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Before 2012 via Astro Boy


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2Chainz & Coast 2 Coast Live in Miami | Official Release Party for Coast 2 Coast Vol. 189

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DERRICK ROSE #BecomingALegend

January 5th 2012 Rocmore presents "DOSE OF REALITY"

"DOSE OF REALITY" Chicago Hip Hop Event, w/ DJs: SHON ROKA REAL ONE and EQ. Special Performances

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On the agenda for SHON ROKA

More to come...stay in tune...


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Common The Dreamer The Believer

Just went to Target and copped the lastest Common Album The Dreamer/The Believer! Must have and much appreciated album from a Hip Hop icon I have always followed and respected!

Common The Dreamer/The Believer, Common The Dreamer/The Believe @ShonRoka on Twitter

I wish I had all my stuff unpacked so I can break out all the Common stuff I have...I'll pick that up tomorrow just to continue the celebration of the release and post it. Anyhow, I remember how Soul By Pound, I Used To Love H.E.R., Watermelon, Resurrection and many of Com classics made me feel. I remember when I bought that I Used To Love H.E.R. single on vinyl. Just holding it made me feel good. Really a song of great hip hop history. I'm probably not much of a blogger and am so busy up that ass that I had to take time to show you some more of what I love. Anyhow I found this article to some up some history on Common and what he has been on...Read Below

Common The Dreamer/The Believe, Common The Dreamer/The Believe @ShonRoka on Twitter

Common has been making hip hop for nearly two decades now, and even though he’s responsible for a handful of good-to-great albums, as well as one of the genre’s most notorious screeds, “I Used to Love H.E.R.,” he lacks the lauded-veteran status he probably deserves. That’s partially due to the fact that two of Common’s most high profile albums were flops – 2002’s neo-soul opus Electric Circus and 2008’s club-inspired Universal Mind Control. Plus, the Chicagoan has recently gone from moonlighting thespian to full-fledged working actor, starring in the Queen Latifah rom-com Just Wright and the AMC Western series Hell on Wheels. Considering that Common has been a severe critic of hip hop nearly from the start and that lately he has seemed more interested in doing anything but make music (not only acting but starting a clothing line, advocating for PETA, writing a memoir) one sometimes gets the feeling that Common has never felt fully comfortable with hip hop, and that hip hop has never felt fully comfortable with Common.

Common The Dreamer/The Believe, Common The Dreamer/The Believe @ShonRoka on Twitter

Explain it as another curveball in an already surprising career or the sudden unearthing of a long-buried cache of creative gold, but Common’s new album The Dreamer, The Believer is the best thing he’s done in a while. Aided by richly textured production from No I.D. that seems both excitingly innovative and respectfully indebted to classic Premier-style boombap, Common unleashes a torrent of rhymes covering romance, religion, life in the hood and life at the top, and he doesn’t waste a single line. Gone are the unconvincingly debauched come-ons of Universal Mind Control, the celebrity in-jokes of Finding Forever. Common seems content to give hip-hop heads their ideal album, an album that is positive without being corny as well as free of trendy R&B filler and unnecessary guest stars (Nas has the lone guest verse), and his listeners will likely be more than content, grateful in fact, to have this album in their possession.

The Nas collaboration “Ghetto Dreams” was the first leak off The Dreamer, The Believer, and it serves as a fitting thesis statement and introduction to the album. Judging by the title and the song’s propulsive, soul-sampling beat, which would sound at home on Supreme Clientele, you might expect a hardboiled tale of criminality and scraping by. But Common and Nas use their verses to praise their women – and these aren’t the dead-eyed model girls of Kanye West’s visions, but females who could actually be real. “We got out our own handshake, her titties aren’t fake,” raps Common, and he later explains how she gets snappy when he forgets to close the kitchen cabinets. Nas takes his girl from the projects to a world of flashing lights and designer bags, but he really wants to be in the “crib raising kids, Labrador behind the white fence.” In bestowing epic drama on the details of domesticity, the song offers a remarkable thwarting of expectations.

As evidenced by “Ghetto Dreams” and some of its other songs, The Dreamer, The Believer has a unique perspective on women given its traditional aesthetics. Even though it has no “strictly-for-the-ladies” tracks, the album is as emotionally well-rounded and romantically conscious as Take Care. As a break-up song, “Lovin I Lost” serves as a boombap “Marvin’s Room,” as Common takes pictures off the wall and wonders about how having an absent father has affected his intimacy issues, all while an aching Curtis Mayfield sample sings along, “I loved and I lost.” “The Cloth” employs a bittersweet melody and an extended metaphor to illustrate a spiritual connection with a woman. It’s the sort of song that you can only fully comprehend after a few listens, or rather readings, a poem that requires unpacking.

But The Dreamer, The Believer is hardly just an opportunity for Common to go back in time and recreate his old “Common Sense” man-of-the-people persona. Common doesn’t apologize for who he has become, even if he describes his luxury lifestyle with depth and heart. Cut to another swelling, gorgeous No I.D. beat, “Gold” mixes Robin Leach opulence and religious prophecy, one of rap’s oldest and most potent oxymorons -- “These are adventures of young black millionaires / I am the voice of the meek and underprivileged /The smell of success, I want y'all to get a whiff of this” -- and Common admits with wariness via the song’s hook that he’s proud to have made into the world of money and power without losing his soul. “Raw (How You Like It)” recounts a night at a ritzy club; when someone accuses Com of being “Hollywood,” he responds by saying, “Nah, I’m Chicago,” and breaking a bottle over their head. Here and elsewhere Common finds that particularly hip-hop sweet spot of moneyed swagger, sexual aggression, and social conscience.

It’s kind of unnerving how easily Common can slip into the guise of the heroic, world-swallowing MC, when in the past he’s seemed so content to be bland. One suspects that he treats it like any other role, a character to master. And No I.D.’s production on The Dreamer, The Believer is nothing short of an auteur’s career statement. It’s hard to imagine any rapper worth his salt encountering these beats and not wanting to go ham. So Common could be simply rising to the occasion. However you want to explain its origins, The Dreamer, The Believer reestablishes Common’s place in the upper echelon of hip hop.

Review by Wilson McBee from Prefixmag

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DJ Skee on the XI White/Black Concord Retro Review and Unboxing

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Common - 5 Minute Freestyle (I'm still a fan)

5 minute FREESTYLE on the "EZ STREET SHOW"


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The True Role Of A DJ (A Note From "JREALTHEDJ"


Early today this was posted by "JREALTHEDJ" someone who I deeply respect and honor on the turntables. It truly made my day. Happy Holidays to all! (Read Below)

The true role of a DJ is not to be a superstar, you ain't shit but someone who plays the music of the artists people want to dance to. DJ means Disc Jockey which is a shuffler of music. Get it through your heads.
When djing first started out way back when you were someone who played records, RECORDS, not cds. Yes technology has evolved but the true idea and meaning and mental perception of a dj has always stayed constant. One who is on 2 technic 1200's and is spinning those records, not someone who is putting in cds to cd players and just standing there.
Now there are talented djs out there, do not get me wrong, a few examples are Dj Shon Roka, Dj sin,Dj scend, Dj trilogy, Dj clash titan, to name a few locals and then more staples in the hip-hop community, dj craze, klever, atrak, GM Roc Raida(R.I.P) , Qbert, Mista Sinista, Rob Swift, and the rest of the Executioners. Well the lists can go on and on, but what do all the DJ's I just named have in COMMON, their TURNTABLISTS. Thats a whole nother breed of djing. I am from that background to. We create music from the music created by others. Their is scratching involved and tricks and it becomes a beautiful array of eye and ear candy.
These are people who deserve to be on the cover of flyers, cause they draw crowds, and can entertain as well as give the crowd their just due of good music. Even your nicest producers come from a TURNTABLIST Background. DJ premier, Dj Pete Rock, 9th Wonder, etc........
People the reason for this note is not to piss you so-called serato djs off, it is to give you a deeper understanding that our role is to be entertainers again. Not just request takers. Stop letting club promoters handcuff you and tell you that they only want this type of music played. You a FUCKEN dj, you know what good music is or else hang up your headphones and put away your labtops!!
People trust your judgement, So GIVE EM WHAT THEY NEED, NOT WHAT THEY WANT
That is all from "jrealthedj" (COMING SOON!)

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Behind The Scenes w/ COMMON "Raw (How You Like It)"

Common is getting ready to release his ninth studio album, The Dreamer/The Believer on December 20. In preparation for the big day Com is already filming his fourth video.

Check out the behind the scenes footage of "Raw (How You Like It)."

50 Cent Getting into anything and everything...New Workout Book

50 Cent is once again working on a new book. This new publication is a workout book titled Formula 50: A 6-Week Total Body Transformation Plan, the name being similar to his Vitamin Water drink. According to the press release, the book focuses on metabolic resistance training (MRT), a medium between cardio and muscle building.
The book is currently scheduled to come out in January, 2013. Below is his statement about Formula 50:
“I am delighted to work with the Penguin Group USA again. I had a strong desire to write this book because is very important to me to help people make positive changes and take charge of their overall health. FORMULA 50 is a radical six week mind-body transformation plan geared to help readers develop mental toughness to achieve optimum results while offering a nutrition component.”

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Adidas Bboy MEGA Commercial

Haven't wore a pair of Adidas in a minute. Adidas use to be the only thing I ever rocked but now I'm older and my mind is more open to a lot of different things. Anyhow, I thought this was on point the other day. Had to post in the infamous blog for some bboy diet.

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KRS-One - Just Like That (Prod. by Mad Lion)

I played this on November 26th at "BATTLE RANKS" it was the second song to start my set. I know people was feeling that ish! JUST LIKE THAT...Here it is....

KRS-One's First Official Single Release, JUST LIKE THAT Directed By MAD LION off of KRS-Ones 20th Studio Album Entitled JUST LIKE THAT Produced By MAD LION Dropping 1st Quarter 2012 ,on Killahpride Records
Video Edit and Special Effects by Charles Armstrong of Paradox Films.

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Daniel "CLOUD" Campos at it again "LIKE MIKE"

Thursday, November 17, 2011

NEW - DJ CEEZ presents "CHIPS" ft. FA, KD Assassin & Aztec Dinero

Chips Music Video from Kevin Epperson on Vimeo.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

BRICKHEADZ...lastest video #BHZLife

Brickheadz, we get it in period. My crew is always on point. Check out the lastest video. Follow us on Twitter @Brickheadz

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

This weekend with SHON ROKA and friends!

This weeks djin' schedule is looking good. My first spot is this Thursday at my resident spot in Wicker Park at Wicker Well, for Chi-Rock Thursdays featuring 6 acts and DJ RIOT. So its gonna be a good night to listen to some hip hop and have a brew. No cover all night. Take a look at the plugger.

SHON ROKA,CHI-ROCK NATION,Wicker Well,Wicker Park,Chicago Hip Hop,Aztec Dinero,Darchorse,Booda Blaou,DJ Riot,The Rhythmatists,Demony,Visual,Coast2CoastMixtapeDJs,Bassment Boyz,Brickheadz,Chi-Rock Thursdays

Then Friday I make my way to The Bassment (1415 N. Ashland Ave. ) for Snow Tha Product Meet & Greet. Come on by from 3pm-5pm w/ a special treat of live performances!

then down the street to spin at Moe's Tavern 2937 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL 60618 for rap artist Virus The Epidemic EP Release Party!
Then Saturday I'm back at resident dj spot Wicker Well for the Manny Pacquiao vs Juan Manuel Marquez III fight!
Manny Pacquiao,Juan Manuel Marquez,SHON ROKA,Wicker Park,Chicago Nightlife,Club,Entertainment

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"Crack" Music Video!! DonV Ft. Mic Murdah

Check out the new single "CRACK" produced by Mazik Beatz off the upcoming album "Star Quality" from Grace Street Gang. Don V featuring one of the most hard working artist in the game "M.I.C. Murdah aka GRAMMZ. I hope you remember M.I.C. from the Cozmo's "Back To Basics" Chicago Hip Hop nights hosted by PRIME and music by yours truly SHON ROKA.

Follow us and support the music!!/MICMURDAH

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Modern Day Fairy Tale Video Shoot + Meet & Greet - Jargon and Special Gu...

The brother Jargon is at it again with his latest song "Modern Day Fairy Tale". He is shooting a video with the MotivSix Team (Bong Yen & Icky Ta)...Below is a preview of the track and information on Meet & Greet/Video Shoot! Come be a part! Its FREE!

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The Bassment presents Mobb Deep and 9 yr anniversary

On October 22nd, 2011 the Bassment (1415 N. Ashland Ave.) brought a classic hip hop group by the name of Mobb Deep out to Chicago and made history once again. It was a sold out show at the Metro and you can tell the Bassment Boyz brung that passion out! 9 years in the game and their still going strong and bringing that fresh griminess! Shout out Shabazz and the crew!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Common - Let's Move (prod. dsteele)

"From the vaults of the underground comes a never before heard tale from Chicago's Greatest Street Poet, Common. Common's graphic story comes to life with the assist from visual artist and producer dsteele."

Back to blogging...

What up everyone who rocks with Shon Roka. I basically just want to take the time to let everyone know what is up with me. I've been holding down my resident spot the Money Shot (5695 N. Lincoln Ave.) for awhile now. When I first was introduced to the spot by my guy DJ Twentys I noticed that the food itself was always on point. The 3 Cheese Penne is my favorite and should be named after yours truly. Also the Rosemary Garlic wings are the ish. I just got introduced to those a few weeks ago when I went up there with my guy Phil to watch Monday night football and support those who support me. So if you near Lincoln Square in Chicago, just stop on by and have something to eat. Tell them Shon Roka sent you and they'll hook it up...

Well besides rocking at the Money Shot most Fridays and Saturdays, I've been getting back into my music and setting things up at the crib. Even though this year I lost my step-father and my grandfather I still feel like I am heading in a better direction.

Right now I'm on hold sort of with progression because I got 13 stitches on my forehead from a football injury I got on Sunday, but I'm still on the grind and feel like hip hop and the bboy culture is keep my positive level going. A lot of things are coming up and its all at a good pace.

Anyhow, wanted to give you the heads up on a show as well (plug) the legendary GRAVEDIGGAZ are doing a show that I'm a part of October 30, 2011 @ Wicker Well (1637 W. North Ave.), here in Chicago. Its only $7 bucks all night and $5 for females all night. I'm looking forward to this show just like how I was before I went to see Portishead or when I knew Mobb Deep was performing at the Metro...

So Early Arrival is deeply suggested because limited space...
Well tune in for more blogging and keep on with the keep on...

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

NEW - Scheme & DJ Scend - TT&AM : DJ Muggs Series (Video)

Midwest to the West Coast. Shout out to the cats that love what they do and it shows!

Follow Scheme @Scheme773
and DJ Scend @DJScend

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Madden 2012, life just got a little better! LOL!

BBQ Beats End of Summer Block Party September 3.2011

Chicago Originals presents "BBQ Beats End of Summer Block Party" This Saturday September 3, 2011 NOON-7PM!!! Come out and end the summer in Chicago with some goodness!


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100th Post from Shon Roka!

It's only fitting that I post something about my family! Chi-town Finest Breakers. On August 27th, 2011 Dwyane Wade had his 4th Annual Chicago's Has Talent. Chi-town Finest Breakers took home the first place winnings! Yours truly "SHON ROKA" (myself) put down the mix the day before! So you know they put in work and the energy was there. Check out some of the footage, whole performance coming soon! Till next time.

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Anyone who knows me, knows I'm an athlete. I go hard on the court and field. Anyhow, wanted to give you some raw dunk footage on my blog!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011



Wednesday, August 10, 2011

YELAWOLF ft. Lil Jon - Hard White (Up In The Club)

I know it has been a minute. Took a huge blog break. Things have been rough but I'm hanging in there, doing what I do best. DJed at Sub-T last night for part of the open mic. It was interesting because I always feel like I am missing something, plus the sounds went to shit there lately. Even though it is always a pleasure to spin there with Boy Wonder @djboy1der and Norm Rockwell it was a night I won't forget. Well here is the new track from Yelawolf, been out about a week, but I feel it needs to be heard more and not slept on! He just has this rawness about him that I can dig and I like that shit! Peace, Love and Respect.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Been a minute....

Sometimes life catches up with you and things get put on hold. Life is unpredictable. New twitter account @Shon_Roka


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Controversy on a hit single. (Lil Wayne, Carter IV)

So yesterday, I come back to the house and Jargon tells me, check this out! He goes to Google on his laptop and types in (Lil Wayne Talk 2 Me Carter IV).
The first thing that pops up is

I hear the first sound, of course I've heard this before, so I'm not really thinking about what he actually typed, I more thinking he has a computer issue. Then I realize as he breaks it down more that the song that people are claiming to be Lil Wayne's next single on the new Carter IV album is actually Jargon ft. Tommy C - Ride With Me (Finish What We Started) which I was at the first recording session for in 2010 of last summer with Rotimi. Anyhow, check out even the release date marked February 1, 2011 here:
This song has hit almost 800 thousand views and counting. Just check out all the comments and feedback, its so crazy how people really think this is Lil Wayne. I say, Jargon is just that great of an artist. Like Lil Wayne and Drake, he can do that slow style with the fun feel good lyrical skill. He can make good records period. The feedback and comments show that he is talented. So I leave you with this, give credit where credit is due!!/jargondyonisis

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

American Apparel Commercial ft. (Bboys) Lil Demon & Jalen Testerman

Directed by photographer Tony Kelly for American Apparel, featuring world renowned breakdancers Jalen Testerman and Lil Demon

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

In The Loop with DJ Skee

Shout out to DJ Skee once again, showing you how to shop at one of the illest online stores, if not illest period.
Be sure to use the promo code: IN THE LOOP

Monday, May 30, 2011

More from Jargon & Mike Musni ft. Ace from K.I.D. - My Last (Remix)

This remix is from Big Sean ft. Chris Brown - My Last
Let me know what you think!?

Chi-town Blaze Season Kick Off Party! Tonight!

Come check me out on the DJ tip with host Leon Rogers!


Friday, May 27, 2011

Lauryn Hill (Live Mix) by Shon Roka

I put together in tribute of Lauryn Hill's Birthday that just passed. A true star was born May 25th, 1975All I want in life is happiness, to live out that dream I have to try and bring positive energy to the world and myself. Right or Wrong...I just want to be happy.
Twitter: @ShonRoka


Free Download Here
Lauryn Hill (Live Mixdown) by ShonRoka

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Monday, May 23, 2011

Today don't miss DJ SKEE on LOPEZ TONIGHT!

Tonight Check It Out!

SHON ROKA : Back To The Grill Again

What up everyone, summer is here in Chicago. Today it is 80 degrees out and I'm trying to up my moral. I have been as busy as I can be, but I'm never busy enough. Times are hard but I'm "Back To The Grill Again" literally. Check it out, I was gonna call it the Hood Edition but I wasn't really satisfied with my artwork or work in general. Just take this mixtape as what it is. Overlook the playlist and you can see from Drake to Young Jeezy...

If you know me, I can flip the script on you and spin some Tango Jointz to Wax Tailor, which are also artist if you don't know that, to some James Brown to Thievery Corporation, so don't get it twisted...


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bo-Deal ft. Gucci Mane - Stone Cold Truth

If you know me as a DJ I am well-rounded period. Point blank I can rock a club and kill a break, funk, soul set. Whatever the case may be. I'll even spin the pop & r&b hits for your childs birthday. I also can get down and dirty with the hood ish in the hood club.

If you are a resident of a club, you should definitely have this in your line up. Bo-Deal ft. Gucci Mane - Stone Cold Truth.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Go For It! (Chicago) Movie

A Mexican-American teen (Aimee Garcia) in Chicago is torn between what her family expects of her and her desire to become a dancer.

I'm a see this but probably not in the theatre...Its probably gonna be uplifting but cheesy, but maybe I shouldn't knock it just yet.

Out May 13th, 2011

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

JD - Living The Life (Bulls vs. Hawks)

I don't know how many people know about this "Living Life" but I have been keeping up for quite a while. JD talks on the Hawks and Bulls with Da Brat (Chi-town) and Bow Wow...Listen at the end what Da Brat says "MVP"

I think I need my morning workout to be like this!

Yamakasi Founders & Parkour Generations - An American Rendezvous

Sitting here in New Jersey I feel like I always need something motivating and inspiring to elevate my skills and talent. Parkour has always been a favorite of mine because of my physical and natural ability to move. Here is a good video of quick motivation either way. "WE DID IT TOGETHER" pause, but for real!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Derrick Rose - Youngest MVP in NBA History!

Last night I went on a Derrick Rose search party on youtube. Finding anything and everything on the youngest MVP ever in the history of the NBA. Watching his HS top plays and the road to the windy city city CHICAGO BULLS. It was a good journey, reminded me of when I first saw Devin Hester's footage on the football tip. Anyhow I even found a new track from rapper Chicago artist Yung Berg called "Derrick Rose", I sent it to the big homie Westside and he was feeling it!

So we tied the series the other day 1-1 against Atlanta and I am feeling confident we will beat them only if Boozer stops being on the BS. Check out some of my favorite videos these youtube heads did, mad props and love. Subscribe!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

All Styles | Seven2Smoke | Breakin' The Law 8 | STRIFE.TV

Some of the competition from the most recent BTL8 that went down last weekend. Keep the culture and dance going.

Chicago Talent! Maddi Jane

What up everybody!? It's Thursday Night! Before I go out to Chi-Rock Nation & Rocmore present "Beyond Return" to go DJ I want to leave you with this. Since our gas prices have been ridiculous, maybe we can for get about the "PRICETAG" with Maddi Jane doing this cover of Jessie J's song. Straight out of Chicago, 12 year old talent. Maybe we won't forget about the gas prices, but follow up on this soon to be teen...

Here is what's poppin tonight!

The Bassment: Shabazz's Birthday w/ Tony Touch


The Bassment Chicago
1415 N. Ashland Ave.

Visual by M.A.P. Films
Directed by Ogun Pleas-

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Quickness of Derrick Rose and more!

I haven't been this excited about the Chicago Bulls team since Michael Jordan. I use to watch the Bulls every chance I got, because of my love for the game on the court and off the court. Ever since Derrick Rose started it gave me new in watching the NBA period. Luol Deng has also step it up for the Bulls. Joekim Noah has showed his heart and hussle no matter how his skill level is and that's true dedication to greatness. Anyhow check out this video below...Like I always say, Speed Kills!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

V8 / Dukakis Debachery • Official Video

V8 / Dukakis Debachery • Official Video
Veight Chicago 2064 Tfd. A Paul John film. Old footage and pictures provided by Joseph A. Pesch. Piano by Ira Atari.

V8 / Dukakis Debachery • Official Video from Paul John on Vimeo.

Tomorrow night come check this out and see performance by V8
I'll be spinning her w/ DEMCHUCK (Click Below to like his fan page)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Rapper: SubsTance

I just dug up some exclusive ish that I didn't even know was going on. Anyhow found this guy called SubsTance performing at a event called "No Excuses". Didn't even know some live band ish was going down like this. I have been looking for a live band to book at a venue on the Northside. Can someone link me to the contact of the band in this video? In the first video below I felt like he came off like Black Thought from the Roots. Then I searched further, I sae that SubsTance has performed at The Bassment, Abbey Pub. Adrianna's etc. and heard a few more joints suck as the second video "Cufflinks" directed by Shaun Cave

I also found him in this Redeye contest and the deadline vote is today.
Here is the link

I'm definitely feeling the lyrical skill and content. I'm sure I heard or seen this cat before, but I finally got the opportunity to really listen and review. It so many artist in today's industry its hard to see and hear them all. I always say, better late then never.

SubsTance (Live at Pressure Billards & Cafe performing for event called "NO EXCUSES")

SubsTance - Cufflinks

Friday, April 15, 2011

Show Me Stylez III | Highlights | STRIFE.TV

I posted this because the track they used was a classic. Lupe Fiasco's Kick Push, in mash up from. I can dig it. Back to the blog grind!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Interview w/ artist BIG X (Chicago)

So recently we threw another Chi-Rock Nation & Rocmore production called "Don't Call It A Come Back". The first was amazing. It was called "Whose Who!?". Anyhow the second graced the presents of local artist BIG X. I took the opportunity to interview him and bring it to you on my Blog!

How did you get the name BIG X?
Well to me all the best rappers had BIG in their name, Notorious B.I.G., Big Pun, Big L, Big Daddy Kane and my mother named me Xavier (which by the way means brilliance, go figure right.) hence BIG X.

Where are your from?
"SOUTH C" 84th & BALTIMORE (Chicago)

What makes BIG X do what he does?
I do what I do cuz I LOVE IT & I keep goin because thats what people who want to achieve greatness do.

Talk about this track Skyzoo, who produced it, the process, etc?
Skyzoo is an interesting story. one of my artists (I have an entertainment company I'm workin on gettin off the ground O.T.S.S Ent.)(Only The Strong Survive) comes in the studio wit a cd of beats; I think like 6 joints. He only liked the first 1 & hadn't gone threw the rest. so after we knock out his joint I start skimming through these beats & heard "Skyzoo". I immediately started jappin.

When I create I get real animated like I'm actually performing. I don't use a pen & paper I pace back & forth in the studio till I finish the song in my head then I record it. So I record the joint. Then ask my mans to call the producer so I can speak wit him. The producer gives me this speal about money and blah blah blah, so I tell him I'll think about it. A few days go by & I'm lettin a few friends hear the song (which had no name at the time) & one of my guys is like yo thats a Skyzoo beat.

I couldn't believe it he pulled it up on Youtube, sure enough there it was. So at this point I'm like fuck that! I love what I spit. I'm not gonna scrap it, its beautiful. So I told the producer to eat a penis & named it Skyzoo, not because of the rapper but because the way the term "Skyzoo" reminded me of my head always being in the clouds an the chaos that goes on up there. I felt that the lyrics reflected those emotions.
(Artist learn from this story, this is not the first I heard of a story like this)

How did you like performing at the "Don't Call It A Come Back"
I loved performing @ the "Don't Call It A Come Back" event. I had fun and to be real honest with u, I'll perform anywhere, lol. I just love to spread my music and hear the applause afterwards. Thats why I'm here.

What are you working on next or when is the next show?
I just released a project "KILL 'EM ALL" on February 16, 2011. Its available for free download @ I was supposed to release a follow up project on March 16, 2011 called "DEVILS ADVOCATE", but decided to push it back till late June. The reason it is being pushed back is because I've been getting a very large amount of super hot beats from all over the world. including a couple joints from the platnium producer named Domingo. Domingo has worked with major artist such as KRS One, Big Pun and Mobb Deep. Domingo's track list record is below the "SKYZOO" Video.

As for upcoming shows check the website as soon as I get em they will be posted on my web calender!

So there you have it, straight from the homie BIG X! Check him out in the "Skyzoo" video below. Visit his site here


• 3 6 Mafia - Adventures in Hollyhood - score music Mtv
• Amy Winehouse - "Stronger then me" (Jan 08)
• Angie Martinez - "Suavamente (f/ Wyclef Jean)"
• Bamboo - "Not The Ones To Sleep," "My Right Hand," "From The Get Up,"
• Bernie Mac - TV Show [Soundtrack]
• Big Ben - "Unfinished Business"
• Big Daddy Kane - "Flame On"
• Big Punisher - "Dream Shatterer"
• Boogiemonsters: "Beginning of the End","Behold The Pale Horse," "Whoever You Are"
• Bone Thugs N Harmony : "1st Of The Month (Remix)"
• Channel Live: "Maintain","Live For Hip-Hop","360","Rethink
Replan Refine","Illegal Broadcasters," "Spark Dat (f/ Benny Boom & Truck Turner)"
• Chords - "Days Chasing Days (f/ Tonedeff)," "Searching For Dreams"
• Chubb Rock - "East vs West"
• Cocoa Brovaz - "Play No Games"
• Craig G. - "Do It Again"
• Craig Mack - "The HA HA HA," "On Da Run"
• CunninLynguists - "Southernunderground (title song)"
• Das EFX - "If U Luv"
• Deacon The Villain - "Next To Die"
• Dhark Citi - "Petrified"
• Dilated Peoples - "Certified Official"
• DJ JS-1 - "Essentials (f/ KRS & Rahzel)"
• Domingo Presents - "Behind The 13th Floor" Full LP
• Domingo - "Para Mi Gente - Estamos Unidos" Full LP
• Eminem - "Hustlers & Hardcore (f/ Feel-X)"
• Fat Cat Kareem - "Money Game"
• Fat Joe - "Success","Part Deux","Say Word", "Dedication"
• Feel X - "One Time (f/ J. Getm)"
• First Platoon - "Bodega","Knockin At My Door"
• Full Nelson - "Candela (f/ SU)," "Toma Lo Que Tengo,"
• Funkmaster Flex Vol.3 - "KRS Freestyle"
• Game Over 2 - Various Artists LP.
• Godsons - "718","Sunday Morning," "Bacardi & Smoke," "Official," "Watch What You Say"
• Guatauva - Hip-Hop Side of self-titled LP,
• High & Mighty - "Rumble"
• Hurricane G - "Wuteva","Underground Lockdown", "Coast To Coast", "De Corazon","Neva Give Up", "Mama","Sound Like Me"
• I-BORN - "Uncle & Nephew","Me & You"
• Immortal Technique - "Internally Bleeding," "Sierra Maestra"
• Infamous Mobb - "Mobb Niggaz (f/ Prodigy)"
• Irv Gotti show - MTV score music
• Joell Ortiz - "Exactly"
• Kid Frost - "East Side Rendezvous (RMX)"
• K-Slash - "Blow It Up, Shut It Down"
• Kool G. Rap - "Risin up","What's more realer then that","Take A Loss," "Sex, Money, Drugs," "My Life (f/ CNN)"
• KRS ONE - "The M.C."(GOLD), "Clear Em Out (f/ Tonedeff)," "Temple Tactics", "The Warning Shot," "$20G's" "Hip-Hop Knowledge", "What Kind Of World", "Crush Them," "Illegal Business 2004," "Are You Ready For This," "Me Man"
• Lady Red: "Dona Roja","Talk Game","Me & You," "New York, New York"
• Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz - "UNTITLED" (UNRELEASED)
• Main One - "Bring The Drama," "El Gran Combo," "4 My Shorties"
• Maniac Men - "Mecca"
• Masta Ace - "No Regrets", "Dear Diary", "The Type I Hate", "Alphabet Soup"
• Mecca - "Beastin"
• Mexicano 777 - "Balumbalang (f/ KRS-One)," "Llegamo (f/ Tomorrowz Weaponz)," "Bums In

STRIFE TV - not only for the BBOY/BGIRL on Youtube!

If you don't know about Strife TV, you should. Keeping me updated with the lastest fresh battles from every where I need to be if I can't. Be sure to subsribe to their channel and LIKE all the videos they post. This is still away to keep the scene alive. Support, Evolve!

Strife TV is a website and webisode series started in 2008 as a way to promote, document, and expose the hip hop dance culture. All have backgrounds in entertainment and online media, with experiences in video production, event promotion, web and business development, as well as Bboying. Arming themselves with a camera and film crew, Strife TV is set to create a site and series aimed to cover Bboy jams, events, and battles in the vein of ESPN and ATTACK OF THE SHOW; showing the world that Bboying is more than just a dance, but a rigorous art and diverse culture.

Strife TV also plans to dive into the lives of Bboys and dancers, fans and enthusiasts, promoters and organizers, to learn more about what makes the culture so attractive to its audience and expose the world to more than what they've seen in commercials, music videos, and dance shows. Through webisodes, documentaries, and other types of media, Strife TV intends to create a place for people to view highlights and results of top events, see incredible battles with the best crews, watch interviews of their favorite Bboys and Bgirls, and enjoy various other features in order to create a community for both veterans and newcomers to explore and learn about the culture

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Chi-town Finest Breaker Official L.A. Gear Commercial

CTFB (Chi-town Finest Breakers) always doing big things and representing the City that Wins! Windy City Chicago from L.A. to NY, they are getting it in. Showing there skills every way they can, breaking records, living, loving and learning the dance. Check them out!

In two weeks catch up with them @ BB Kings in NY opening up for Raekwon!


Spinderella also broke a World Record for Headspins...
Chi-Town Finest Breakers,Shon Roka,Chicago,Bboy,Bgirl,Brickheadz,Coast2CoastMixtapeDJs

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

YELAWOLF @ Reggie's March 31, 2011

If you are not here tomorrow you are missing out. One of my favorites Yelawolf is in town, rocking the stage at Reggie's. Get your tickets if you haven't already. So come on out to Reggie's and hear that Alabama sound from this inspiring white boy!

Yelawolf,Chicago,Shon Roka,Reggie's,Brickheadz,Music,Alabama

Yelawolf Comes To Chicago March 31st from on Vimeo.

If you are on a budget though, I'm spinning at Wicker Well and its "NO COVER"! Its always a classic night there, come through and enjoy!


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jargon - Life Goes On (Lupe Cover - Show Goes On) Japan Tribute

This is what I want to hear more from the rapper my brother Jargon. Music Tuesdays! Its the Lupe Fiasco Cover, Life Goes On from JARGON (Japan Tribute)

A charismatic artist straight out of Chicago, Illinois, Jargon is an incredible talent known for his comedic punch-lines, addicting rhymes , witty freestyles, and dynamic stage presence. He has made a name for himself & created a following in not only in his hometown, but throughout the country , lighting up each and every stage that he performs on with amazing energy and swagger.

Since his run for stardom began, in 2001 this artist has been an opening act for some of hip hop's hottest talent. which includes; The Nappy Roots, Jin, Twista, Lupe Fiasco, Miri Ben Ari, The Shop Boyz, Sean Kingston, Yung Berg, Southstar, Bump J, and Joe Budden.

Side Note: His son Jaiden's first video appearance on this video. Motiv6 4th Jargon video classic.

Boi Jeanius & DJ L present ROTIMI RESUME

So today is usually when albums or mixtapes should drop on Tuesdays. So if you haven't got the lastest from "Rotimi" Boi Jeanius & DJ L present ROTIMI RESUME. Download it today!

Visit Rotimi's website all to check for lastest updates!
Rotimi,Shon Roka,Boi Jenius,Chicago,R&B,Chris Brown,Resume,Music

Rotimi,Shon Roka,Boi Jenius,Chicago,R&B,Chris Brown,Resume,Music

To Download Click Link Below

Rotimi's Bio:

With only three major songs released nationwide within a 1-year period, Rotimi has done what few independent artists can only dream. As he gears up to drop his debut project, “The Resume,” singer/songwriter, Rotimi is ready to make his mark. Driven by passion for music and his knack for knowing how to engage his fans – it is no wonder why Rotimi has quickly become the much-buzzed-about R&B newcomer. After several years of growing as an artist and perfecting his writing skills, “The Resume” is undoubtedly a great introduction to a multi-faceted artist who has slowly cultivated a devoted fan base – awaiting the release.

Born and raised in New Jersey, 21-year-old Rotimi has not always been aware of the power of his voice. Growing up, with parents of Nigerian heritage, Rotimi was never exposed to R&B music. A truly unique story, Ro recounts family road trips with his father only playing legendary Nigerian musician, Fela Kuti and Reggae icon, Bob Marley; or times his mother would pick him up from school and would only have the country music station playing on the radio. His innate talent for singing was only discovered when his mother heard his powerful voice and realized he had a future in music.

Finding sanctuary in songs, Rotimi began singing. By the age of 15, Rotimi wowed the historically brutal Apollo Theatre crowd, singing his way to first place on “Amateur Night.” Rotimi’s appetite for music was solidified. Following his performance, Rotimi became a member of a trio group, NBH with Jay Z’s two nephews who were also from the same area in New Jersey.

At 17, Rotimi found himself performing for Jay Z in his living room. Jay Z gave Rotimi great advice that stuck by young Ro; he stated: “You have a powerful voice, learn to control it and by 22-23 years old you will be good.” Flattered by the rap legend’s advice, Ro took heed.

Nonetheless, with academic ambitions, Rotimi moved to the Midwest where he studied at Chicago’s prestigious Northwestern University. By his junior year, the charismatic vocalist became a favorite among students and filled auditoriums to their full capacity to hear Rotimi’s sultry sound. Rotimi graduated in June 2010 from Northwestern University with a Bachelor of Science in Communications and with a minor in Business.

Armed with his promising talent and tireless work ethic the budding artist will stake his claim in the music industry. Another calling Rotimi takes seriously is acting, casted for a play, playing a young soldier in “Salt N Pepper” and the leading role of Julius in the gospel musical “Tell Hell I Ain’t Comin,” Rotimi gained recognition from director Marcia P. Samuel who described the actor as a tremendous talent with vocals reminiscent of a young Michael Jackson.

To date, Rotimi has shared the stage with America’s Best Dance Crew popular dance team, Jabbawockies. He has opened for artists like T.I., Estelle and NERD. As well as, performed at the 2010 BET Awards Pre-Party in Los Angeles. Rotimi has also garnered international exposure with the release of his first single in 2009 of “Beautiful Music” which was nominated for Africa’s Sound City for Fresh Video of the Year. “Already Know” which features Dawn Richard from Diddy’s Dirty Money which peaked at #76 on the Media Base radio singles. With his 3rd single “Forever,” exploding through the web as well as getting daily spins on MTV Africa, VH1 Soul and Comcast OnDemand. Rotimi has solidified his status as a popular fixture on international and U.S. based entertainment blogs. Rotimi has been recognized as one of the brightest up- and-coming multi-talented artists in the entertainment industry. Rotimi believes that 2011 will be his breakthrough year.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Chi-Town Finest Breakers go on the Wendy Williams Show.

The Youngest Professional Breakdance crew "Chi-town Finest Breakers" aka "CTFB" is heading to New York City to being on the Wendy Williams show.

Check out the show April 5th, 2011
10:00 AM Central Time on FOX

For Full TV listing visit the link below.

CTFB,Chi-Town Finest Breakers,Shon Roka,Brickheadz,Chicago,Bboy,Hip Hop
Chi-Town Finest Breakers

Chi-Town Finest Breakers are a group of siblings ranging from ages 6-13 years of age coming from the windy city of Chicago, whose passion is to dance and entertain. CTFB have been through many obstacles in life. At one point in life they hit rock bottom. The family was homeless, but
homelessness didn't break this family apart.

Through their struggles, determination and hunger they achieved many accomplishments, winning countless battles. Their most recent achievement was placing in the Top 18 Semi Finalist on CBS Paula Abdul's "Live To Dance" winning the fans over with their strong dedication and humble spirits.During this amazing experience Chrysler gave them a 2011 Town & Country Mini Van.

CTFB was also voted as Chicago's Most Talented kids at the CMA'S (Chicago Music Award's) Taught by there father Henry Borjas "aka" DJ Westside, who also is a old school b-boy, which is their Choreographer,DJ, Mentor & B-boy Instructor.

"So there is nothing you can't achieve, just keep your head high and have faith."
"No matter what always smile."


The Oprah Show
Americas Best Dance Crew Season 4
Americas Got Talent
Dub Magazine Show Tour "
WNBA Half Time Shows "UIC Pavilion"
WPSL Half Time Shows "Toyota Park"
NHL Preaseason Opener "All State Arena"
MLS Half Time Show "Toyota Park"
Mayor Daley Chicago's Sports Fest "McCormick Place"
Taste of Chicago "Grant Park"
B96 Jingle Bash 2009 PRE-SHOW "All State Arena"
Harlem GlobeTrotters "All State Arena"


Justin Bieber
Big Boi
Bruno Mars
Fat Joe
Bone Thugz N Harmony
Travie McCoy
Papa Roach
Black Eyed Peas
Raekwon The Chef
Playas Circle
50 Cent
Trey Songz
Luda Cris
Kid Cudi
Asher Roth

So set your Tivo's and add this event to your calender on your Blackberry, Iphones, whatever you have to do to check out the show for April 5th, 2011!


Website Intro for

Boi Jeanius is now Rotimi's official DJ. Newest member of the team.


Caught up with the lastest in the Bboy/BGirl scene. I wanted to head to TN as usual but I had to DJ in Green Bay that weekend so I was a no show. The infamous Shon Roka from the Brickheadz wanted to come out support his culture a rep in the cypher because I know I can still handle my own. Shout out to Strive TV for putting this together, this is lovely. I kind of hate that the fact that a lot of today's bboy/bgirl pretty much learn and copy the moves from here, but in a sense its so good for older heads who been in the game I while to back and experience these moments. It also helps to learn and gain battle knowledge from a lot of different ways. Anyhow, I enjoyed the moments that were all captured at "Bashville Stampede 7" in TN.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

De La Soul & Lupe Fiasco shows this Friday & Saturday.

If you are in Chicago and you want a dose of Hip Hop at some great venues. Check out the Shrine this Friday, March 25, 2011

The Shrine & Frank151 invite you to get in tune with your Native Tongue! De La Soul guest curated Chapter 37: De La Soul 20 Years High and Rising, now see them live.

Friday March 25

De La Soul

Doors Open 9pm

Tickets On Sale Here


and on Saturday March 26th, Grammy Award winning superstar, Lupe Fiasco returns home to celebrate the release of his highly anticipated album LASERS at the House of Blues Chicago. For those who didn't purchase tickets to the show, you still have the opportunity to attend the celebration and win complimentary tickets to the show. One lucky winner will have the chance to win an exclusive VIP package. Head over to for more info!

Lupe Fiasco,Shon Roka,Chicago,Hip Hop,Brickheadz

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mims - Convertible Flow [Official Music Video]

Another Shawn "MIMS" has the same birthday as me. Big up to AUDI! Check out his new video "Convertible Flow"

March 21, 2011...Aries Ram Brickheadz Style Rebel Jameson Smasher FML still getting it in...

Monday, March 21, 2011

Today is my BIRTHDAY...I seem to share it with others like...

Like I said the other day, you know you old when you forget how old you are. I shut it down in Green Bay last night, now I'm planning to head to NYC and Miami to do the same! Let's go!
Reppin' in all my talents from Brickheadz to Coast2Coast Mixtape DJs! Bassment Boyz to Grind25! Gotta stay positive and prepare properly. Much love and respect to all who has supported me and grew with me. I just glad to be alive and well. What more can I say, I love my children and miss them so much. Their mainly the reason and am still active to this day.

If you support me, Follow me, Like my DJ page, Book me, Subsribe, etc.


DStroy with DJ Premier on his and DJ Riz Birthday

Friday, March 18, 2011

Nikki Jean...Inhale. . and Release

Been checking up on her for a while. Ever since "The Cool" with Lupe Fiasco I couldn't get enough. So I see she is still her humble, soulful, energetic and pure self. I love how she is as a person...Just refreshing, reminds me of what to feel when I start my day. So here is Nikki Jean keeping you posted...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rotimi ft. Gucci (Sneak Peak)

From New Jersey to Chicago. From Chicago to New Jersey. I first met Rotimi at a recording session with Jargon. We networked and he saw that I did graphics. So I ended up doing him a banner then a cd cover for his first single "Beautiful Music". He's still doing his thing as the future of R&B. I caught up with him today and saw that he is doing a track for his lastest project drop March 29, 2011 called "The Resume" Mixtape.

Here is a teaser.

Here is the Banner I did over a year ago in the very beginning of this clip and at the end. The cover for the single I will post it later.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Anacron - "This Is Me" & "Proverbial Slap"

Anacron,Shon Roka,Brickheadz,Chicago,Hip Hop,New Music

Let me catch you up with the new singles from Anacron. From L.A. to CHI-TOWN to CHI-TOWN to L.A.

Damn fool, don’t know Anacron yet? Man, you’re wrong.” Two new singles from Anacron called “This Is Me” and “Proverbial Slap”. “This Is Me” was created exclusively for Fusicology‘s “What Is Good Music 2011” compilation. Crafted with an upbeat tempo that’s designed for dancefloor movement. Don’t let that stop you from hitting play though, Anacron raps cleverly on who he is and what he’s about. Lyrical heat while makin’ your body move to the beat. I’m diggin’ it. Now on the flip side is “Proverbial Slap”. And if you downloaded Culture King‘s “For The Love” (Tribute to J Dilla) project that I had posted about a week ago, you already know this one. The two flow together nicely, as they have the some of the same sounds, but this is a little less uptempo. Heavy on claps, turntablism, and live instrumentation. I love the scratches and saxophone, mmm. Okay, enough talking… take a listen.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Blended Babies (Chicago Producers)

So, I came across BLENEDED BABIES (The Chicago Producers)first on a track they produce for local rapper ESOHEL - PUSHIN, that's track two on my mixtape "Back To The Grill Again" :CHI-TOWN EDITION, which I still think is a Classic Chicago Mixtape featuring every artist at that time talked about or mention in that month...Still a overall classic in general though.
that can be heard here
This was over two years ago. Once I heard that track, I look the Blended Babies up again and found another local artist that I also like called SKOODA CHOSE ft. MIKEY ROCKS (of Cool Kids) & TWISTA - LOUNGIN' (PROD. BY BLENDED BABIES) video below. This video is mad nice and it just looks like it was fun.

They have went on to produce many more tracks for various artists. The most recent ones are from Charles Worth (born October 20, 1986 in Cleveland, Ohio) aka CHIP THA RIPPER - PLURAL CO. (PROD. BY BLENDED BABIES) on GIFT RAPS (Below)

Asher Paul Roth (born August 11, 1985 in Morrisville, Pennsylvania) aka ASHER ROTH - MORE COWBELL (PROD. BY BLENDED BABIES)

and finally, this one is a BANGER!!!

All I can say is if you looking for heat! You know who to find in Chicago! Stay tune for another good post Tonight!

Monday, March 7, 2011

SCHEME ft. Lennon - Billion Dollar Dream

Usually I try my best not to post what other blogs post, this is an exception because these are some cats I know well. I'm also feeling this video...

It’s a story way too many of us have experienced; We chase and achieve the dream, only to lose and sacrifice our personal lives. Scheme goes from the studio to a private jet and finally back home, taking viewers on his journey to success. But it comes at a cost, as he may be losing out on the love of his life. The story is told throughout the song, pay close attention and see the Billion Dollar Dream story unfold.

Scheme "Billion Dollar Dream" Feat. Lennon from Ruby Hornet on Vimeo.
Source: DJ Scend Twitter, Ruby Hornet, Vimeo

Phillip Morris (Chicago) - The Same Ones and Zeroes

Chicago born and raised, Phillip Morris has been described as “one of the ultimate word smiths of hip-hop (Skope Magazine).”

Lacking any desire to fit into any hip-hop constructs, Morris’ focus on the vernacular, the message, and the music, distinguishes him from what many claim is the dire state of contemporary hip-hop. His reputation in Chicago’s internationally known music scene is of a well enunciated, articulate, fun, and engaging performer that entertains diverse crowds with complex rhymes and electrifying stage performances.

Beginning in 1998, Morris’ interest in music and words flourished into a passion for learning and refining the hip-hop art form. Intelligent word-play and flow are skills that Morris will first admit did not come “naturally” to him, as many other hip-hop artists like to claim. Ultimately however, it was this humility that opened his ability to not only engage in the nuts and bolts of the music, but to redefine the hip-hop genre on his terms.

When he became a father at the age of twenty, he took it upon himself to infuse his music with a progressive and positive message with aims to make an impact in the world that his children were now a part of. Using hip-hop as a vehicle in speaking out against injustices around the world while challenging political correctness and ignorance, Morris’ work moves the listener to re-evaluate their roles as American and world citizens.

Performing at anti-war rallies, pro-marijuana marches, youth violence benefits, and other progressive gatherings across Chicago and the Midwest, Phillip strives to surround himself with progressive thinkers who take it upon themselves to improve society in a peaceful and thoughtful manner.

His sense of humor and performance range is also captured by the video for his hit, Mister Morris. Chowing down ramen noodles in thick glasses and occasional pelvic gyrations, coupled with Morris’ effortless and widely appealing flow made Mister Morris an official selection of both the Midwest Independent Film Festival and the Chicago International Hip-Hop film festival in 2009. Additionally, the Mister Morris video hit selected movie theaters across Chicago, and was nominated for best music video at the Best of the Midwest Awards (BMAs) held by the Midwest Independent Film Festival.

Morris’ talents have been underscored in the 2008 documentary I am Hip-Hop (directed by Geoff Harkness) and will be featured in the upcoming documentary Roof Top Hip-Hop (by Oliver Holmberg). Morris has also opened for notable acts like Dead Prez, Anita Tijoux, and Souls of Mischief.

Innovative. Cerebral yet accessible. Sociopolitically conscious. Appealing to and supported by hip-hop heads and non-hip-hop listeners alike.
Those who are yet to listen will soon be addicted…

Saturday, March 5, 2011

A special treat for the True Hip Hop Heads In CHI-TOWN!

Actually it is four special treats. The first on the list I would say is THE BEATNUTS are in CHICAGO! Tonight their shutting it down with some of the best act in the C-H-I: Mass Hysteria x Que Billah x Scheme along with some well respect and relevant DeeJays: RUDE ONE & DJ TRILOGY!!!!

The Beatnuts,Chicago,Hip Hop,Darkroom,DJ Trilogy,Scheme,Rude One,Que Billah,Mass Hysteria

The second would be the CHI-ROCK NATION Social Gathering and Party!
Its been awhile since the last one, my guy Dean Turns reminded me the other day it was at Alternatives and 3rd Rail was on the roster as well. It was a night to remember. Bboys and Bgirls had some exhibitions, Graf was on display and emcee took the control of the mic with some performances!

So on March 10, 2011 Thursday @ Wicker Well in Chicago...

And third, something for your listening needs!
Chicago's underground hip hop artist Mike Spex brings you a North Pole Midwest Windy City Classic Hip-Hop Album. Slavery 1000 Years Ago Slavery Today!!! A time travel of sounds words prayers struggles of the workin class HIPHOPPER kid. Emceeing about issues concerning our everyday lives in the computer information age!!

Mike Spex: Slavery 1000 Years Ago Slavery Today
Mike Spex,Chicago,Hip Hop,Shon Roka,Brickheadz

Download link below:

And last but not least! a B-BOY/B-GIRL battle NERVOUS BREAKDOWN Season 1 Episode 2!

...1 VS 1
$100.00 AND A SPOT




2) ???

3) ???

4) ???









ONLY $7.00





Friday, March 4, 2011

TECK (Self-Xplanatory) from Chicago goes to NYC and shows you why?

Miguel Teck Arteaga from Self Xplanatory one of the top 5 if not 3 relevant Bboy crews in Chicago goes to NYC and shows you why? He heads there mainly to vent but also for Octagon NYC 2011. Dynamic Rockers & Alienness present OCTAGON NYC that went down Saturday February 26th 1v1 OCTAGON BATTLE @ NYC ARTS CYPHER.

6 days later he edits and brings you a short documentary of his trip to NYC for the Octagon East Coast prelims. Check out the Inspiring interviews on why people dance. Maybe some of you can relate. Respect and Love for the Culture...

From Chicago to New York City | The Octogon Documentary from TeCk-nological Films on Vimeo.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Chi-Town Finest Breaks gets a new vehicle from Chrysler! On the Paula Abdual's "Live To Dance"

Being from Chicago and being a big part of the B-boy scene for over 20 years I for one definitely know how hard it is and how it is a blessing when your talents are recognized. Chi-Town Finest Breakers have been in my life before they even new they were in it. Their father Herny Rojas known as DJ Westside who I knew since high school has paid his dues in the Hip Hop culture for years. Teaching his kids the elements we so much love. There is one element they did excel at for their age and that is the art of B-boying & B-Girling! They recently been in L.A. for the show Paula Abdual's "Live To Dance" if you haven't seen it on ABC, you missed out! But her is a clip of the big give away. I wasn't sure when I was going to post this the day I saw it live, so I decided to updated you on Chicago's Youngest Professional Breakdance Crew "CHI-TOWN FINEST BREAKERS"

CTFB has been like my second family. I love what they do but more so their qualities. Each individual is their own and they show it in the finest ways!

The give away is at 3:15.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

All new night @ LOKAL in Chicago called "DIGITAL SAUCE"

Yes, I'm stepping up my residency game more and more, because this what I have to do when in a recession. A all new night where Shon Roka the DJ turn into FML! Bring you Digital Sauce with the Electro, Urban & Dance genres of my Serato Scratch Live Vinyl! Opening night Shami Sosa will be opening up @ LOKAL Chicago

So I will be opening WICKER WELL 1637 W North Ave. and heading to LOKAL 1907 W North Ave.


AKIN Chicago (Video of Jordan Cement III - Released January 22, 2011)

Its Wednesday and I'm up early as usual listening to J. Period ft. Black Thought, John Legend & Rakim - In The Ghetto (Wake Up), feeling the track and that essence of hip hop again. Just found this video of a store in Chicago call Akin. I've been to the store a few times, it has this ill urban feel and made lighting because of the huge windows all the way around. It also has the freshest kicks I must say, you can't leave without making a purchase or two. I didn't even realize they had two stores! The one I have been to is located South AKINchicago 1313 S. Halsted Chicago,IL 60607 and the number is (312) 243-9030 If you are on the Northside AKINchicago North 2350 N. Clark Chicago,IL 60614 (773) 525-0340 Visit

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

DMC competition goes ONLINE!!! The Chicago native "Boi Jeanius" has entered!

So the DMC DJ Championship is almost 3 decades old. Now it has moved online and made a lot easier to enter! I don't know how I feel about it yet. Its like you could record yourself and if you mess up, rerecord, lol. Anyhow, one of Chicago's very has entered...His name is Boi Jeanius! Check out his set below.

Here is some info on the competition and Boi Jeanius.
DMC, originator of the legendary WORLD DJ CHAMPIONSHIPS, presents the Online DJ Competition open to any and all DJs in the world!

It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned pro or are ready to launch your career, the DMC ONLINE DJ CHAMPIONSHIP is taking entries so sign up and get mixing now!

This annual world-wide DJ competition will put your filmed set in front of a global audience and the winner gets to compete with their DJ heroes in the DMC WORLD DJ CHAMPIONSHIPS later this year

Boi Jeanius info and DMC entry below.

Recognized By Many Legendary DJ’s As “The Future”, He was givin his name “Boi Jeanius” to accent the nickname perfectly. Boi Jeanius is very involved in every aspect of the dj word and takes pride in his Profession and displays the love, attitude, and passion every night. With That, He Still Practices His Sets and Strives To be Better then the day before. Now proving himself to Chicago, going live every weekend on 1035 Kiss Fm, Mixing the ONLY Mixed Count Down on Radio, The Top 8 @ 8:48 is only a sample of what you can expect from Boi Jeanius! “Omg it’s Boi Jeanius” is the famous tag line, the brand has grown and spread like wild fire through the streets of Chicago all the way to New York City Where Boi Jeanius was named, by Latin Mixx, The 2010 Best Mid-West DJ! At 22 Years old and 3 years on the #1 Station In Chicago, Boi Jeanius Has continued to out do his opposition by always being just 1 step ahead. The Story of Boi Jeanius Has Just begun and is one for the history books! Stay Tuned!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Chicago Artist Pheave "Ask Around" Official Music Video Produced & Directed By #1 Stunnaa

Pheave aka Pheave, a young artist hailing from the South-Side of Chicago just released his latest project. "Ask Around" The official video 6 hours fresh!

Pheave "Ask Around" Official Music Video Produced & Directed By #1 Stunnaa from STUNNA REESE on Vimeo.

Catch Pheave at his next show March 1, 2011
Pheave,DJ Shon Roka,Tini Martini,Chicago Hip Hop,Ask Around,Video Release,COAST2COASTMIXTAPEDJS,BRICKHEADZ

Thursday, February 24, 2011

11 Year Old Chicago Artist "Shortie Mac"

Gerome Thomas, also known as Shortie Mac, was born March 22, 1999 in Chicago, IL. Shortie Mac, the middle of three children, began rhyming when he was just two years old, freestyling to the sound of his father’s radio. His father always believed in him, and began to take his undeniable gift of rapping and freestyle serious in early 2009. Mac began his quest like many in the hip hop genre, performing battles on sidewalks and street corners, challenging men & women twice his age.

Through his father’s affiliations, Mac was introduced to producer Neo Keez who asked Mac to support his ministry, targeting and combating the violent wave of youth killings across the nation. This affiliation has become a focal point in Mac’s message to his fans, encouraging all people to “Put the guns down, We don’t wanna fight.”

As word began to spread, the buzz about Shortie Mac was undeniable, enabling him to network with many of the well established artists from Chicago, including the Remix King, Grammy Award winning producer Maurice Joshua, whose credits include Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love”.

Over the last few months, Mac has been performing across the country with appearances in several cities. Mac was given the distinguished opportunity to open for Dorrough, New Boyz and Supa Blanco for the Ohio “Back to School Jam”, which took place in Dayton, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Youngstown. In his hometown of Chicago, he has performed at the WGCI car and bike shows and the B96 “Pepsi Summer Bash”, which had over 25,000 people in attendance. Mac has also been working tirelessly in the recording studio, preparing his much anticipated debut album. “I do my best at what I do because I love music so much. Music is my passion." - Shortie Mac

Shortie Mac is the new generation of hip hop.
I'm feeling the new track featuring Dorrough - That's Smackin' ft. on my next Mixtape "The Chicago Code" Another Prospective

PAYPA - "Black & Red" Music Video(download link in description)

The other day I stop by The Bassment (Chicago's One Stop Hip Hop Shop) to meeting up with DJ Skor on my usual business of DJing for my city. Anyhow I ran into Nando Calrizian and we were just talking about music and the usual. In the conversation we had, I ended up saying, do you wanna even hear Wiz Khalifa's - Black & Yellow anymore? He said no. I told him I never played that track, I always played Paypa - Black & Red (Below). Its funny because the crowd would always think it was Black & Yellow, but when they heard Black & Red, they would kinda be in shock, but when they heard it was a CHICAGO cover, they started back getting into dancing. I just thought I throw that out there, since I'm posting CHICAGO ish. Till next post.


Killer track representing the City of Wind by MASS HYSTERIA - CHICAGO

The much too underrated Chicago-based rap duo Mass Hysteria bring us another solid effort off their soon to be released album. The track entitled "Chicago" is produced by SC & Mike Treese. It samples Graham Nash's 1971 song "Chicago: We Can Change the World" about the infamous Chicago Seven trial.

"They call it Windy City not cause it's breezy here / They call it that cause the politicians are sleezy here." Mass Hysteria puts up a mirror to the darkness and scandal that has gone hand in hand with the incomparable Windy City: from Capone to the Chicago Seven trial to police corruption, gentrification to governors Blagojevich and Ryan. The sample, the beat, lyrical content -- a perfect marriage. The song will also be used by the MUL crew for their new grafitti video coming out later this month! Until then download the song and witness the beauty that can come from the darkest places."


Also I (SHON ROKA : BRICKHEADZ) am B-boying in this video by MASS HYSTERIA - SO AMAZING

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nicoletta Berry Cover Singing Miley Cyrus When I Look At You Got a Amazi...

Nicoletta Berry
I think I got to LIKE her fan page on Facebook when she had 300 hundred, now she is at 2000 plus. I already awaiting more...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

606 HIP HOP OPEN MIC: Chicago's most influential hip hop open mic night since1998!!

Tonight, I guest DJ once again at one of the freshest spots in the city. 606 Hip Hop Open Mic is known for its classic freestyles from some of Chicago's best locals. Not only the locals grace us with their lyrical skill, rappers from all over the U.S. and beyond show up to bless the cypher. My set will close out the night with Shon Roka (Brickheadz) fashion. I believe I am gonna take them on a journey, if there in the parting mode I might just hit them with a surprise each time. From AZ to Yelawolf with a splash of Soul and Breaks. Let me work on my set right now while you read this article I got from Centerstage. Pretty damn good article to.

An institution that’s located at Wicker Park/Bucktown's busiest intersection, Subterranean offers something for just about anyone. It leads a dual life as a late-night lounge, complete with cheap drinks and bar food, and an excellent intimate music venue with eclectic acts that cover almost every genre. The lower level, known as the lounge, has a smattering of low couches, perfect for perching on while watching the action at the nearby DJ booth or bar. The walls are accented with striking paintings produced by local artists, all of which are for sale and rotated regularly. The upstairs Cabaret Room, which was a brothel at one time, features local and national bands strutting their stuff. The small size, accessible bar and balcony make it a very intimate venue for live music. The whole building, accented with antique light fixtures and low lighting, creates a very laid-back vibe.

The variety of events at Subterranean is vast; you can find indie mainstays and local bands (ranging from Oh My God to Shellac to hip-hop outfits) almost any night of the week, and the Tuesday night open mic is legendary. The lounge usually boasts a DJ or two every night, spinning everything from house to hip-hop. The full bar boasts daily specials to assure that a cheap buzz is always available, and a selection of burgers, chicken wings and quesadillas satisfy any late-night hunger.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

AeroSoul 2 Urban Hieroglyphics | HIP HOP CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE (Graffiti)

Produced, Filmed, and Edited by Christine Joy Ferrer ( The Bay Area Aerosol Heritage Society, along with local chapters of the Universal Zulu Nation, present "Urban Hieroglyphics." And it's oh so freshhhhhhh, featuring "artists from the African hip-hop diaspora painting for peace and radical change" as well as ending black-on- black youth violence. From walls to canvases. From billboards to posters. Catch a glimpse of its February 4, 2011 premiere event at the Joyce Gordon Gallery in Oakland, CA and hear why its revelers think graffiti is so dope and how the arts empower social change. For more info visit: and

Bay Area-based "urban calligraphers" include: Refa1, Toons, MadHatter, Spek1 and Kufu1 (all from the TCB crew); Kemrexx (TDK); Del/Phresh and Stare (BSK); Cuba (TF); and Trendie (KTD), the show also features visual artists Brett Cook-Dizney and Emory Douglas - resident artist for the Black Panther Party.

Southern Californian artists include Overton Lloyd (album art designer for Parliament-Funkadelic) and members of the RTN, WCA, UCA, TDF, KOA, L2S, DTK and SMD crews. From Chicago come Orko and Slang (FEDS). Dawud Anyabwile, the artist known for the Brother Man comic, reps Philadelphia.

From New York City, there's Phade (TC5/Shirt Kings); Dooley-O; Gem7, Snatch, and Gnome (CWK), the crew who illustrated Just-Ice's "Back to the Old School" album, Mantronix' "Needle to the Groove" 12" and many other graf-laced designs for Sleeping Bag/Fresh records; Slave TF5 (From the grafumentary Style Wars); and members of the YNN, TMT and MBT crews. From Senegal comes Docta; from France (and other parts of Europe), there's aerosol superstar Mode2.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Mikey Factz, knows what's good with that Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Fresh out the airport he shows you he has a PS3 copy!

Feature: Mickey Factz "Nothing but the Factz" Trailer from 3 Little Digs on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Here is one of my favorite B-boys: CLOUD (Pause) on the clean up! I'm gonna get back to the Shon Roka I should be, so I'd decide to post this.

Daniel Cloud Campos in my eyes was always underrated. He always had this style about him a Rebel can recognize and see right away. A true Brickhead like myself can see ill talent especially when it comes to natural ability and floor work. I saw his potential in person at numerous jams. His hard work and talent is paying off in the end. Skills, skills, skills, that's what goes on a blog like Shon Roka's. Here is a whole helping of what some of you have been sleeping on!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A All New Night "MAKE IT RAIN" Saturdays


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Rocmore Saturdays (Celebrating A Classic B-day)

Come check out Rocmore Saturdays tonight with DJ SHON ROKA (Coast 2 Coast Mixtape DJs) and DJ SIN (Violator All-Star DJs). Bring you classic on the 1's and 2's and the hip hop culture together as one. Another night of fun with some of the hottest djs in Chicago. Let's go!