Friday, June 29, 2012

LOL Comedy Tonight at The Money Shot

Come catch up with me spinning near Lincoln Square tonight at The Money Shot...Good Food and Comedy. Yari presents "LOL Comedy Night" at The Money Shot 5695 N. Lincoln Ave. featuring Leon Rogers (BET Comic View/Comedy Central) Marlin Mitchell (Martin Lawrence 1st Amendment/BET Comic View) D. Banks (TBS Just For Laughs/BET Comic View) and Allison. Don't miss the open bar from 8-9 while I get it in on the music tip! It's always good to start the night out with a good laugh! These shows are always fun, so if you have a sense of humor, if you like to eat or even if its your first time. Stop on by The Money Shot Tonight in Chicago! LOLComedy2012Yari

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Fatel Flows - P.O.M.E. (Beetle Studios)

Big up to this cat Fatel Flows. I first came upon him at a spot I was spinning in Schaumburg believe it or not. A few years back at La Margaritas on Fridays when I was DJin' for Hector of Confusion Entertainment, he ended up performing there. Definitely caught my ear and attention. So ever since then I've been a fan of the rawness...Another moment was when I was doing the online store for The Bassment 1415 N. Ashland in Chicago, his cd was there call "Born 2 Lose, But Destined 2 Succeed" I popped it in at the store and was like, this that shit I be looking for. Check out the latest from Fatel Flows - P.O.M.E. (Beetle Studios) Also catch me spinning w/ Fatel Flows July 6th, 2012 at Tiger O' Stylies

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bboy Lil Turbo (@CTFBCREW) Music Video "BREAK IT DOWN" #FamousFamily

Here is the latest video from my other familia "Chi-Town Finest Breakers". I remember when they Skyped me from the studio in Houston with Baby Bash and was working on the track. It was mad dope to experience just that, so I can only imagine how they felt in the studio. They keep doing what they do, there is no limits! Keep being passionate and strong. Check out the video and share it!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Coast 2 Coast Industry Mixer Detroit Edition 6/15/12

Recap of Coast 2 Coast Industry Mixer Detroit Edition 6/15/12. Celebrity Industry Judges Included: DJ Head (Multi-Platinum Grammy Winning Producer for Eminem, Jay-Z & More), Baby Paul aka BpZy (Platinum Grammy-Nominated Producer for Nas, AZ, Fat Joe, Big Pun & More), DJ Hen House (Core DJ)

SMIF-N-WESSUN Coming to Chicago July 25th! 2012

Smif N Wessun (aka Cocoa Brovas) will be performing live in concert July 25th at The Shrine. Original members of Duck Down Records and Boot Camp Clik >> Tek and Steele are the embodiment of true hip hop, and pioneers of boom bap gangsta lyricism. To refresh your memory peep these classic videos down below.. check out their new material too. Their latest project (2011) called Monumental, an album produced by legendary Pete Rock.. Photobucket

SHEILA V "First Performance"

Very so often you come upon someone with talent. On a day to day basis I check my email and there are numerous emails from artists from all over the world. Unfortunately I don't have time to go through them all, but I try my best. Music of course is something I truly love, so if there is something good out there I want to hear it and not miss the opportunity. For intense, I know this artist who is truly dedicated to what she does. She has reached out to me and I gave her my input on this music industry and so forth. The way I see the scene in Chicago is like Life, its what you make of it. Every time I think of anything, the first thing that comes to mind, is "Quality Over Quantity" I've been in this game for over two decades. I say to myself, I should of been made it. All the people in my crew and family don't think I lack, but I do. I found myself in a position where I wanted to just be ordinary. Then when I hear that, I'm like, that is a joke, then I work harder... Anyhow, this female is talent you don't see every day. I see her getting better and better at what she does. One day she will be that artist you love. Her name is "SHEILA V" Her first performance is tonight at Chicago By Night! Check out the Flyer! Also be sure to check her out on here on soundcloud. Shelia V Live at Chicago By Night June 22 2012

#TGIF #NBA2012Done YP - Kick Game (Pord. by Chuck English

Yeah, today is Friday in the C-H-I and the weather is really on point for the second day of summer. Last night the Heat beat OKC in Miami to win the title. It was not what I expected from the series, but it was what Big Sean quoted from the track "So Much More" "Coming soon like Lebron's ring" Anyhow, I am not a big fan of the Heat because of the way their team came together. Lebron is definitely one of the best to play the game, not gonna lie about that at all. I fux with Wade because he from the C-H-I, glad he got another ring. I'm also happy for Juwan Howard for winning his first NBA Title in his I believe 18th season in the league. Big ups for being the one on that Fab-Five for getting it, thank them team mates... Well, no more NBA...unless I fire up that NBA2K12! Back to YP... I'm also a fan of this guys music, I'm trying to thing when I first came across his music. It was either on or something else, but I was pulled in by his flow. So please don't sleep on this dude. Follow him on Twitter @YP27

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mr. Brady x Tajai ft. Just Brea - That Soul

Super-Producer Mr. Brady (@mrbrady1) teams up with Hieroglyphics' Tajai (@tajaimassey) and fellow Deep Rooted bandmate Just Brea for "That Soul" - an introspective track about the veteran MC. Filmed by #RAPGOD Casual for Wetfoot Filmworks. From the Labor of Love Vol. 1 album which also features Diamond D, Blu, Aloe Blacc, LMNO, Moka Only & more:

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Booda Blaou Album Release:Check The Video Below "Suits From 72"

This Saturday I'm spinning at "Juniors" in Chicago for Booda Blaou Album Release Party w/ Clash Titan. Come through for the release and listen to some goodness! Booda Blaou Album Release Party, At Juniors in Chicago Booda Blaou - Suits From 72

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

DJ Skee Interviews Kevin Durant, James Harden and Privaledg

I love when these two things go hand in hand...HIP HOP & HOOPIN' If you in Chicago, you will definitely catch up with me on the court doing what I have been doing since I was 5 years of age. Its a passion I had before I started breakin' and deejaying. I don't regret hoopin' outdoors alot, because its bad on your knees. Its just something about being outdoors in the open air that makes you forget about all your worries. On the court I get in a zone, anyhow, had a moment... Check out this video interview by DJ SKEE w/ Kevin Durant, James Harden and Privaledge

Mix Master Mike - Serato Performance

I've been thinking about doing a few of these videos myself...I'm almost ready, this is good motivation for it. Mix Master Mike facial expression are pretty hilarious and this guy definitely his own ear for damn sure. Honestly, I always new who he was and I know he has skills, but never really was a fan. I believe today I turned in to one, simple effective shit always gets me going when it comes to the art of Turntablism. He's a veteran for sure, google him! Below is his latest Serato performance, I think its worth a #BHZLife Blog spot for sure!

Friday, June 8, 2012

DmnOloGy - "ChicagOriginal"