess we’ll have to return to our regularly scheduled programming: twigs worshipping sans swag.

Written, performed & produced by FKA twigs and inc.
Video directed by Nick Walker and FKA twigs.

Apollo Brown | The Answer

Today, Detroit producer Apollo Brown announces his first new instrumental album since Clouds (2011).

The new album titled Thirty Eight will be released May 6, 2014 via Mello Music Group.

The LP’s first single, “The Answer,” dropped today and can be heard below. Those who-pre-order Apollo Brown’s Thirty Eight will receive “The Answer” as an instant download.

SZA FT. Chance The Rapper | Childs Play

TDE rookie singer SZA’s album Z is coming out April 8th, and today she releases this smooth song with some help from Chance the Rapper. Production by XXYYXX.

Alchemist & Budgie Ft. Action Bronson, Domo Genisis, & Blu | The G Code

The Alchemist and Budgie release their latest offering with "The G Code" featuring Action Bronson, Domo Genisis, and Blu.

We recently learned that producers The Alchemist and Budgie (from the UK) have teamed up for a unique boxset concept album called The Good Book. The Good Book will contain Alchemist and Budgie's two separate albums, which are instrumentals for the most part, and all of which contain gospel samples.

The duo decided to let go of another leak off their upcoming LP with “The G Code”, featuring Action Bronson, Domo Genisis, and Blu. They also just linked up with Action Bronson for their latest release "With My Soul", make sure to check that one out as well.

The boxset is due out on April 11th and will be limited to 1,000 copies, so if you want one, we suggest pre-ordering it here.

Quotable Lyrics:

Since '95 with the jeans set
Back on the scene fresh, beamers that lean left
I'm on the fuckin' roof doin squats, aint no boots in the box
Just some dead white man and his glocc

King Louie Ft. Katie Got Bandz | IDK

King Louie and Katie Got Bandz link on “IDK,” a new track from DJ V-Dub‘s Savage Lyrics mixtape.

Asaad Ft. Ab-Soul - Alejandro Jodorowsky Flow

We haven't heard from Asaad in a minute.

It's good to hear something new from the rapper in the musical department, as he releases a new track with Ab-Soul called "Alejandro Jorodowsky Flow".

Asaad has had a roller coaster ride of a career to date, but through it all, it appears his game has remained as sharp as ever. “Alejandro Jodorowsky Flow,” named after the infamous Chilean-French filmmaker known for his trendsetting surrealism, is silky smooth with standout verses from both Asaad and Soul. The Philadelphia native lays down a series of honest, soul-baring bars, and TDE’s prodigal son follows the leadoff act with a tongue-twisting, crafty 16 of his own. The freeform hook is fueled by the slow-riding, sample-based instrumental, and the good vibes are consistent all the way through.

He's also announced a new mixtape Flowers II, the sequel to his 2009 tape, to drop this Thursday.

Insane STREET Football Skills | Séan Garnier

Insane STREET Football Skills - Panna London Pt2 Séan Garnier

Monday, March 24, 2014

Slicer Demo Film | SeratoHQ

Matt from the Serato Support team demonstrations Slicer, a new feature just added to the powerful iOS app, the Serato Remote which is available now for download.

Until now, Slicer has been a hardware only feature, available only for certain controllers that support it. Now you can use Slicer with Serato Remote in conjunction with any Serato DJ supported hardware.

Anacron | Summer In Los Angeles | Unofficial Video

Single available now via all major digital retailers.

Written and performed by Anacron.
Composed and produced by Anacron for Manoemusicc.
Grand piano, synthesizer, electric bass, drums, and alto saxophone played by Anacron.
Additional vocals arranged and performed by Anacron.
Recorded, mixed, and engineered by Anacron at The Tilt in West Los Angeles, California.

Copyright 2013 Manoemusicc / PNTGLLRYNTWRK Appears on the Crayon Beats compilation, "Summer Series: California (Vol.1)"

DabsMyla | POW WOW Hawaii

For those of you who weren't able to make it out to Oahu recently to POW!WOW! HAWAI'I , check out the work of Dabs & Myla, who teamed up with their good friend, Misery, to contribute a surreal seascape mural to this year's event. The mural can be found the corner of Koula and Auahi streets in the Kaka'ako district of Honolulu.

Tampa Pro 2014 Qualifiers | TransWorld SKATEboarding

The lineup of skaters you get to see all in one day at Tampa Pro is unreal. From rookies to legends, it's an amazing cast.

Gyptian ft. Kes The Band | Wet Fete | Official Music Video

Wet Fete' now available on Gyptian's 'Sex, Love, & Reggae' album. Get it here:

Behind the Sneaker Drop: Nigel Sylvester's SOMP Dunks

An inside look at the Nike SB SOMP release at Dave's Wear House in New York City.

Nike Roshe Run | Palm Trees

Adidas ZX Flux vs the Nike Roshe Run. Both of the shoes have huge potential as far as prints and patterns go, and the Nike Roshe Run is indeed showing off its range in that realm with this new “Palm Trees” pair.

Like some of the previous sought-after Roshe Run releases with prints on them this is a women’s only release, but that shouldn’t stop you from going up a size and a half. Continue reading for more on these Roshes and keep your figners crossed that they make it to the US soon.

 photo b46c367c-0d03-4491-b24a-44ae836e3d22_zps2ec764be.jpg

Source: Suppa Store

Nike WMNS Roshe Run
Color: White/White-Atomic Mango
Style Code: 511882-118
 photo 244321f9-ba9a-4da7-9f19-ca5ecf3f840a_zps3330bbfc.jpg





KING CHARLES & BOODILLA - Chicago Footwork Showcase @ STREETCLASH, Jazz Cafe, London

Sunday, March 23, 2014

DJ Blesone & Red Hot Chili Peppers | Otherside

DJ Blesone & Red Hot Chili Peppers | Otherside

The Black Opera | Black Friday

Every Friday is Black Friday.

The Black Opera releases a RAW new track "Black Friday" with the announcement of their new Genesis Logo Hoody [] via TBOHQ on Black Friday. "Black Friday" is produced by the multi-talented Black Spade of Hawthorne Headhunters.

This neo-nostalgic track is reminiscent of the classic 'Timbos and hoodies' era, back when Wu-Tang Clan was nothing to fuck with. [They still ain't. And neither is TBO.]


L'Orange Ft. Blu | Need You

Need You is the first single from the upcoming album, "The Orchid Days" by L'Orange

"A man fell in love. Then, the world was destroyed by an ever growing nothing in the sky."

Produced by L'Orange
Vocals by Blu
Art by Matthew Andres
Graphic Design by Sarah Mattmiller

Sean C & LV | Making Loud Dreams

Sean C & LV Loud Dreams Vol. 1 Presented by Play Cloths is a full length album by the Grammy nominated producers. Set to drop March 2014, the release features production by Sean C & LV with original tracks by Pusha T I Bun B I Busta Rhymes I Fabolous I Jadakiss I Prodigy I Styles P I Devin The Dude | Asher Roth | A$AP Ferg I A$AP 12vy I Smoke Dza | Big K.R.I.T. I Dom Kennedy | CharlieRED | Black Dave I Tree | Al Doe | Remy Banks | Angela Hunte.

"Tomorrow May Never Come" feat. Styles P, A$AP 12vy and CharlieRED
"Better Get My Money Up" feat. Tree, Bun B, 100s and J Ivy
"Look At Us" feat. Smoke Dza, Big K.R.I.T and Dom Kennedy
"Burn It Down" feat. Asher Roth, Devin the Dude, Smoke Dza and Hypnotic Brass
"Live For Today" feat. Fabolous, JadaKiss, Bun B, Rob Zoe and Anthony King
"Pandemonium" feat. Al Doe
"Light Fantastic" feat. J. Ivy and Keon Bryce
"Where's Your Leader?" feat. Prodigy, Remy Banks, CharlieRED and Bun B
"Hand In My Pocket" feat. Pusha T and A$AP Ferg
"BreakFruit" feat Raekwon
"Busstop" feat Busta Rhymes

Sean C @itsseanc
LV @LVizual

Video Produced by Creative Control TV @creativecntrl
Shot & Directed by Justin @jflei & Carlyle

With support from:
Red Bull Studios
Play Cloths

Sean C & LV | Wheres Your Leader?

"Where's Your Leader?" is the first single from the upcoming album Sean C & LV Loud Dreams Vol. 1 due out March 2014. This video takes you inside the studio during the recording and mentorship between the legendary Bun B and Red Bull Sound Select artists CharlieRED.

Loud Dreams Vol. 1 features production by Sean C & LV with original tracks by Pusha T I Bun B I Busta Rhymes I Fabolous I Jadakiss I Prodigy I Styles P I Devin The Dude | Asher Roth | A$AP Ferg I A$AP 12vy I Smoke Dza | Big K.R.I.T. I Dom Kennedy | CharlieRED | Black Dave I Tree | Al Doe | Remy Banks | Angela Hunte

"Where's Your Leader?" feat Prodigy, Bun B, CharlieRED & Remy Banks
Produced by Sean C & LV for Grind Music
Recorded by Chris Tabron and Keith Parry at Red Bull Studios, NYC
Mixed by Chris Tabron at Red Bull Studios, NYC
Assisted by Caleb Laven

Video Produced by Creative Control TV @creativecntrl
Shot & Directed by Justin @jflei & Carlyle

Special Thank you to:
Play Cloths
Red Bull Sound Select
Red Bull Studios NY

Saturday, March 22, 2014

DJ Craze | Japan Tour 2014 in Osaka

DJ Craze Japan Tour doing the infamous Traktor Z2 routine.


Finger Tutting fo that ass!


Bboy Thesis | Beast Who Speaks

De La Soul | Vocabulary Spills

De La Soul Releases J Dilla-Produced ‘Vocabulary Spills’

Off the "Smell The Da.I.S.Y." (Da Inner Soul of Yancy) that will be released on 3/26/14 at, free download!

This project was created to celebrate the life and legacy of James D. Yancy aka J Dilla.

Tech N9ne | Come Gangsta

Tech N9ne "Come Gangsta" Official Hip Hop Song

Everready: The Religion on iTunes -

Amazon - -

Tech N9ne | Come Gangsta

Something Sinister | Brian Peacock |

Delaware skateboarder Brian Peacock is no stranger to the Far Eastern skateworld.

Signed to DC Shoes China, Peacock currently resides in Shanghai, often making trips to nearby cities like Bangkok, Guangzhou and Shenzhen with videographer Tommy Zhao for film excursions. Presented by Thrasher Magazine, “Something Sinister” finds the two taking on Shanghai’s urban terrain, with Peacock flaunting his effortless stance while Zhao brings out the fish-eye lens for an authentic feel.

Soundtracked by a blend of retro soul rhythms and ’90s boom bap, enjoy “Something Sinister” above.

Lupe Fiasco | The Knockout Game, Barack Obama, Chicago Violence, 'Tetsuo & Youth' & Mo

Lupe Fiasco sits down with Whoo Kid for an exclusive interview.

Danny Brown | Dope Song | Official Video

Danny Brown | Dope Song | Official Video
Produced By: Rustie

Edited By: Matt Kliegman


Little Simz | The Hamptons | Prod - Da P

After the bracing rhyme blitz of most recent single “Bars Simzson,” London’s Little Simz returns with something a bit mellower and more reflective, but no less impressive. You can always rely on Simz to keep the pace of wordplay at a maximum.

Sango | Me de Amor | Nikes Edit

A lil' 160 flip on track titled "Da Rocinha 2" by Nikes.... Enjoy!

Alina Baraz | Paradise | Prod. By ESTA

Soft vocals and percussion that (literally) snaps. What a jam. No wonder it’s racked up over half a million plays.

Clearly, I’m not the only one paying attention to this guy.

Take a listen to Esta’s track titled “Paradise,” in collaboration with Alina Baraz.

Esta is more than just a Spanish pronoun.

He’s a guy from San Diego who has been making music with the LA-based Soulection label.

In that relative safety of the Internet, the whole genre of slow jamming R&B/hip hop has undergone a quiet mutation. Soulection is at the forefront of that change, with artists like Kaytranada and Mr. Carmack. Their songs are heavy on the low-end and Esta isn’t different in that regard.

He does strike a balance between sexy silk sheet music and R&B from a bygone era.

Flex is Kings | Screening at Brooklyn Academy of Music

A group of East New York dancers who have mastered the body-twisting dance style known as “Flexing” will make a Brooklyn star turn next week during a borough film opening.

 photo f492fe4e-db79-4064-92a1-c182d643fdf6_zpsda0b2091.jpg

Jermaine “Flizzo” Clement and Jonathan “Jay Donn” George are chief among the contorting cast of “Flex is King,” an 83-minute documentary that hits the Brooklyn Academy of Music Thursday following a Tribeca Film Festival premiere.

“We were looking to do a slice of life of the community and in no way approached it to talk about the history of flex dance or talk about its roots,” said Deidre Schoo, who co-directed the film with Michael Beach Nichols. “We were drawn by the community itself and the fact that these guys are staying out of trouble and working hard to be creative.”

Filmed over a two-year period leading up to a dance contest called “Battlefest,” the documentary follows Clement, 31, and George, 28, as they compete on the streets and at underground showcases across the borough and beyond.

Schoo and Nichols said the dancers, who often perform shirtless and to rhythmic hip-hop music, typically dance and mime scenarios that relate to real-life struggles.

“It’s really reacting to what they see around them in the neighborhood,” said Nichols, an East Williamsburg resident. “In East New York there’s a lot of crime that’s happening and a lot of these guys are taking the violence they see and channeling it into this positive movement of dance.”

Flex Is Kings Trailer

The freakish dance movement in which dancers contort and pop and lock their bodies to hip-hop rhythms, first originated in East New York, a neighborhood that has faced high poverty and high crime rates for decades.

The raw, no-rules dance style actually has its roots in Jamaica. It evolved from a Jamaican style of street dance called “bruk-up,” which is performed to reggae music.

“Flexing is a really incredible dance form to come from the streets,” said Schoo, who lives in Bedford-Stuyvesant. “One of its defining factors is that it’s narrative.”

The screening of the film kicks off BAMcinématek’s fourth annual New Voices in Black Cinema festival and will feature a Q&A session with the directors and some of the dancers.

Screening of “Flex is Kings” at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, 30 Lafayette Ave. in Fort Greene on Mar. 27, 7pm, $13. Tickets at

Tampa Pro 2014 Practice

Tampa Pro 2014 Practice

Seven To Smoke | RADIKAL FORZE JAM 2014 |

Radikal Forze Jam 16th Anniversary Seven To Smoke feat. Ippy The King (Zou Rock), Duck Zilla (East Riders), El Nino (Floor Lords), Miniben (Big South), Rory Roketto (Filthee Feet), Tekkyplz (99 Flava), Double U (BDM).

Winner: Ippy The King (Zou Rock/Australia)

- Poe One (Style Elements)
- Focus (Flow Mo)
- Mouse (Soul Mavericks)
- Lean Rock (Floor Lords)

- Felix (Radikal Forze Crew)

Friday, March 21, 2014


Supreme looks back at 20 years of being at the center of skate culture by releasing their “cherry” full-length skateboard video.

 photo d6171ce2-d451-4b33-bd9d-ad4b6830f8ad_zps1d2083c8.jpg

The 38-minute DVD was directed by NYC videographer William Strobeck, and features riders and homies to the shop like Mark Gonzales, Sean Pablo, Jason Dill, Tyshawn Jones, Sage Elsesser, Nakel Smith, Kevin Bradley, and Alex Olson.

Pick it up at Supreme locations in New York and LA or online starting March 20th — with an iTunes release on March 27th.

Supreme New York "Cherry" Skatevideo (Official Trailer)


These are early preview images, so stay posted for the final product to be revealed.

 photo 136eb732-bf70-4ada-a34d-643fa6bf4098_zpsd5651554.jpg

Techies looking for a dope high-tech watch should be amped off this new Google LG-made smartwatch.

Specs include a 1.65-inch IPS LCD display, 280 x 280 pixel resolution, and 512MB of RAM with 4GB of integrated internal storage. One of the key features though is the next-level Google Now — an intelligent personal assistant that might give Siri some serious competition.

These are early preview images, so stay posted for the final product to be revealed.

#CHICAGO #BOPKINGZ Kemo x DLow | Session

#CHICAGO #BOPKINGZ Kemo x DLow | Session

The Cypher Effect | Bleezie x Nonames x LuzID x Krucial x HideandSeekZoo x Uptown Swuite

THE CYPHER EFFECT (Season 3 / Episode 1)









Directed / Edited By JDS FILMS

Camera 1: @JDSFilms
Camera 2: @AgentSpits

Audio: @ZaidTabaniMusic

Instrumental Produced By Nonames

Shot at the The Tweed Hut Music Store in Vacaville, CA

FYH Clothing

The Cypher Effect is a JDS FILMS Production [ 2013 ]

Pitchfork Music Festival | Announces Full Lineup

Pitchfork, the music aficionado festival, is back, this time with Beck, Neutral Milk Hotel and Kendrick Lamar as the headliners.

The three-day festival (July 18-20), which will be held in Chicago's Union Park, features another diverse lineup filled with emerging artists. Single-day passes are going for $50, while $130 buys you access to all three days.

If you don't recognize everyone on the lineup, or even most of them, don't feel bad, that's part of the fun. Who knows -- the next Elvis could be there!

Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks
Giorgio Moroder
Sun Kil Moon
Factory Floor
Death Grips
The Haxan Cloak
Sharon Van Etten
Isaiah Rashad
Hundred Waters

Neutral Milk Hotel
The Field
FKA Twigs
St. Vincent
Danny Brown
The Range
Pusha T
The Julie Ruin
Cloud Nothingsv Mas Ysa
Wild Beasts
Circulatory System
Empress Of
Twin Peaks

Kendrick Lamar
Hudson Mohawke
DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn
Real Estate
Jon Hopkins
Schoolboy Q
Dum Dum Girls
Earl Sweatshirt
Majical Cloudz
Perfect Pussy
Speedy Ortiz
Mutual Benefit

#pitchforked Highlights from Pitchfork Music Festival 2013

CARBON FESTIVAL | Ironlak | Croft Alley. SOFLES teaser.

** Don't sleep! Cop tickets to the Carbon Festival forums in Melbourne on the 29/30 March. For more info and tickets please visit: Ironlak Founder Levi Ramsey will be speaking alongside a host of creative heavyweights from around the globe. **

About this video:
To celebrate Ironlak's partnership with Carbon Festival we've organised a spruce up of Chinatown's iconic Croft Alley. To kick things off SOFLES flew to Melbourne for 16 hours and spent most of his day taking out a massive chunk of the alley.

From 5pm on tomorrow night (Sat 22 March), The Croft Institute will open its doors to mark the occasion as The Ironlak Croft Alley Party. We invite everyone to come down and check out new work by some of the country's best graffiti artists. The Ironlak Croft Alley Party is open to the public. See you there.

Stay tuned for the full recap video and final photos, dropping next week.

Shot: Luke Shirlaw.
Cut: Selina Miles.
Beats: CVRL: