Saturday, May 31, 2014

Solidisco | Top of the World | Original Music Video

Working with classic disco label Salsoul and artist Skyy, Solidisco's first release for Ultra is a euphoric floor filler influenced by golden era disco house like Stardust and Junior Jack.

The video is a collaboration between @LILINTERNET and Nassacre, with dancer Francis Masa and is currently in rotation on MTV Clubland.

Banana Seat | Pumpdance


Banana Seat set aside the New York vs Boston rivalry with "Pump Dance", a true bumper of a Clubhouse tune. BK's Ghostdad and Beantown's Durkin stuff Technotronic-worthy throwback synths and next level club thump into their bicycle shorts before grinding all up on you and stealing your heart forever. Play ball!

Banana Seat



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Adidas Skate Copa | New York City | Part 1

We're proud to present adidas Skate Copa, New York City: Part 1 - a quick overview of the City That Never Sleeps with the adidas Skateboarding team. Part 2 drop tomorrow...

In the spirit of fun and camaraderie inherent to skateboarding, is a national shop vs. shop contest circuit broken into 5 regional stops, culminating in a massive Final at The Berrics. Each stop features tales from the road, insane contest skating from the best shop teams in the country, and of course, heavy street skating with the adidas team.

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Chance The Rapper | First Pitch at Chicago White Sox Game

Chance The Rapper | First Pitch at Chicago White Sox Game
Best quote was weak but secure.

Ruste Juxx | Your Song

Ruste Juxx & VStheBEST provide more visuals to their latest track, "Your Song," off their new album, 'Ready To Juxx,' out now.


Produced by VStheBEST

Talib Kweli | ART IMITATES LIFE | ft Black Thought, Rah Digga & ALBe. Back

From the Album GRAVITAS - Available at

Talib On the web:

Ab-Soul | Stigmata | Visuals

Ab-Soul | Stigmata ft. Action Bronson & Asaad

Visuals by: Dave Free & APLUS FILMZ

Coming Soon #TDE

Friday, May 30, 2014

Young Roddy ft. Trademark | Legal Tender

#TGIF Reverie & Louden | Russian Roulette (Full Album)

All beats are produced by Louden.
Project Mixed and mastered by Louden.

Get an autographed hard copy online at
World wide shipping available.

Track List
00:00- Russian Roulette (Intro)
00:32- Russian Roulette
05:06- The One (Evacuate)
08:01- Sitting With My Head Down Pt 2 (Always Slowed)
10:56- William
14:41- Up All Night Feat Murs
18:22- Stagnant
21:28- Blue Skies Feat Self Provoked & Citrine
24:38- Rhodes
28:03- Since You Left
32:14- LA Interlude
32:42- LA Times Feat Bambu & Dye
36:03- Walk In These Shoes (Say Something) Feat Dave Allen
40:51- Palm Trees Feat Luckyiam
45:36- Triple Kick
48:45- Need Me Pt 3
53:23- Fuck What You Saying Now! Feat Eligh
57:18- While I'm Still Here
1:01:20- Always Down

Much love to all of our fans & supporters, we love you guys!
Thank you for the continued support.
Hope you like the album, it is very significant to me.

The Cypher Effect | MIC CHECK | THA YNOE

The Cypher Effect: MIC CHECK | THA YNOE

Tha Ynoe stopped by for one of our Mic Check sessions to perform "Alkahol Abuse"

Vogue Knights | Presented by Qween Beat

A look into Vogue Knights, Manhattan's premiere weekly ballroom event, featuring DJ MikeQ (Qween Beat/Fade to Mind), Omari Mizrahi, Justin Khan, Sheaboogie Mizrahi, Kevin JZ Prodigy, Tigga Tsunami, Leggo Labeija, and more.

Music: "Let It All Out" and "The Ha Dub Rewerk'd," available on Fade to Mind Records

Directed by Wills Glasspiegel
Produced by L-Vis 1990, MikeQ and Vivian Host
Shot and Edited by Wills Glasspiegel
Additional Camera by L-Vis 1990, Sean Mattison, Oliver Rivard and Joey Chirqui
Assistant Editing by Oliver Rivard

RoxRite | In Mexico Preview

RoxRite's first time back in the mainland of his birthplace in 5 years, Mexico. Here is a sample of whats to come, a weekend trip to judge the Red Bull BC One Cypher Mexico. Follow along with RoxRite.

Shot and Edited by Daniel Zhu from Stance

Brought to to you by RoxRite and The BBoy Spot

Universole 2014 Trailer | Detroit, MI | Soul VISION

1st annual House & All Styles Urban Street Dance Event out in Detroit, MI brought to you by Cymatic Soles & HoneyBoom.

House Judges
Meech (O Trip House) - Paris, France
Poseidon (Cymatic Soles) - Detroit, MI
Tonic (Chicago Tribe/Digital Natives) - Chicago, IL

All Style Judges
Bboy Preach (G.C.O.S.) - Detroit, MI
Saadiq (Shelly Crew/G.C.O.S.) - Detroit, MI
Cryzko - Detroit, MI

2014 Winners
1v1 House | Barberik (Chicago Tribe/Digital Natives) - Chicago, IL
7 To Smoke All Styles | Soul (ILL Minded Stylez/G.C.O.S./SBK/Sour Patch) - Detroit, MI

Directed & Edited: Jade Zuberi
Music: Cloud - Innocence

BOOK OF LILOU | Video Of My Life

This is not a Fiction, but the reality of a young kid who believe in his dream.

The story of Ali Ramdani, more known as LILOU, several times world champion of break dance.
A Biopic video From Algeria to the Opera of Lyon, from the street to the stadium, Pockemon Crew, his group, his family...The odyssey of a young dancer of modern times.

The Book of Lilou is more than trailer but the story of his life.
from 1984 to 2014.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Nemo Achida | Come Alive (Prod. by Pinky Liberachi)

Off Side B available at

MAYDAY! x MURS | Serge's Song | Official Music Video

MAYDAY! x MURS | Serge's Song | Official Music Video

Freestyle Session/UDEF Pro Breaking Tour | Cros1 Interview | #SXSTV

Freestyle Session in association with UDEF and Pro Breaking Tour bring the culture an organized competition providing Bboys and Bgirls an opportunity to come away with something from battles.

Cros1 sat down with Step x Step to explain the outlook on Pro Breaking Tour/ with Freestyle Session and other US bboy jams. Cros gives his two cents on how the new, organized tour will promote growth within the culture and build for the future of Bboying.

Pro Breaking Tour:

Freestyle Session:

AFRO HOUSE Escada Da Lapa

Amy Secada (MAWU)
Afro House Freestyle
Escada Da Lapa, Rio De Janeiro

PlayStation Plus Free Games Lineup June 2014

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*Active membership required to access PS Plus features and benefits. PS Plus is available to legal U.S. and Canadian residents with a SEN account who are 18 years or older.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Questlove | Does Black Culture Need to Care About What Happens to Hip-Hop?

 photo 15d51cac-9a88-41bd-b672-1734007e1586_zps81654c67.jpg

This is the sixth in a weekly series of six essays looking at hip-hop's recent past, thinking about its distant past, and wondering about the possibility of a future. Read the first one Click Here, the second one Click Here, the third one Click Here, the fourth one here Click Here, and the fifth one Click Here.

It's time for the showdown. Get ready for the lowdown. We've come to the end of the road.

When I started this series of columns six weeks ago, I wanted to think through a series of issues: why the bulk of contemporary African-American culture has defaulted into hip-hop, why materialistic narratives seem to dominate the genre, what has happened to the concept of black cool, what increasingly anemic sales mean for both big stars and independent artists, and where all of this leaves us.

It leaves us here, in the sixth and final column, thinking about all these things. Sometimes when you think, you come up empty. But when I go back through this series in my mind, I come up so full that I’m not sure what to do next. Three decades plus into this exciting and vibrant genre, there are some serious structural problems that seem almost insoluble. There are times that I feel that the whole thing is perched on the edge of a cliff and time is about to push it off.

When I think that, I always find my thoughts returning to music. Not to music as an aesthetic category, but to music in the social sense. Music can be created by an individual or a group, but it is meant to be heard by others. It operated that way as ritual (in weddings and funerals, in wars and parades) long before it was ever preserved as a physical product, or sold as a commercial one. Music is something that happens between people. This is true for classical music or instrumental jazz, but it's true with one added dimension for a music like hip-hop, because it's narrative by nature. As a result, it's music between people that is also explicitly about people.

These are the basics. Let's color outside the lines a little bit. Sun Ra said that space is the place, but there's race in the space also. Hip-hop is inseparable from black America and black Americans, who are either creators or consumers or subject matter, or sometimes all three. Like it or not, it exerts a pull on the black community. It can pull us up or it can pull us down or it can pull us apart.

Does black culture need to care about what happens to hip-hop? Does it need a cultural force like hip-hop at all? I can't predict the future. If I could, I'd have put a bundle on California Chrome. But I can say that black culture has needed that historically. The famous black academic Charles S. Johnson, who was instrumental in the Harlem Renaissance, published a magazine for black Americans called Opportunity; its title sent a different message than W.E.B. DuBois's Crisis, but they were two sides of the same coin. Johnson thought (knew?) that the arts were important because black Americans were denied equal treatment in many other respects. The arts, he figured, could be a site of resistance.

Resistance here doesn't mean revolution. It doesn't mean storming the barricades. Resistance means using art for the things that it does best, which is to create human portraits and communicate ideas and forge a climate where people of different races or classes are known to you because they make themselves known. In the simplest terms, art humanizes. It opens the circuit of empathy. And once that process happens, it's that much harder to think of people as part of a policy or a statistic. Art reverses the alienation that can creep into society. After Johnson, after DuBois, the Harlem Renaissance itself stalled, largely as a result of the Great Depression, and many of the economic gains made by African-Americans were lost, but cultural influence persisted. You could make an argument that it was as important as anything for speeding along the very real political and social gains of the '50s and '60s.

That's what music has been good for, historically, in the black community. Jazz did that. It forced the mainstream to see black musicians as virtuosos with complex ideas and powerful (and recognizable) emotions. How are you going to treat someone as less than human, in any way, once they've been so deeply human in full view? Soul music did that, because it addressed universal romantic problems. Who has trouble identifying with a Smokey Robinson lyric? No one human, that's for sure. Hip-hop started from that premise. It was rooted there. It didn't shy away from the fact that America, built the way it was, made certain economic and social advances difficult for African-Americans, but it also made an entire community visible, impossible to ignore, impossible to dehumanize. Hip-hop, because of the way that it was made, because of what it was at its heart, blazed new trails and also recontextualized the past. Where other musics, like disco, were plastic to the point where they started to feel like factory product, early hip-hop was the perfect music for an era of flexible accumulation: fast on its feet, fleet with its thoughts. It could range and roam and shine a light into any corner of the culture.

Six weeks ago, at the beginning of this series, I opened with quotes from John Bradford, Albert Einstein, and Ice Cube. Between them, they sketched out their own version of this idea. Bradford talked about luck and providence (“There but for the grace of God go I”); Einstein talked about community (“spooky action at a distance”); and Ice Cube talked about appetite (“Life ain’t nothing but bitches and money”). Those three ideas outline a triangle, and inside that triangle are people reflecting on their own good fortune, recognizing that they’re connected to others, grappling with their own aspirations. Hip-hop has a responsibility to these ideas, and because of that, a responsibility not to fall victim to other ideas that actively obstruct them. This responsibility doesn’t fall to individual artists in a narrow way. There will always be artists who want to be shallowly materialistic or who permit themselves to be reduced to caricature. But the broader genre needs to balance them off with other kinds of artists, other perspectives, and there’s been a steady move away from that kind of balance for the last decade at least. Culture needs to struggle against meaninglessness and flattening. That's why it's vital that one of those sites of meaningless shouldn't be the culture itself.

These may seem like uncontroversial ideas — that art should, at some level, be about humanity, and that culture should, in some way, be a tool for fighting adversity. But any support for those ideas have to have better practices attached to them than the ones that have taken over hip-hop. People pick up on the ideas that pop culture puts down, so if one of those ideas is that only so-called winners get a platform, which they then use to talk more about their winning, that will seep into the groundwater. Contemporary hip-hop worries too much about the bottom line, which is lower than it's ever been. If you dive for it, you may find yourself stuck down there. And being stuck down there means mean fewer options for future artists, more investment in stereotypical portraits of hip-hop acts (some encouraged by the acts themselves), and less empathy all around. It’s important not to let this whole thing eat itself. It's more than important. It is, in a sense, everything.

I’ll end with two examples from the early '70s, around the time I was born, when soul music seemed as if it was largely fulfilling these responsibilities. In fact, if there’s one era in the history of popular music where community awareness and social contract seem secure, it’s the soul music of the early '70s. And yet, and yet. In 1972, after the success of What’s Going On, Marvin Gaye started an album of explicitly political songs in the vein of “Inner City Blues (Makes Me Wanna Holler).” The first track from that set, and the projected title track, “You’re the Man,” went after political candidates. If you have a plan, Gaye sang, then I’ll give you my vote, but you have to handle real problems: busing in schools, urban economics. The most piercing part of the song is a repeated spoken-word couplet:

Don't you understand
There's misery in the land

Gaye had different politics than Berry Gordy, and Gordy didn’t throw much support behind the “You’re the Man” single, which stalled mid-chart, after which the album was shelved. Two decades later, after Gaye’s death, tracks started to appear on compilations. Some of these were open-ended laments for society’s short-sightedness (“Where Are We Going?”); others were more specific arguments about the dangers of controlling others (“Piece of Clay”) or the hypocrisy of objecting to sex in the face of so many other kinds of social pornography, from poverty to violence to pollution (“The World Is Rated X”). The details may have shifted, but the core of Gaye’s argument remains intact. When we resist cultural acts that directly address the complexity of the human condition, both intellectually and emotionally, we reduce ourselves. The second example is an extended quote from Bobby Womack. Is there any other kind? This particular quote is the monologue that preceded his 1971 cover of the Carpenters’ “Close to You.” In his rap, Womack doesn't talk about the complications of black cool, or the history of social responsibility in the arts. He focuses only on one aspect, which is the pressure of the market, and how it can both insidiously and obviously strip all meaning out of artwork, draining and demoralizing its artists by insisting they need to satisfy some impersonal notion of product. The fact of the matter, of course, is that Womack had no problem covering pop songs — he did it all the time, from “Sweet Caroline” to “Fire and Rain” — but he frequently added material up top or improvised to make the material more personal, more empathetic. As he goes through his monologue, Womack does exactly what he worries he isn't being allowed to do — he paints a full picture of himself as a thinking, feeling, suffering, achieving human, capable of irony and insight, impossible to reduce to a caricature.

Sittin' here sippin' on a glass of wine and I'm trying my best not to lose my mind. You know, thinkin' about the word. Heh, "commercial": That's a funny, funny, funny word! Ya know what's funnier than that? When show people use it. You know what I'm talking about, record companies, presidents, vice-presidents, producers — and a little ol' engineer. But, you know what? I feel, down in my heart, I don't care what it is. If I can get into it, it's commercial enough for me. But anyway, I remember a little while back, I walked into a recording studio with just me and my guitar. Heh. And I remember starting out on a song … sort of went something like this … well, it had the same melody, anyway. The head man called in, the president, vice-president, and just one of his producers, and an engineer. You know they all sit around with their heads dropped down while I was trying to get over. You could hear a pin fall. I know y'all know what I'm talking about. And I'm steady trying to get over. But anyway, after I got through doing my thing — or should I say, doing the best that I could — I’ll never forget what they told me. One of the cats got up and say, “I like you, and I ain't saying that you can't sing.” But as they all began to leave the conference table, they kept saying “But you're not commercial. No, you’re not commercial!" So, I went on out or, should I say, I sold out. But like I've said before, music is music, that's how it is — and that's the way it is. Well, I didn’t change my style because I still had the same heart but just like the man said, he said, “Bobby, it’s got to be funky.” I came back and said, “I want to sing something. I want to sing.”

And then he does.

Slug & P.O.S. | Talks

Slug & P.O.S. Talks Kidney Transplant, Soundset History, & If Popular Artists Matter at the Festival.

It seems like it was just yesterday when Atmosphere's Slug stopped by Sway in the Morning to discuss the Soundset Festival, and now he is back. Rappers P.O.S. spoke about his kidney transplant and why he did not write music during that time. Also, Slug talked about the history of the Soundset Festival and how it differs from other music festivals.

Apathy | Martha Moxley (R.I.P.)

Apathy - "Martha Moxley (R.I.P.)"
Produced by Apathy

Pre-order Apathy's "Connecticut Casual" album NOW at
Available on CD, vinyl and limited edition cassette! Special pre-order bundles with exclusive T-shirt and additional merch is in the DemigodzStore now. Thanks for all your support.

From the album "Connecticut Casual" - in stores June 3rd

Video directed by Andrew Camacho @officialcamacho
E-mail for videos.

Filmed in New London CT

DJ Million Faces | Bedroom Sessions IX

Los Angeles' DJ Million Faces aka Jessie Elisarraraz flexes his turntablist muscles for this episode of DJcityTV's Bedroom Sessions. Watch as the 22-year-old puts down six minutes of classic hip-hop accompanied by scratching, tone play and blends.

Got what it takes to be featured in the next episode? Send an example video (2-4 minutes) to


New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago are sure to be heating up this summer, and Nike pays homage to their blazing pavements with a new pack of floral-themed Blazers.

All three kicks come with vintage branding, nylon tongues, and intricate colorways on the floral-covered canvas uppers. Each sneaker also comes with its own city motif: the LA edition uses “Birds of Paradise," the Chi-Town version has a chrysanthemum design to represent the city's official flower, and the New York Blazer uses a dandelion to show “wishful thinking and the quick pace” of the Big Apple.

All three will be available at select NSW retailers and on May 31.

 photo d9f4fa8c-f874-4c03-a492-c7e191f057da_zps4809464b.jpg

 photo 2e918cb8-1a87-4de9-a06b-6bbbbe1ebd81_zps0f1cc0eb.jpg

 photo b0b1a636-8f15-4c52-98e0-1fe444bfad2d_zpscedf400a.jpg

Tink x DJ Dahi | Men | Songs from Scratch

"Men" is a collaboration between @Tink_g and @dj-dahi-1 and the latest in Yours Truly and adidas originals #songsfromscratch series.

Produced by DJ Dahi
Additional production by J.lbs
Mixed by Sean Tallman
Mastered by Patrick Brown

Meyhem Lauren ft. Action Bronson | 100 M.P.H.

Peep the single "100 mph" by Meyhem Lauren & Buckwild (producer) of D.I.T.C. fame. This joint features Action Bronson, and is from the album "Silk Pyramids" available everywhere, via Thrice Great/Chambermusik Records.

The Celestics | Supreme Laziness

Producer Kaytranada putting out his side-project The Celestics, in which he handles the production while his younger brother, Louie P, commands the microphone. A few days back, the duo dropped the GoldLink-assisted song "Funeral" in promotion of their new project Supreme Laziness which was unveiled today. Both of the brothers shine on the 15 track offering, while Dudley Doo, Nana Zen, ST and the aforementioned GoldLink each provide strong guest appearances.


The Miami singer-songwriter and recent signee to Art House Records has a vocal tone that rivals the best in the indie-pop business, and it won’t be tough to pull out the big-name comparisons once you’ve digested the track.

The Neighbourhood feat. Casey Veggies & 100s | Jealou$y

The Neighbourhood is gearing up to drop their first hip-hop-infused project on us with their forthcoming #000000 & #FFFFFF mixtape, and, so far from it, we’ve only heard the previously released “Lurk“; but where that track was just a solo, the LA-based group now brings in Casey Veggies and 100s to the fold to settle in to the more familiar posse-cut-style that we all associate with rap mixtapes. We’re not sure who else is going to be featured on the upcoming project, but based on ”Jealou$y” and the names it’s drawn, we’re betting the release is going to be anything but another run-of-the-mill rap-tinged body of work.
via Noisey

Noname Gypsy Ft. Akenya & Via Rosa | Take You Back

With her Telefone EP due out this summer, Noname Gypsy drops off this new single ‘Take You Back’ for us today. It features Akenya & Via Rosa, and was produced by THEMpeople.

Nitty Scott, MC | The Art of Chill | Mixtape

You may want to refer to Nitty Scott, MC as anti-turnup after one spin of her latest peace-offering, The Art of Chill. The album's title literally conveys the Brooklyn spitter's current m.o. with titles like "Feng Shui" and "Afterglow" dominating the atmosphere.

It's a personal triumph in the career of Nitty, who had to conquer Constantine-sized demons to be able to bottle her anger for the greater good of mankind.

To keep her zen poppin', she surrounds herself with the positive energy of Ab-Soul, Ski Beatz, Rapper Big Pooh, Stacey Barthe among others who keep the affair harmonious while Nitty touches on some weighty topics throughout. She even revealed how mediation helped her get to this point.

Take a listen to Nitty Scott's new 15-track project, The Art of Chill.

Dennis Smith Jr | Adidas Gauntlet | Orlando

Dennis Smith Jr highlights from this past weekend at the Adidas Uprising event in Orlando, Florida.

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BATs in "Flextro Shapes" | Electro Dance x Bonebreaks | Louvre Paris YAK FILMS

Music "Pause" By TroyBoi

Dancer FB: If you enjoyed it, let him know!

© YAK FILMS 2014

Bopping Andre | Showcase | Shut Up and Dance | #SXSTV

Boppin Andre showcased his legendary skills in Atlanta at Xcel Agency's Shut Up and Dance hosted by Marquese Scott. Making his way from the West Coast, 'Dre style and character brought the crowd together.

Tech N9ne x Rob Prior | LTD Edition Legacy Art Print | 5.28.2014

Tech N9ne "Legacy" art print by Rob Prior
Only 500 Available to the public.

One lucky fan who purchases a signed and numbered 18"x24" poster will have an exclusive, one of a kind, original painting on the back of their poster, painted by Rob Prior during his signing!

BIA | La Tirana | Original Music Video

Produced by Crystal Caines, "Latriana" is the first single of BIA's upcoming EP. Mixing spanish, trap and some venomous bars, BIA shows the world why she's the one to watch in 2014.

Label: I Am Other

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

YU (of Diamond District) ft Danedra Rowell | Dreams

First released on the Mello Music Group 7" Series.
Original song written by Michael Willingham Jr.
Guest vocals by Danedra Rowell


Butterflies (Pro Era (Dirty Sanchez x Rokamouth x CJ Fly x Dessy Hinds x Nyck Caution x A La $ole x Kirk Knight x Dyemond Lewis x Jakk the Rhymer x Joey Bada$$) produced by Powers Pleasant.

Scion AV Presents: The Shift, the EP will be available for streaming and as a free download via the Scion AV Soundcloud and on on 5/27. Pro Era and Scion AV have also teamed up for a video due out beginning of June.

Pro Era is the Brooklyn collective of Joey Bada$$, CJ Fly, Kirk Knight, Nyck Caution, A La Sole, Dessy Hinds, Chuck Strangers, Powers Pleasant, The 47s (Dirty Sanchez, Roka-Mouth, J.A.B and Jakk The Rhymer). The young MCs have a developed a cult-like following with fans embracing their music & lifestyle..."That OG $wank." Fans can look forward to Joey Bada$$'s debut album, 'B4.DA.$$' this Fall.

The Shift EP is their fourth as a collective and for this special release they teamed up with Scion AV for a sample free EP that both highlights their diverse style and sound while further establishing Pro Era as the future of hip hop.

Subscribe to Scion AV for more exclusive videos and tracks from your favorite artists!

B.White | Fly (Prod. M-Pyre)

B.White | Fly (Prod. M-Pyre)

Rebel Diaz ft. King Capo| La Patrulla | Official HD Video

Video for "La Patrulla" (ft. King Capo) off of Rebel Diaz's full-length debut, Radical Dilemma. Referencing "La Patrulla"- or the 'the patrol', the police- this bilingual collaboration between Rebel Diaz and King Capo speaks to the issue of police violence, hyper vigilance, and mass incarceration in our communities

J.I.D | October/ 3 Storms ft. EARTHGANG

Mass Appeal presents the premiere of ATL emcee J.I.D's new music video for "October/ 3 Storms" ft. EARTHGANG. The track appears on J.I.D's project "Para Tu," which you can download here:

Haze x OD Kush x Baby Doll | Kitchen | Official Music Video

Haze x OD Kush x Baby Doll | Kitchen | Official Music Video

Peanut Head | Footage Party | TransWorld SKATEboarding

Footage Party was filmed in and around Vista, California in 2013. It has full parts from Kurt Hodge, Rowan Zorilla, Pat Burke, Jet Caputo, Peanut, and many more.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Wiz Khalifa | SoundSet Music Festival | Minneapolis

From jail to the stage — Wiz rocked SoundSet Music Festival in Minneapolis and spoke to Tracy G from Sway in the Morning, fresh off the stage.

"I was in jail this morning from 6a to 2p in the afternoon." Wiz tells Tracy. "And at 6p in the evening, I'm on stage."
"It feels cool," he goes on to say.

The rapper was arrested for marijuana possession after he was stopped at a checkpoint in El Paso's airport, and was released on $300 bail.

While being behind bars, he admitted to taking a selfie and signing about 10 autographs. He also joked that his mug shot looks like the cover of his new mixtape, 20 Grams.

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5 Movies that DESERVE a TV show

With the announcement of a potential Django Unchained mini-series, we talk about which movies we'd like to see as a mini-series....

Afro House Spirit | Babson Ouest Africa

Afro House Spirit by Babson

SilentSomeone | Silent Hill ft. Yahzeed | Official Music Video

"Silent Hill" from SilentSomeone's Newest Album "I Have Company."

Album available at:

Preditah | Bass Low

DJ and producer from Birmingham, Preditah. He is primarily known for producing grime music, but recently Preditah has produced some great remixes, for Disclosure and Danny Brown which really caught my attention and so we're so excited to give to you this brand new exclusive track from Preditah today...

Watch out for 'The Recipe' EP which is coming soon.

Reverie & Louden | Palm Trees ft. Luckyiam | Official Music Video

Reverie & Louden | Palm Trees ft. Luckyiam | Official Music Video

Directed & edited by Adam Roberts
Louden On The Beat!

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Download Reverie's Music For Free At

Check out Louden's Music Online at
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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Stand Or Fall | Ironlak

n late 2013 our friends at Read The Label and Mutant Pros embarked on an exciting media project with Red Bull. Here's a statement from them about the documentary:

Throughout a long working and personal relationship, the two creative entities merged their areas of expertise into one larger than life film experience. In this first installment of Stand Or Fall the skateboarding and Graffiti art cultures are forged, highlighting the rebellious nature and global communities of artists and athletes by documenting the road trip process.

Mixing in interesting first hand accounts and personal motivations from both cultures and figures from the local scenes, we've compiled some very insightful and interesting content. From the small differences and large similarities in the cultures and all of the talents personalities, to the unique skill level they all posses.

Bringing the audience along for the ride, we gathered two well accomplished and hard working artists and skaters, packed into the Red Bull recreational vehicle and hit the road to let the guys get loose. On the art side, James Haunt from Los Angeles CA and Australian graffiti giant Sofles came along and knocked out some amazing murals and provided some great insight in each Local. On the skateboarding side we had Dutch Red Bull and LRG Team rider Sewa Kroetkov and LA native Rykeis Tyson killing streets and parks for us. We we're so ecstatic that each of them were available for the trip, cause they were all of our first choices. We also got some great interviews with Pro skater Brandon Biebel, Gabe at FTC Sacramento and world renowned, Ironlak sponsored artist JURNE! The film's title is in reference to the complete focus and dedication all of these artists, athletes and entrepreneurs have given to their craft. There is no in between if you want to reach the height of your potential. We urge everyone watching to pick a side, win or lose, Stand or Fall!

J Bizness | Turbulence

J Bizness | Turbulence
From the album "Flight Plan"

Dudley Perkins | Me and My Brudda | Prod. Georgia Anne Muldrow

Dudley Perkins | Me and My Brudda | Prod. Georgia Anne Muldrow
From the Dudley Perkins album Dr. Stokley

Filmed edited by chucknlv

Friday, May 23, 2014

2014 Elektro Freshman Class: David Heartbreak

David Heartbreak goes deep, breaking down the how and why of being a producer- as well as a very important piece of advice for those who are trying to make their way in the game.

B.White | Epitome (Prod. Big Chubb & JBG)

B.White | Epitome (Prod. Big Chubb & JBG)

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Gran Turismo 6: Ayrton Senna Tribute Teaser Trailer

Ayrton Senna Tribute -

Follow and experience the racing career of Senna in Gran Turismo 6

Created with the full support of the Ayrton Senna Institute, Gran Turismo 6 is featuring a free update of three legendary Senna race cars at the end of May 2014. This includes:

- 1978 DAP Kart
- 1983 West Surrey Racing F3
- 1985 Lotus 97T

More info can be found at

Gran Turismo® / © 2013 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Manufacturers, cars, names, brands and associated imagery featured in this game in some cases include trademarks and/or copyrighted materials of their respective owners.

Street Anatomy by Nychos

Austrian graffiti artist and illustrator, Nychos visits San Francisco to set up his first solo show on the West Coast: Street Anatomy at Fifty24SF Gallery. The show is open until June 15th! Visit for more information.

Saving South Sudan | Full Length

Late last year, South Sudan's president, Salva Kiir, accused his former vice president, Riek Machar, of attempting a coup d'état amid accusations of rampant corruption within the government. Infighting immediately broke out within the presidential guard, sparking what has now become a brutal tribal and civil war that has pitted Machar's ethnic Nuer loyalists against the majority Dinka, who have sided with Kiir. Machar narrowly escaped assassination, fleeing to the deep bush as Kiir's troops razed his home and killed his bodyguards. And now the world's newest sovereign nation is in imminent danger of becoming a failed state.

In February, journalists and filmmakers Robert Young Pelton and Tim Freccia set out on a grueling mission to locate Machar in his secret hideout in Akobo and get his side of the story. Accompanying was Machot Lat Thiep, a former child soldier and Lost Boy who had advised on South Sudan's constitution and now works as a manager of a Costco in Seattle. Machot acted as a guide of sorts, arranging Pelton and Freccia's rendezvous with Machar through a series of endless satellite-phone calls to old contacts and rebel platoons, who would eventually guide the group to the deposed vice president.

After spending a couple days with Machar, he granted Pelton and Freccia unprecedented access to the front lines of a battle in Malakal, where for the first time in history the pair documented the heretofore mythical White Army as they looted, murdered, and pillaged their way to some twisted interpretation of "victory."

Saving South Sudan is a multi-platform exploration of the horrors of the country's newest civil war. We devoted an entire issue of the magazine to Robert Young Pelton and Tim Freccia's sprawling 35,000-plus word epic exploration of the crisis in South Sudan. It's a companion piece of sorts; watch the documentary and read the issue or vice versa. But you won't get a full scope of the situation without doing both.

Cap1 ft. OJ The Juiceman & 2 Chainz | Anywhere | Official Music Video

Cap1 ft. OJ The Juiceman & 2 Chainz | Anywhere
Off the Clockwerk Mixtape with OJ Da Juiceman.

Produced by Chill Go Hard. Directed by Steven C Pitts.

Dear Forbes |This Is Why Iggy Azalea Doesn't 'Run' Hip-Hop

Dear Forbes: This Is Why Iggy Azalea Doesn't 'Run' Hip-Hop
By:Olivia Cole/Huffington

 photo d0693319-4ee3-436d-bcdf-977e9e8711be_zpsa8df41df.jpg

The Internet is currently on fire following a piece on Forbes that was initially titled "Hip Hop Is Run By A White, Blonde, Australian Woman" but was changed after the backlash forced Forbes to realize what an absurd claim they were making. The new title is "Hip Hop's Unlikely New Star: A White, Blonde, Australian Woman."

I'm annoyed for multiple reasons. Let's discuss them, shall we?

First off, I wouldn't go to an Iggy Azalea concert if it were happening on my front porch. While I understand (somewhat confusedly) that she does have something of a fan base, anyone who has any love for hip-hop is currently decrying the notion that this woman "runs" hip-hop. Or anything at all, really. But that's why the article title was changed, right? Because it (as the update reads) "did not accurately reflect the content of the piece." Nor does it affect, um, reality. So yeah, good choice, Forbes. But you're not off the hook.

Let's get into the article. Here is the author's reasoning for what he calls Iggy Azalea's "notable" "rise to prominence":

"Making a name for yourself as a woman and hip hop is laudable enough, forget the fact that she is a white, blonde, Australian woman. In a genre dominated almost exclusively by African American men she sticks out like a statuesque thumb." Yes, making a name for yourself in hip-hop as a woman is laudable. But lauding Iggy Azalea here is ludicrous. The author seems not to understand the fact that it is precisely because Iggy Azalea is white and blonde that she has "made a name for herself" in hip-hop. White privilege has successfully floated her to the top of a genre where black women have fought for decades to be represented: her presence (and success) in hip-hop isn't a shining beacon for feminism, but for the power of whiteness and what it can accomplish.

The author goes on to say:

"While this is all happening very quickly for her in America, she has actually been honing her craft for a decade now, first rapping at the age of 14. In the ten years since, she has seen and been through all the trials and tribulations of the industry."

Really? All the trials and tribulations of the industry? All of them? Black female rappers encounter a unique struggle in their journey to success in an industry bent on attacking (and exploiting) black female sexuality, not to mention the complex dichotomy of battling male rappers on their misogynist lyrics while also being pressured to support the genre of hip-hop as a whole. The experience of black women in hip-hop is nearly analogous to life outside of hip-hop: black women being asked to choose between supporting black men in the struggle against racism and supporting their own struggle against misogyny (and misogynoir.) Has Iggy Azalea had to make these choices? No. Rather, she is flippant about the subject of race, spitting this lyric in her song D.R.U.G.S:

"Tire marks, tire marks, finish line with the fire marks When it really starts I'm a runaway slave... master Shitting on the past gotta spit it like a pastor" "Shitting on the past," huh? Bye Iggy.

In the end, the idea that Iggy Azalea's fame is "unlikely" is equally absurd. Of course it's likely. A woman who represents every patriarchal and white supremacist ideal of beauty -- tall, slim, undoubtedly white-featured, blonde -- finding success in an industry that champions these qualities is entirely unsurprising, especially in a genre that is, as the author says, "dominated almost exclusively by African-American men." Iggy Azalea is not a success story I wish to celebrate. To me, she isn't a success story at all: she is a novelty, a tiresome example of white female privilege and the delight white culture finds in white people appropriating any and everything.

Lastly, I would ask Hugh McIntyre if he has heard of FM Supreme. Awkwafina. Dominique Young Unique. Rapsody. Jean Grae. 3d Na'Tee. Women of color in hip-hop who are making a name for themselves against all odds. They run hip-hop. Next time you're feeling all gushy about women in hip-hop... maybe write about them.

Follow Olivia Cole on Twitter:
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M.I.A. Weaponizes The Future In New Music Video

By Kelsey D. Atherton

 photo fce36b95-47e3-4d77-b151-b29f23958bd4_zps3d73f7e2.jpg

M.I.A. Surround By 3-D Printed Guns M.I.A. via YouTube

Much of the technology in M.I.A.'s new music video has a very low-rent feel. The lyrics of "Double Bubble Trouble" reference immigrant struggles and the outsider status of refugees; the high-rise apartments seen in the video could very well be the modest homes of refugees, now filled with technology unimaginable generations ago. Usually, talk about technological revolutions tends to emphasize the tech itself. In the video for "Double Bubble Trouble," M.I.A. sets her sights firmly on the revolution.

Here are some of the highly political items that appear in the video (which you can watch below):

Quadcopters. The Model-T of drones, quadcopters are small and relatively cheap, and they can easily carry cameras. The ones in the video are even more basic than most commercial models, made from bicycle tires with 3-D printed parts and outfitted with peace signs and blinking lights.

3-D printed guns. The weapons include the Liberator, the first successfully fired 3-D printed gun, and a panoply of bright orange AK-47s that appear behind M.I.A. at 2:10.

Anti-surveillance masks and scarves, worn as street apparel. They aren't exactly Adam Harvey's Stealthwear, but they're similar.

Drone Survival Guide Poster! We wrote about this last year. Made by Dutch artist Ruben Pater, the Drone Survival Guide is sort of a cheat-sheet for identifying the strange robots flying overhead. On the back, it offers some rudimentary advice for avoiding surveillance machines.

There are also 3-D printers set in living rooms alongside hookahs and vaporizers, perhaps emphasizing how readily available these modern machines are. Throughout the video, "1984 is now" appears in graffiti, and that's odd, because no part of 1984 concerned flying robots, homemade guns, or vaping.

Watch the video below. Seizure warning for those sensitive to flashing lights.

Buckshot, P-Money ft. Joey Bada$$, CJ Fly | Flute

New music from @Buckshot & P-Money's 'BackPack Travels' album, out June 24th on Dawn Raid / Dirty Records / Duck Down Music. "Flute" features Joey Bada$$ and CJ Fly of Pro Era. Fans can pre-order the album at iTunes today and instantly download the "Flute" single.

Buckshot & P-Money Album Release Shows:
June 24th in Boston, MA at Middle East with Statik Selektah. Tickets available at: June 26th in New York, NY at Webster Hall with Kirk Knight of Pro Era & Statik Selektah. Tickets available at

Video directed by Guy Blelloch (@guyoak510). Song produced by P-Money (@p_money)

THE REALNESS: Leave Kevin Hart Alone, Lady!!

THE REALNESS: Leave Kevin Hart Alone, Lady!!

Shantell Martin | Video Print

On this episode of Video Print we caught up with Shantell Martin at her studio in Lower Manhattan where she gave us insight into how her environment impacts her work, how she prefers being performing artist and the evolution in tools she's used to create. Shantell Martin is a shining example of how to be yourself, which is immediately evident through the objects she uses as her canvas and the freedom of boundaries expressed within her art.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

DJ SKEE: Why Apple Buying Beats By Dre is a Steal

DJ SKEE: The Red Pill - 1+1 = 3 (Billion Dollars) Why Apple Buying Beats By Dre is a Steal

Download the SKEE.TV | 24/7 App

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Tech N9ne ft. MURS | Hard | Official Music Video

Tech N9ne ft. MURS | Hard | Official Music Video
New Official Hip Hop Music Video
iTunes -

Tech N9ne Collabos - Strangeulation
Amazon - -

Tech N9ne on Twitter -
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MURS on Twitter -
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Official Merch -
Tour dates -

Cutting Room x Barcelona: Zeack, Kanzer, Ches, Obbjazz

DJcityTV's Cutting Room series goes international once again, this time stopping in the historic city of Barcelona, Spain. Watch as DJs Zeack, Kanzer, Ches, and Obbjazz throw down a two-and-a-half minute scratch session.

The Cinematographer Project: Beagle | TransWorld SKATEboarding

A highly requested section from The Cinematographer Project—the Beagle Oneism part. It's a montage of the Baker/Deathwish/Shake Junt crew skating LA like they do everyday. Get there while you can!

KM Tha Original ft. London Lo | Special One | Shot by @DGainzBeats

KM Tha Original ft. London Lo | Special One | Shot by @DGainzBeats

Joey Purp | Don't Stop | Official Music Video

Joey Purp | Don't Stop | Official Music Video

Performance Art
Directed by Thelovism

Rest In Peace Domonique Franklin

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Erykah Badu | Discovers Her African Ancestry

The Roots Of...Erykah Badu discovers her African Ancestry for Okayafrica TV.

Full story:

Lance Steagall, Jake Remington, and Kevin Ornelas
Editor: Jake Remington

All music: Sam Champion



SchoolBoy Q | Hoover Street (Explicit) | Official Music Video

SchoolBoy Q | Hoover Street (Explicit) | Official Music Video

JDott Trife | In The Air | Official Music Video

JDott Trife - In The Air ( Produced by DJ O-Zone)
Directed by Sense Hernandez & Tony Shane of Beast Factory Films. Off The Upcoming Album "Trife"

This Video was shot in Las Vegas and shot with an Infared Camera.

SLS Pro Open Finals | TransWorld SKATEboarding

After trailing Ishod for a large duration of the finals, Nyjah Huston bounced back at the end to reign victorious in the first ever Street League Skateboarding Monster Energy Pro Open.

Sevyn Streeter | Sex on the Ceiling | Visualizer

"Sex on the Ceiling" is featured on Sevyn's debut EP, "Call Me Crazy, But...". Watch the visualizer above and download the EP now on iTunes!

Stream and Playlist "Call Me Crazy, But...":

Digga | Rhythm Roulette | Mass Appeal

Digga met us at 125th and Madison in the heart of Harlem, where he blindly copped some records from a local street vendor. After pulling some Peabo Bryson, Chaka Khan Live, and Johnny Mathis, Digga brought us back to his classroom at a middle school in Harlem, where he quickly crafted a banger using his midi keyboard and Reason.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Fabolous | Who Do You Love | Official Video

Fabolous | Who Do You Love | Official Video

Fat Joe ft. French Montana, Rick Ross & Tiara Thomas | Another Day | Official Music Video

Fat Joe ft. French Montana, Rick Ross & Tiara Thomas | Another Day | Official Music Video

Tyga | We Don't Die | Official Audio

Tyga | We Don't Die

Prod. by Dupri, Written by Tyga, Jess Jackson & Francci Richards
Featuring Vocals by: Francci Richards

BELONG | A Film by Lije Sarki

When a teenager gets bullied, he finds his own way to battle back. He doesn't engage or fight, he stays above it and true to what he knows, skateboarding, and gets rewarded in ways he would have never imagined.

A film by Lije Sarki
With original music by Left Brain

Find out where you BELONG.

Executive Producers -- Palmer Brown, Carl Bressler, and Jonah Weinstein
Director of Photography -- Daron Keet
Producers -- Lije Sarki, Jonathan Nowak
Co-Producers -- Cedric Grandberry, Sarah Parker, Frankie Ingrassia, Traci Glodery

Editor -- Tuffy Williams
Story -- John Methvin, Lije Sarki
Skater -- Lui Elliott
Bully -- Cedric Grandberry
Girls -- Sarah Parker, Ava Capra, Alicia Randolph
Studio -- DIYSTRO -


Robin Thicke | Get Her Back | In Studio

Robin Thicke | Get Her Back

The Roots release '...and then you shoot your cousin'

The Roots took the stage at The Public Theater in NYC May 13 + 14 for a theatrical presentation of their new album "...and then you shoot your cousin" and album listening sessions will never be the same. Full Story:

Buy the album now via Def Jam:

Producer: Allison Swank
Kellen Dengler, Riley Dengler + Jake Remington
Editor: Riley Dengler

Exotic Animal Trade | VICE

Wildlife trafficking is estimated to be a $19 billion per year global business, surpassed only by black-market sales and trafficking of drugs, humans, and firearms.

In the United States, regulation of private ownership of exotic animals is determined by each state, allowing for loopholes and oversight. Animals are bought and traded through auctions, backyard breeders, illicit online sales and more. The industry is growing right in our backyards.

VICE travels to Ohio to rescue a cougar, then to Texas for an exotic livestock auction and undercover visit to a gaming ranch where the animals are sold and hunted for up to $15,000 a piece.

Welcome To The NBA | Theme by Statik Selektah, JFK , Wais P & Joey B

Directed by Talkeye for Candid, produced by Statik Selektah

... Says Stat: Just in time for the NBA Playoffs & finals... We shot this in Brooklyn at the Barklays.

Paul Pierce (Especially) & KG have been my favorite players since i can remember. And me moving from Boston to Brooklyn, then them following definitely has a spot in my heart... especially watching them lose these last few years to the Heat in the playoffs/finals as both Celtics, then Nets..

. The video obviously is NBA inspired and features highlights, but the song itself is referring to all these Cocaine cowboy/Gangstas-on-Wax that have never even been arrested, but act like felons in this rap game...

This is off #AG3 (The Rebuild) Mixtape coming soon...


Stand Up To Cancer | Missions

Stand Up To Cancer | Missions

The Roots | Understand | Official Music Video

Official video for The Roots "Understand" off '...and then you shoot your cousin' in stores May 19th

Creator: Joe Baughman (

Assistant Director: Andrew DeSelm
Assistant Animator/Gaffer: Jason North
Assistant Animator: Matthew Erdel


Special Thanks: Dave Vermillion, Kendra of Window Wonderland (stained glass), Tim S. Johnson, Kyle Heffelfinger

Block Skater | Rowe Shot Me

Watch this Lego guy pull off a couple skate moves.

Eminem ft. Nate Ruess | Headlights | Official Music Video

Music Video by Eminem performing Headlights. (C) 2014 Aftermath Records

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Meek Mill ft. Paloma | I Don't Know | Official Audio

Listen to Meek Mill's first single "I Don't Know" from his new album "Dreams Worth More Than Money," coming soon!

Buy "I Don't Know"

Lupe Fiasco | Mission | Official Audio

"Mission" is a track to empower those facing cancer, revere cancer survivors and remember those who have passed to due to cancer related illnesses. With an inspiring introduction from various cancer survivors telling their story, anchored by legendary singer/songwriter and cancer survivor Charlie Wilson, "Mission" has Lupe Fiasco expressing stories of the emotional burden of cancer, while also working to uplift those in an effort to help fight the disease.

In support of "Mission," Lupe has joined Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C), a grassroots movement to raise funds to accelerate the pace of cancer research, as a celebrity ambassador. Together, Lupe and Stand Up To Cancer are planning various collaborations tied to the track that will be unveiled later this year.

5'11 Jahii Carson | 2014 NBA Draft Prospect

Here is one of the most exciting players in this year's NBA draft, 5'11" Jahii Carson of Arizona State. The super bouncy point guard was named to the Pac-12 All Conference First Team his freshman and sophomore years at ASU before declaring for the NBA Draft. His max vertical was measured at 43.5 inches which was tied for the highest at the NBA Draft Combine.

Main Music: Final Triumph
Produced By: L.O.B. Music


by:Bohnna Chhim / The Bboy Spot

 photo 26ec2eaa-5235-4f1c-87b9-d72048cb973d_zps4c9d9fc6.jpg

The Freak Show… If you came up in the breaking scene back in the mid to late 2000s you knew “The Freak Show” and probably didn’t like them. You either didn’t like their moves, style, or the way they dressed but if you got to know these fellas, you’d realize these dudes were aight. (I met them in 2004 and got to chill and train with them)The Freak Show… If you came up in the breaking scene back in the mid to late 2000s you knew “The Freak Show” and probably didn’t like them. You either didn’t like their moves, style, or the way they dressed but if you got to know these fellas, you’d realize these dudes were aight. (I met them in 2004 and got to chill and train with them)

When it comes to Boogeyman, there is more than meets the eye or in this case, more BETWEEN THE BREAKS. Dope short film by BTWN THE BRKS Magazine.

Music: The Mexican by Babe Ruth
Additional musical score by Paper Son

Directed, Filmed, & Edited by Christopher @RockPaperSon Woon



 photo e40a21e2-0965-4509-abdb-659793d39203_zpsaa13873f.jpg

Summer is the perfect occasion to bring out a pair of fresh white-on-white kicks, and Jordan Brand has a pair that'll definitely do the trick. The Jordan 1 Mid comes in a crisp all-white leather upper, resting on an equally clean white sole. For the slightest contrast in color, the classic Wings logo on the ankle comes in the usual black print. Titolo has these in stock if you're looking to add them to your sneaker collection.


 photo f91fea18-2ee6-4251-992d-cca71df5a57f_zpsc9f0b693.jpg

Could LeBron James be the next leader in tech innovation when it comes to gaming?

Thanks to his latest partnership with Nike Basketball, it sure is looking that way. To honor Bron-Bron's current NBA 2K14 game cover, Nike Basketball created a limited edition “2K14” version of the LeBron 11 that could only be earned through gameplay.

Players unlocked the shoe by reaching several in-game milestones — like winning 60 games and creating a signature shoe in the Nike Innovation Kitchen. A few lucky winners of MyPlayer mode are currently waiting on shipping details of the surprise shoe — featuring a jungle cat print and deep red upper to symbolize the heart of a lion — which will arrive in the coming weeks.


JAY Z & Beyoncé | RUN

Roc Nation & Parkwood Entertainment Present: "RUN"

Directed by Melina Matsoukas.

Starring Sean Penn, Don Cheadle, Guillermo Díaz, Emmy Rossum, Jake Gyllenhaal, Blake Lively, Rashida Jones, Kidada Jones, JAY Z, Beyoncé.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Roddy | While The Getting Good | ft. Curren$y | Official Music Video

Edited, Photographed & Directed by CJ Wallis, @fortyfps

#WhileTheGettinGood is the first visual released off of Roddy's mixtape #RouteTheRuler which can be downloaded from DatPiff here:

Beat Produced by @BlairNorf

Chitown Cypher | May 2014 | $tevie Adam$, Chai Tulani, Trilly Trilla

Chitown Cypher May 2014 Edition "Acapella Cypher in Millennium Park"

Rappers: $tevie Adam$, Chai Tulani, Trilly Trilla

Filmed by Griffin Thomas

Instrumental by CBBeatz

The Chitown Cypher connects talented underground hip-hop artists, producers, and filmmakers in Chicago through organized freestyle events around the city.

If interested in becoming a part of the Chitown Cypher series, please visit our website: or send an email to

Follow us on Twitter @ChitownCypher
Like our page on Facebook
Find us on Instagram

Thanks for watching. Share and enjoy!

Talib Kweli ft. Raekwon | Violations | Official Music Video

Video Directed and Edited by RA The Rugged Man

Violations Produced by Thaddeus Dixon

SLS Pro Open Day One Practice | TWS

Day one practice is a wrap and the newcomers are looking to be a serious threat. Twenty newcomers will skate in day one, eight advance to day two.

Friday, May 16, 2014

T.I. | Turn It | Official Music Video

Directed by PhillyFlyBoy

Official Music Video by T.I. performing Turn It. 2014 Hustle Gang Music

Sneaker Con Chicago | May 17

Sneaker Con Chicago – Saturday May 17th, 2014

 photo a49c466c-b344-4c73-8580-88e397a144a1_zpsd229ac8a.jpg

 photo d1977107-e8aa-41fb-9bad-6597fd89a731_zps05ef1564.jpg

Sneaker Con is the premier traveling event for sneaker connoisseurs to buy, sell and trade some of the most sought after footwear on the market.


12:00pm to 7:00pm
Saturday, May 17th, 2014


Broadway Park Armory
5917 N Broadway
Chicago, IL 60660

HALO 5 ANNOUNCED | Inside Gaming Daily

#TGIF A-Trak x Milo & Otis | Out The Speakers ft. Rich Kidz

When DJ superhero A-Trak joins forces with vanguard production duo Milo & Otis, lock up your stereo equipment...NO BASS IS SAFE. Their irresistibly anthemic collaboration "Out The Speakers" is the first official team-up from these two festival forces (following M&O's beloved remix with Skrillex and Kill The Noise of Trizzy's Duck Sauce single "NRG"). They slow down the BPMs to make a speaker-bursting, apartment-evicting monster constructed from screwed rap vocals from ATL's Rich Kidz, twerked out drums, and what is perhaps mankind's first recorded "burp drop." Tweeters beware!

Ebro Voguing w/ EMT Driver

Ebro Voguing w/ EMT Driver

Unstoppable Death Machines | Maker Punks | BUILT TO WORK

Punk has always had a Do-It-Yourself aspect to it, but the Unstoppable Death Machines take it all the way! From printing their own shirts and stickers, to creating works of art, the Death Machines are true representatives of DIY maker-punk and they certainly are unstoppable!

Ruste Juxx | Off The Hinges ft. Rock of Heltah Skeltah | Official Music Video

Ruste Juxx & VStheBEST are out with their new video for "Off The Hinges" featuring Rock of Heltah Skeltah. The song is off their new album, 'Ready To Juxx,' available now.



Produced by VStheBEST

Video Director: John Sullivan for Red Iris Films

#TGIF Belo Zero ft. Twista & John Blu | Cum & Go | Shot by @DGainzBeats

Text "Belo Zero" to 72727 to get this song & more to your phone

Follow Belo Zero on Twitter &
From the Album by Belo Zero of Do Or Die "I Plead the 5th'"

Buy it Now !


Google Play


Belo Zero Presents "Po House Records"

(C) 2014 Po House Records

Wicked Entertainment Management

5 BEST Batman Suits

Due to the reveal of the new Batman costume Khail and Kovic countdown our FAVORITE Batsuits

Lil Scrappy x Dot | Love And Hip-Hop | Official Video | Shot By @AZaeProduction

Lil Scrappy x Dot | Love And Hip-Hop | Official Video | Shot By @AZaeProduction

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Developing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

The development leads at Slegehammer Games talk about the lessons learned from co-developming Modern Warfare 3 and how they are seperating themselves from the past with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

B Real | The Medication | Mixtape

New mixtape from B Real of the legendary rap group Cypress Hill "The Medication" mixed by DJ Lenny Ducano. Follow him @B_Real

@MolemenRecords BIG L | FLAMBOYANT (Panik Remix) Moleman 2014

"Respect to one of my favorite mcs of all time" Panik Molemen Records 2014.

Buckshot & P-Money 'Backpack Travels' Album Out June 24th

Buckshot and P-Money announce their 'Backpack Travels' album, out June 24th. Watch the stop-motion visual for the album cover reveal at the end. The project is entirely produced by platinum-selling producer, P-Money, from Auckland, New Zealand. 'BackPack Travels' features Joey Bada$$, CJ Fly of Pro Era, Steele of Smif N Wessun, David Dallas, Raz Fresco, Chelsea Reject & T'Nah Apex.

Bishop Don Juan: Khloe K Shouldn't Have Left Lamar

Bishop Don "Magic" Juan and Aaron Hall share their thoughts on Khloe Kardashian dating rapper French Montana. Juan says he's good friends with Lamar Odom and doesn't think Khloe should have left him at his lowest point. He adds that if she was going to leave him, she should've gotten him through his drug relapse and then moved on with her life.

Aaron Hall then chimes in, saying that Lamar lost his mother at a young age and didn't grow up with her love guiding him, adding that he believes Lamar was destroyed by the Hollywood lifestyle.

Don Juan says that he wants Lamar to come and see him, because he's a real friend who would be there for him. He also thinks that Khloe didn't really help Lamar through his rough times, but says he has nothing but love for her and the Kardashian family.

Townhall w/ The Roots

In part 2 of Sway's sit down with The Roots on Hip Hop Nation's Townhall at Shade 45, Black Thought and Quest Love chopped it up with our Sway in the Morning leader.

10 years ago The Roots performed with Jay Z at an Unplugged performance, that was deemed controversial. It wasn't usual that a mainstream act would perform with an "underground" group.

"I was losing sleep over it," Quest told Sway. "Should we do it, should we not do it?"

Black Thought then spoke on being "really street," and one of the best rappers in the game.

Open Mike Eagle | A History of Modern Dance

A History of Modern Dance is Open Mike Eagle’s Dark Comedy take on every Cosby Show opening sequence ever (and features a cameo from fellow Hellfyre Club member Busdriver). Allow the sinister production by Jeremiah Jae to wash over you while Open Mike makes Bill’s trademark moves look smoother than ever. A History of Modern Dance is featured on Open Mike Eagle’s upcoming Dark Comedy LP due June 10 via Mello Music Group. The record includes appearances from superstar commedian/rapper Hannibal Buress, Kool A.D. (of Das Racist), and more.

GoldLink | Prod. By Kaytranada | Sober Thoughts

Virginia rapper GoldLink lets loose a new jam for your summer soundtrack. This one was produced by Kaytranada and brings thick bass, a touch of melody, and the agile delivery we’ve come to expect from the up-and-comer.

“Been thinkin’ about gettin this tat all on my face/Who gives a fuck nobody get to me see anyway”

On the new song, GoldLink says: “‘Sober Thoughts’ is a song about an unhealthy relationship I was in with a girl, where we would continue to mistreat each other, to spite each other. We were bad for each other, yet we always came back together, because we thought we “loved each other.” It was a young love, not a forever love. I was addicted to her and she was addicted to me, like a drug. We knew we should stop, but we kept going. In the end, I ask God for his help by saying, ‘You may not come when I want you, but you right on time.’”

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

#KarmaloopTV Pictureplane | Self Control | Music Video Premiere

Co-directed by Pictureplane and Shomi Patwary, "Self Control" is a cyberpunk odyssey set in a dystopian near future New York. Technology, sex, and danger all play a role in "Self Control's" world, with special bappearances from many figures of the NYC underground. Hack the planet!

Rock All Day vs Motion Disorderz | Who Came 2 Serve? | #WindyCityWednesdays

Rock All Day vs Motion Disorderz | Who Came 2 Serve? | #WindyCityWednesdays

Talib Kweli ft. The UnderAchievers | New Leaders | Prod. by Statik Selektah

Talib Kweli ft. The UnderAchievers | New Leaders | Prod. by Statik Selektah

From The album GRAVITAS only available Direct at


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Interview with GoldLink | DC-born proprietor of “future bounce”

GoldLink Might Be the Wildest DMV Rapper Since Wale: “I could start a revolution”

 photo a4db7e20-f213-45df-b6d0-1f3a3351c141_zpsab838c6e.jpg

GoldLink is a rapper who immediately seems to have carved his own lane—”future bounce” as he somewhat imprecisely calls it, “dream rap” as I even more poorly first conceived it. Basically he’s rapping over pittering dance beats that you can’t always dance to. Born in DC and now based in Virginia, he’s got a weirdness that could make him the biggest DMV rapper since Wale; at the very least, he shares a refreshing left-field newcomer’s confidence to experiment. Download his debut album, The God Complex, and below, read what he has to say about discovering club music, linking up with Soulection and the excitement of not knowing what might happen next.

Where exactly are you from? I was born in DC. I was born in Columbia Hospital, not that that matters… I ended up in Maryland. My apartment burned down and then I lived in Cheverly. My mother wanted better for us, so we ended up moving to Virginia, then my mom got divorced, but I stayed there.

Where are you living now? A few places. Woodbridge is one. Alexandria. It’s aight. There’s not a lot of minorities, so everything’s kinda awkward, but it’s cool. We manage. We stay on the west side, it’s calm and quiet.

I saw you said used to go to Busboys and Poets “on the very low.” What were you like as a teenager? At 17, I was wild. I was really wild. I was really smart for my age, but I thought I knew everything. I was really hardheaded, but I couldn’t control my temper. I was really smart-mouthed. I was the opposite of everything I am now. I was super loud and annoying. I was 17, you know what I’m saying?

Were you recording and putting out music at that time? Not at 17, no. I was just chilling.

That was a few years before Wale started blowing up, and Baltimore Club was having a big moment too. Did you feel that excitement? Even though I was young, I remember it. Wale was cool. You know how you had that friend circle and out of that circle one guy gets everybody hip? I was that kid. So I was like, yo, Wale, you head 100 Miles of Running? I got hip to Baltimore Club music because I took somebody’s CD out of their car and it was a blank CD with nothing on it. I was like, ‘What is all this?’ He was like, ‘Oh, it’s Baltimore club music, all this red light district music.’ I remember I caught that riff. I was young but I was old enough to understand that there was something in the DMV going on.

When you came out, your sound was already really solid. Did that take time? Were you fucking around over Zaytoven beats a few years ago? No, that was the sound. I never crossed over like, trap is cool, I’m going to do this. This is what I started with. I heard Ta-Ku beat two years ago and I thought it was cooler than all the bullshit that was hot. I didn’t care what the fuck was hot. I thought that was cool. I didn’t get it when I was 18 at all, but I just rode with it. That’s why it’s so natural over the beats. I wrote to those beats to challenge myself, not knowing that this is the route I was going to take. I was like, ‘Man, this is weird. I know someone wouldn’t rap over this so I’m going to challenge myself.’ So I just did. I was never really influenced by anybody.

How did you link with the Soulection team? I know you’ve worked with Sango. A friend of ours introduced us through email. We ended up talking and I ended up sending him tracks that I did over previous beats to see if he liked them. He ended up loving them and became a fan and he started sending me beats. From there we built a friendship. We got each others numbers and started talking and we both did Broccoli City Festival. That was two weeks ago and we kicked it there and we kicked it the whole day. It was all through email at first, though.

There’s more in the pipeline coming with him? Yeah, maybe.

I was going to ask you about Broccoli City—Cam’ron and Kelela performed, and you’re kind of like midway between them, to me. I met Kelela. Cam’ron was really protected, so he was kind of in and out. He did his job. But the scene was cool. DMV is such a soul, neo-black city. So people accepted both. There were a lot of people there who liked soul and they liked Kelela and were singing along, and there was a lot of people from the hood because it was in Southeast, and Southeast is like “Oh it’s Cam’ron!”

How do you deal with the not-showing-your-face thing at shows? I did UStreet with a mask at the beginning and then I took it off. I guess it’s like a suspense thing, but I’m really into the music and not into the imaging and I don’t necessarily think we should put an image to the music. I’d rather just make music, and people like that. For performing it’s different, because you actually get to look people in the face—these people that have been following you for months or maybe a few days and you get to look at them. It’s really intimate. I don’t mind showing my face to people because they get to deserve it.

It’s funny that you mention not putting an image to music, because your videos are so striking. The beats are on a spacey, electronic thing, but the videos have a very real street feel. Is that an important tension, for you? I could see why you could say it’s tension, but I don’t think it is. I make it work. Even though the beats are really outlandish and wild, that bounce is really familiar. It’s really different, but it’s the same trap bounce, the same street bounce, the same hip-hop ruggedness, but it’s really new it’s really futuristic sounding. That’s why I feel like people can actually accept it. It’s at a fine line where it’s different, but it’s not so new that it’s annoying or trying too hard. I made it mesh and meet in the middle. Tasteful.

Have labels been reaching out? Is it at that point? I guess it’s at that point. I like what I’m doing and I think it can grow naturally because it’s been growing naturally to this point. I want to see how far it can go naturally. If it makes a complete 100 percent sense, then maybe I’ll consider a label, but right now I’m content with what I’m doing.

What most excites you about what you’re doing right now? Knowing that I don’t know where it’s going to go or how big it could possibly be. The unknown is really exciting. This could be big! It could be on the radio, and it could change what people think. It could change the way the music goes. It could change the BPM. Knowing that I don’t know that makes me excited. Knowing that kids could take this route and add something to it is cool. Knowing that I could start something and start a revolution is exciting. That’s the coolest part about what I’m doing. In my city there’s a lot of hate, but I don’t get any of it at all. I get so much love it almost doesn’t make any sense. Kids are changing up the music and starting to let that image shit go. They’re starting to make better music and clique up more. This is the best era for the DMV.

What else do you want people to know? I want fans to be like, ‘Damn, that nigga tight.’

Microsoft Frees Xbox One From Kinect | $399

Microsoft Frees Xbox One From Kinect With $399 Standalone System

 photo 36e8c744-f5a2-44bb-85d4-f4c52bd5abbb_zpsc11d6f0c.jpg

For everyone who felt the Xbox One is too expensive, Microsoft has apparently heard your complaints.

Microsoft announced that a new $399 Xbox One (£350 in UK) is coming June 9 that does not include the Kinect peripheral. Additionally, the Xbox One and Xbox 360 will no longer require a Live Gold subscription to access streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu Plus, YouTube, and HBO Go. A Live Gold subscription will also not be needed for some premium services on the Xbox One, such as OneGuide, Internet Explorer, and Skype.

There will still be some services that are exclusive to Live Gold subscribers, including the "Games with Gold" program, cloud game saves, and Game DVR. To celebrate the one-year anniversary of Games with Gold, Live Gold subscribers will receive an additional free Xbox 360 game in June. Additionally, Microsoft announced that both "Games with Gold" and "Deals with Gold" will come to the Xbox One in June.

The cheaper Xbox One model will allow Microsoft to match the $399 PS4 on price, along with removing the nearly required $60 yearly fee that raised the Xbox One's total cost of ownership. The subscription fee was an anomaly among living room devices, with other devices, such as the Google Chromecast, Roku boxes, and, most importantly, the PS4, having no comparable charges to access streaming services.