Monday, March 28, 2011


Caught up with the lastest in the Bboy/BGirl scene. I wanted to head to TN as usual but I had to DJ in Green Bay that weekend so I was a no show. The infamous Shon Roka from the Brickheadz wanted to come out support his culture a rep in the cypher because I know I can still handle my own. Shout out to Strive TV for putting this together, this is lovely. I kind of hate that the fact that a lot of today's bboy/bgirl pretty much learn and copy the moves from here, but in a sense its so good for older heads who been in the game I while to back and experience these moments. It also helps to learn and gain battle knowledge from a lot of different ways. Anyhow, I enjoyed the moments that were all captured at "Bashville Stampede 7" in TN.

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