Thursday, February 16, 2023

Chicago Hip Hop 90's Mixtape | Vinyl Set | Militant Vinylist

Sup' fam here it is a new mix for your ears! I love hip hop, especially from Chicago, rappers from Chi-Town sound a bit different from other big American cities but never got enough of a spotlight in my opinion. I hope to change things up a bit with this mix. Peace! - Militant Vinylist

Big up to Militant Vinylist from Crooklille France on this one. Appreciate you.

Tracklist :
Twista - Ratatattat
Krash Man - 4 40's
E.C. Illa - Dime
Whatnoxic - Fly Urban
Da Pantha - Going Unda
Common - Communism
Mack A Damien Thorne - Sucka'duk
Vakill - Amen (Remix)
Vakill - Amen
E.C. Illa - Ease Back Dub
Rubberoom - Body Snatch'n (Remix)
Juice - Period
Dilagents - Roc for the Streets
Grav - Sex
E.C. Illa - Gimme My Reck
Twista - Dirtonthedownlow
Mind Space - Life is Foul (Day)
Mind Space - Life is Foul (Night)
Common - Soul By The Pound (Thump Mix)
Common - Charms Alarm
X Chromozome - Undertaka
M.A.T.S. Crew - The Unseen
All Natural - Drug Wars
Mind Space - There You Are
Figure Uv Speech - What Is This
Vakill - Out The Speakers
The Primeridian - Wordz of Wizdom
East Of The Rock - Galaxy Rays
Just Ro feat Common - Confusion
Dilagents - Feel (Remix)
Common - I Used To Love H.E.R.
E.C. Illa - Bud To The Jazz
Mack A Damien Thorne - It Looks Like Reign
Da Brat - Funkdafied
X Chromosome - My Debut
No I.D. - The Real Weight
Black AG - Puttin in Work
X Chromosome - In My Own World
Figure Uv Speech - Girls Love The Jam
No I.D. - State To State
Psyclone - I Know What You Feel
Ang 13 - Down With These
DVS Boyz - She Makes Me Go Awhhh
Infinito - Shadow Hours
Grave - Sick Thoughts
Vakill - Know The Bitness
No I.D. - Pray Fo The Sinners
All Natural - Queens Get The Money
Tha Chamba - Hood Thang
Tha Chamba - Hardcore Kru
D 2 Tha S - Doomsday
D 2 Tha S - Come Wit It
Just Ro - Listen
Figure Uv Speech - Check It Out
Tha Chamba - Sayahlilsumthin' (Remix)
Tha Chamba - Sayahlilsumthin'
Definite Vacation 4 Suckas - Sleepless Nightmare
Twista - Da Resurrection
Percee P, Vakill & Rhymefest - Keep The Fame
East Of The Rock - Check Your Mic instrumental
Psyclone - Trife
The Primeridian - How Ya Feel
E.C. Illa - Mating Ritual
Da Brat - Fire It Up
Definite Vacation 4 Suckas - The Great Chicago Fire
Sire Sensei - One Shot Two Shot
E.C. Illa - Higher Level
E.C. Illa - Hardcore Format
E.C. Illa - On Ill
Vakill - Tha Chicago Way
E.C. Illa - Devistate
Common - A Penny For My Thoughts
The Figure - Dream Come True
Twista - React With A Mic
E.C. Illa - It Has Just Begun
Twista - Suicideoriginal
E.C. Illa - Ease Back
No I.D. - We Rock Like So
H.M.H. - We On Some Shit
D 2 Tha S - If They Ain't Down
Rated PG - You Must Be Crazy
Low Down Nigga - Ain't Shit Changed
E.C. Illa - Where You From