Friday, March 29, 2013

Coast 2 Coast LIVE | NYC Edition 3/25

Artists sign up to perform at the next mixer:

Coast 2 Coast LIVE Chicago Edition featuring guest judges:



Featured performance by Crooked I of Slaughter House Shady Records.

For more information on Coast 2 Coast LIVE Events visit

Wale ft. Tiara Thomas - Bad Girl (Official Video)

This video came out s day before my birthday, I been had the joint but finally saw it and it bkew me away. I'm living in this world...

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Artist Driven | CRAOLA | LRG

After creating art work for 20 years under the moniker, CRAOLA, the artist readies his latest exhibition at the Merry Karnowsky Gallery entitled "Stop Haunting Me." Recently, we caught up with CRAOLA as part of our ongoing Artist Driven series to explore what brought him to the art world in the first place and the various experiences that have helped him during his diverse career.

Asend and The Smurfs (Asend y Los Pitufos) | Teck

From Teck & #WindyCityWednesdays
This past Saturday March the 23rd I met up with Asend in Chicago's South Loop to capture him painting his most recent work of art. It was a cold windy day which made it difficult to work (for both of us) but we got it done. Please take the time to share, we appreciate your support!


#TBT Company Flow | 8 Steps To Perfection | Video

You can barely see it, but this is that ish!
8 Steps to Perfection came out in 1995 on the "Funcrusher" Double 12 inch under the "Official" label.

Target Marketing | Hip-Hop | Study

Interesting project from a cat on youtube, JustAJackson

"DA JACK POT" | April 13th 2013 | Sub-T | Promo Video

Mood Swangz, 606 Entertainment & Beetle Studios presents:

(Winner will be announced the same night)
FREE BINGO (Unbelievable Prizes)
Cover: $10

Performances by: Mood Swangz, Joint Logistics, Bosco & Sarcastik
Special Guest DJ set by DJ Ambideckstriks
DJs: Norm Rockwell & Shon Roka
Hosted by: Shadow Master MC

Da Jackpot from Jordan Miller on Vimeo.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sheila V. I Cry Tonight | Baby Girl (Remix) ft. Shon Roka (BRICKHEADZ) | Video

Sheila V. and I came up with a intro to a performance set, while doing shows. It featured an acapella to an original song she wrote called "I Cry Tonight". We had no beat that fit it at the time, so decided to have me, cut transition N.O.R.E. - Baby Girl (Instrumental) after acapella, then Sheila V. would spit the verse she wrote. I would stop the Instrumental and she would go back to the acapella. We decided to make a video out of it so you can get a idea, the 2 part of the acapella I decided to leave out because I want feedback first. Let me know what you think, this will be up for a week or shorter...I edited it, first time and used a free program to do so, I have Adobe Premier but I don't think my computer is ready for that, to much music on the DJ tip...Anyhow, enjoy, hate, whatever...#Peace #BHZLife

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Wicked Games | HugLife | Remix | My Motivation To Produce More

This shit right is waking me the fuck up! Motivation to make music every chance I get. I'm inspired, if you don't like it that's on you, I'm extra hype right now and feel no one can stop my from shining on some shit, here I come world, I've been here, but not really been here! #BHZLIFE #EVOLVE #GROW #MAKEHISTORY

 photo HugLife.jpg

Monday, March 25, 2013

Say "NO" as a act of Self-Love

Sometimes you feel that by saying "YES" you are opening your heart but what you are really doing is binding yourself, unable to move...

Today I said "NO" to someone I love and much to my surprise, the effect, on me was liberating, empowering and today I would like to invite you to SAY NO as an act of self-love...I use to think that leading a life of love meant being a "yes person" but I have now learned that love starts with compassion and compassion starts with honesty. And in all honesty, saying No to others is sometimes the only way to saying yes to you...

If I think back on all the "yes" I said in my life, I realize that many were not a act of love. Quite the opposite, they stemmed from my fear of rejection, my eagerness to project a positive self-image to others, a desire to be accepted, an anxiety that comes from feeling intimidated by another...and those "yes" moments took me further away from my self-worth.

Saying "no" from a place of love and selflessness is the hardest lesson of them all. The very concept is paradoxical because "no" is always equated with being selfish. But hold on a minute! I asked myself today "if I say no, I am being selfish towards WHO?" And the answer is "selfish towards ME...

So think about all the things you said and will say "yes" to, and give yourself permission to change some of those to a NO! NO to high-maintenance friendships that drain you, NO to allowing another to abuse your kindness. No to being taken for granted. No to letting someone intimidate you into saying yes when in your heart you just want to say no. No to feeling guilty. No to self pity. No to being a people pleaser. No to putting yourself down. No to thinking you are not enough. SAY YES TO YOU! Set yourself boundaries and know that LOVE is more POWERFUL when it is HONEST. #DM #ShonRoka #BHZLife #AllIGot #Heart #Love #REAL #OneLife #FH #AboutThatLife



One some up late, decided to go on a TWISTA frenzy!
Anotha banger off the Perfect Storm Album, in stores NOW!! ft. Raekwon The Chef


Taken from the the Twista & Don Cannon Mixtape entitled "Reloaded" available on NOW!!! CHI TOWN STAND UP

Shon Roka | Twista | Erika Shevon | Traxster | WeJukeTrap

Shon Roka gets bored on a Sunday Night arranges some drums, hats and plays some chopped patterns from the Chicago's own Twista's - Wetter featuring Ericka Shevon originally Released 2009 and was produced by the Legendary Traxster. This hook is something else...I wonder what every happen to Erika Shevon?  photo TwistaErickaShevonWetterSHONROKA.jpg

Sunday, March 24, 2013



PHENOM speaks nostalgically about his experiences as a youth and the experiences of those he observed "Growing Up". Visually Aaron Perkins, Jr captures that nostalgic value as PHENOM sits on a park bench beside his real-life son "Ju-Ju", telling the stories of his past as his son symbolically lives out similar experiences in his youth. "Growing Up" "Kids With Guns" is visual commentary of the present day black on black youth violence that is plaguing Chicago minority communities and the nation abroad. Past and present; PHENOM's lyrics are just as relevant in his youth that his raps about, as they are in his son's youth!

Directed and Edited by Aaron Perkins Jr @apjfilms
Mp3 Link:
Produced by Sean O
From PHENOM's critically acclaimed Street Album "A Closed Mouf Dont Get Fed"


Snoop Lion ft. Drake & Cori B (Snoop's Daughter) | No Guns Allowed

It's a brand new Snoop. The West Coast icon sheds his gangsta ways and spreads a message of non-violence on "No Guns Allowed" featuring Drake and his daughter Cori B. The peaceful record, produced by Major Lazer and Ariel Rechtshaid, was inspired by recent tragedies and contains additional vocals by Angela Hunte and Snoop's wife Shante Broadus.

Raw Circles World Finals 2013 Trailer | STRIFE TV

Trailer of Raw Circles World Finals 2013, featuring some of the nastiest cats out there!

Date: 24th Feb 2013
Location: Hangar 26, Antwerp, Belgium
Music: The Fabreeze Brothers - The Pack up (pt 1)

Thanks goes out to Team Shmetta and the Raw Circles crew

Filmed and edited by Doy

Pusha T "Trust You" Music Video | Official Behind The Scenes

Recently on set for Pusha T's new music video for "Trust You", Skee TV had cameras rolling to capture all the behind the scenes moments that went down. Filmed in a beautiful loft in sunny Hollywood, California director Matt Alonzo provides the visuals for Pusha's stand out Wrath Of Caine track. Follow SkeeTV cameras along for an exclusive feature on how it all came together.

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Graffiti On Girls | Ches | 2013 | Explicit

Seems Moscow-based graffiti artist Ches got sick of the traditional canvas and has moved to flesh for his tags. Graffiti On Girls features model Di Jo being painted on as she awkwardly tries to appear seductive for the camera.

Graffiti on girls | Ches | 2013 from Ches on Vimeo.

Black 7 Pro | Grounds Of Detroit | Lord Jessiah

Detroit Hip Hop producer Lord Jessiah (Black 7 Productions) has been hard at work developing the brand of Black 7 Productions along with Sun Tzu Cadre crafting his unique blend of soulful beats with hard core socially conscious hip-hop. Coming full throttle with the premier single, "Blitzkrieg", from his forthcoming solo release, G.O.D.. Having initially establishing himself within the production team of the Michigan based group and Wu-Affiliates Dezert Eez, Lord Jessiah is now poised to release his first full length studio album entitled Grounds Of Detroit (G.O.D.) March 2013. The "Grounds Of Detroit" (G.O.D.) album presents a collage of their hometown (Detroit) which is illustrated through rugged beats and aggressive lyrics. Lord Jessiah boldly warns that this project is the opposite of current contemporary hip-hop that has taken over the airwaves, and promises to deliver the cutting edge hard core fundamental hip-hop that has been missing for over a decade.

 photo f62ca51e-5095-4535-8b75-16012afd9e26.jpg


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hip Hop School Of Arts Grand Opening Recap | STRIFE.TV

This is the recap of the first ever Hip Hop School of Arts (HHSA) opening in Pomona, CA on 27 February 2013 created by Bboy legend Lil' Cesar. It combines all the elements of hip hop under one roof - Bboying, DJing, Locking, Hip Hop Entrepreneurship, Emceein, Urban Art and Popping. You must go and check this place out. It's one of a kind. Support real hip hop!

Filmed by Mitchel Dumlao & Michael Reiken
Edited by Michael Reiken

Song: Gang Starr -- Work

We don't own copyright on this song.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wale ft. Tiara Thomas | Bad | Official Lyric Video

This song definitely holds a mirror up to society and shows the emotional/ mental perception of the current generation (ladies and gentlemen, alike). If only people could see the positive message in the lyrics and look at them from a symbolic/metaphorical point of view, instead of literal. #Wale #Lyricism #SheenaKimbrew

Crooked I | Acapella Freestyle | SKEETV

SXSW 2013: Crooked I drops an exclusive freestyle at the SXSW Coast To Coast showcase.

Currently on the road for his Coast to Coast Tour, the Slaughterhouse MC and C.O.B. Radio host took the opportunity to kick an acapella freestyle live for a packed house. Skee TV was in attendance to capture the moment as Crooked I entertained fans in Austin, Texas with a barrage of on-the-spot lyrical bars.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Swollen Members | "Inception" | Official Music Video

INCEPTION - The brand new music video from Swollen Members from the new album "Beautiful Death Machine" out on March 19, 2013.


Preorder on iTunes:

Preorder on the Subnoize Store:

Video Directed by: Big Shot Music Inc.
Video Produced by: Rob The Viking

Audio Push & Hit-Boy - "Them Ni**as" | Someone said Kanye Jr.

Directed by. Chucky Millions First visual from the All I've Ever Dreamed Of compilation album. Hits Since 87 Inc. Follow on twitter @AudioPush @Hit_Boy

The History of Rap Part 4: Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon | THE ROOTS

Here's the whole setlist:
· Sugarhill Gang – Apache (Jump On It) - 1981
· Grandmaster Melle Mel - White Lines (Don’t Do It) – 1983
· Kurtis Blow – Basketball – 1984
· Fat Boys – The Fat Boys – 1984
· Run DMC – Its Tricky - 1987
· Beastie Boys - No Sleep Till Brooklyn - 1987
· LL Cool J – Going Back to Cali - 1988
· Slick Rick – Children’s Story - 1989
· 2 Live Crew - Me So Horny – 1989
· Public Enemy – Fight the Power - 1989
· A Tribe Called Quest – Scenario – 1991
· Cypress Hill – Hand on the Pump – 1991
· Wreckx-N-Effect – Rumpshaker – 1992
· Salt N Pepa – Shoop – 1993
· Snoop Doggy Dogg - Gin and Juice - 1993
· Busta Rhymes - Woo-Ha! Got You All In Check - 1995
· The Notorious B.I.G. – Hypnotize - 1996
· Missy Elliot - Get Ya Freak On – 2001
· Jay-Z – Izzo (H.O.V.A.) – 2001
· Nelly – Ride Wit Me - 2001
· 50 Cent – P.I.M.P. – 2003
· Chamillionaire – Ridin Dirty – 2006 // Wiz Khalifa – Black and Yellow – 2010
· Trinidad James - All Gold Everything
· Macklemore and Ryan Lewis – Thrift Shop – 2013
· Eminem –Lose Yourself – 2002

Beyonce | Bow Down | What do you think about the track?

Check out Beyonce‘s newly released song “Bow Down/I Been On,” posted to her Soundcloud account on Sunday (March 17).

 photo b24cd0c9-e6b9-4598-8ba3-06916618431a.jpg

The 31-year-old entertainer also posted a promo pic on her Instagram to celebrate the new song, which was produced by famed producer Hit Boy!

“I took some time to live my life, but don’t think I’m just his little wife,” Beyonce sings on the track. “Don’t get it twisted, get it twisted, this my sh-t, bow down b-tches.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK Of Beyonce’s new song “Bow Down/I Been On”??

J. Cole ft. Miguel | Power Trip | Official Lyric Video

I swear sometimes the music speaks for me. - Shon Roka

Buy J. Cole "Power Trip" featuring Miguel now:

Music video by J. Cole featuring Miguel performing Power Trip. (C) 2013 Roc Nation LLC

Monday, March 18, 2013

Mr Wave Highlights | WAVE | Film Coming Soon

Its almost done the film "WAVE" A film on the life of BBOY pioneer then, now, and whats to come NYC Breakers own Tony Wave Wesley aka Mr.Wave! Also Featuring fellow pioneers and NYC Breakers Powerful Pex, Lil Lep, etc. Shouts to producer Brian Bullock and Micheal Holman Check Mr. Wave out in action.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

S(kee)XSW: Pusha T's "I Don't Like Remix" & "Exodus 23:1" LIVE

Pusha T opens his set at the MTVU Woodies Showcase at SXSW, dropping his verse on Chief Keef's "I Don't Like Remix" and performing "Exodus 23:1" in front of hundreds.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Ess Vee | "The Hiatus" | Hip Hop | ReUp

I have to listen to what I believe in more. This music helped me get to where I am today. So why do I keep forgetting this. This song makes me remember that. Anyhow, I took a risk and a chance I will never regret. That's LIFE. #BHZLife #ShonRoka

For more music by Ess Vee visit:

FREE ALBUM DOWNLOAD The Anecdote: Memoirs of S. Victor:
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Video Shot Directed and Edited by @Assoc_Add

Trinidad James Performs Live | SXSW 2013

Chance The Rapper | "Juice" Live | SXSW 2013

Chance The Rapper (@chancetherapper) performs "Juice" live @ Nice Kicks in Austin, TX during SXSW. Video by Thomas Biggars (@TRB_Vision) and Gabe Cruz (@JozayGuapo).

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

"Nobody is perfect until you fall in love with them."

"Nobody is perfect until you fall in love with them."

Think about how many people in your life now, that it took a while to really get acquainted to and love. We may not have many people like this in our lives, and we may have a lot of people like this in our lives, depending on who we are. The fact is simple, these special people are all almost perfect to us. Which also points to the fact that finding love isn't about finding someone who fits a unique list that you feel will qualify a person to fall in love with, but instead, finding love is about being able to love someone perfectly despite however many imperfections they have in life, and despite how many preferences that you always thought you needed to qualify a person as your mate.

In no way am I stressing that we should settle for someone who we know truly doesn't deserve our love, but I am saying that many times we get a picture of who we want in a lover, and choose to look past many people because we don't care about what kind of heart they have if they dont look the part.

#BHZLife #ThoughtsOfKnowledge #MovingForward #Happiness #Cherish #TheMoments #CherishLife #SheilaV #ShonRoka #Love

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis | SXSW performing "Thrift Shop"

#TBT | Showbiz & A.G. - "Still Diggin" | 1992 | HipHopGoldenAge1

Showbiz & A.G. - "Still Diggin'" 1992

HipHopGoldenAge1 does not own any rights to the songs and pictures.

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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Each One Rock One & Phixx 606 Presents | Project download Final Cut Pro's | Vol 9

Each One Rock One & Phixx 606 Presents : Project download Final Cut Pro's ! Vol 9

 photo 7c14095c-f08c-4d03-b384-85c1608c5a5e.jpg

Friday March 22 2013 @ SUBTERRANEAN

Uncut Chicago Hip Hop
Special performances by :
Maintain & Higher Ark
Epik 1
DJs :
Shon Roka
Free show b4 11 pm ladies free all night
. 21 & over to Enter w/I.D

Sponsored by : Uprise- Phixx 606 Cycles- Retrospec - Zycle fix - Caraci -Villa Wicker park location -Waste Management Records - Big Shot - Reader - CHICAGO FIX GEAR . PHIXX 606 CYCLES . AEROSPOKE . HED3 . VELOCITY . ZYCLEFIX . PURE FIX . CARACI . BIG SHOT BIKES . CYCLING CHICAGO . TRACK FIXIE . SUGINO . VELOCITY B43 . SPINERGY . CHICAGO HIPHOP . MAINTAIN .

Kids These Days | "Who Do U-Luv" | Decoded

Genre-bending Chicago hip-hop collective Kids These Days talks love gone wrong as they decode "Who Do U-Luv" from their latest album, Traphouse Rock.

Life+Times | Twitter:
Life+Times | Facebook:

Reminiscing | Sheila V | When She Sent Me This

My girl and I have a funny relationship, we always laugh at things even on a sexual level. I remember her sending me this "Baby..."I'm wild about that thing!" LOL... You know this can boost any mans ego, but it just really made me pay attention to her humor and sense of musical interest. She is one of my favorite people in the world, she will always be someone that helped me LOVE again and inspired me to be a better man. - Shon Roka

Bessie Smith (jul 9,1892 or apr.15,1894 - sep.26,1937) was Americas most popular female blues singer of the 1920s and '30s.

Smith is often regarded as one of the greatest singers of her era, and along with Louis Armstrong, a major influence on subsequent jazz vocalists.

As a way of earning money for their impoverished household, Smith and her brother Andrew began performing on the streets of Chattanooga as a duo, she singing and dancing, he accompanying on guitar; their preferred location was in front of the White Elephant Saloon at Thirteenth and Elm streets in the heart of the city's African-American community.

In 1904, her oldest brother, Clarence, covertly left home by joining a small traveling troupe owned by Moses Stokes. "If Bessie had been old enough, she would have gone with him," said Clarence's widow, Maud. "That's why he left without telling her, but Clarence told me she was ready, even then. Of course, she was only a child."

In 1912, Clarence returned to Chattanooga with the Stokes troupe and arranged for its managers, Lonnie and Cora Fisher, to give her an audition. She was hired as a dancer rather than a singer, because the company also included Ma Rainey.

By the early 1920s, Smith had starred with Sidney Bechet in How Come?, a musical that made its way to Broadway, and spent several years working out of Atlanta, Georgia's 81 Theater, performing in black theaters along the East Coast. Following a run-in with the producer of How Come?, she was replaced by Alberta Hunter and returned to Philadelphia, where she had taken up residence. There, she met and fell in love with Jack Gee, a security guard whom she married on June 7, 1923, just as her first recordings were being released by Columbia Records. The marriage was a stormy one, with infidelity on both sides. During the marriage, Smith became the biggest headliner on the black Theater Owners Booking Association ( T.O.B.A.) circuit, running a show that sometimes featured as many as 40 troupers and made her the highest-paid black entertainer of her day. Gee was impressed by the money, but never adjusted to show business life, and especially not Smith's bisexuality. In 1929, when Smith learned of Gee's affair with another performer, Gertrude Saunders, she ended the marriage, but never sought a legal divorce. Smith eventually found a common-law husband in an old friend, Richard Morgan, who was Lionel Hampton's uncle and the antithesis of her husband. She stayed with him until her death.

Bessie Smith, Clarence Williams, Eddie Lang - I'm Wild About That Thing (1929)


Just wishing Happy Birthday to that MC and Actor from Chicago, COMMON.

Sway Responds To Kanyes "RANTING" About MTV

Monday, March 11, 2013

The BRICKHEADZ | Quin B Wharton | Latest Video

The Legendary Brickheadz crew explores an abandoned warehouse. Inspired by the music and the space, an ambiguous narrative connects their phenomenal movement. A declaration of Chicago's blue collar roots, hard graft, represented in culture and dance.

Brickheadz crew:
Quinn B Wharton:
music: RJD2 "Chicken-Bone Circuit"
Camera Sam Begich

Sunday, March 10, 2013

JJ & Comfort (USA) vs Alex & Charmant (France) | STRIFE.TV | Juste Debout 2013

JJ & Comfort (right) vs Alex & Charmant (left)
round 1 of Juste Debout 2013 finals

Paris, France
March 2013

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Notorious B.I.G. | 17 Year Old Interview | Restored for March 9th | RIP

This is a 17 year old interview clip of the late great Notorious BIG back in 1996. It has been restored from our VHS recordings and now we present the fans on March 9th this in-dept and close and personal interview from the greatest to have even hold the mic. Interesting how times. We miss you Christopher and hope that the world continues to learn from your life and think BIG everything in their lives!

Read the entire article at

Video brought to you by - Notorious BIG / Biggie Smalls non profit website and community

Friday, March 8, 2013

LD Presents: Toronto's "AlterEgo" | Producer Showcase

AlterEgo is a production duo from Toronto, Canada. This is sort of our version of a "Producer Showcase" (digital era -esque). If you would like to see the full length complete vlog series, like this video & leave a comment.

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Directed by:
Co-Edited by:

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Storm talks about how you should prepare yourself if you wish to dance for a long time.

Filmed in Antwerp, Belgium Filmed by ChazB

ShowYouSuck: "DeadFlowers" Official Video

Official video for ShowYouSuck's "DeadFlowers" of his last release #OMPP3. Look for ShowYouSuck x Closed Sessions Project dropping this summer.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pugs Atomz x DJ Vadim | "Get It" | Official Video

In celebration of signing to Tokyo Dawn Records for his next album,Pugs Atomz made a dope music video for "Get It" in roughly 6hrs... produced by DJ Vadim this song was featured on Tokyo Dawn Records -- The Boogie Volume 3". You can also download the whole album or buy the CD @

Tragedy Tha Beast | Hardbody ft. @Bert_Kenerson x @KenloKey (A @TellevisonENT Film)

3rd video release, filmed by TellAVisionENT, from Tragedy's latest project, Back On Bullshit (Prod. Entirely By Onaje Jordan), which is available for free download here:

Mavado | Take It ft. Karian Sang | Official HD Video

Troyton Music/Zojak World Wide

Closed Sessions | "Jerseys & Loafers" ft. Alex Wiley & Vic Mensa | Prod. by Chuck English

Download the song at:

Closed Sessions - "Jersey & Loafers" feat Alex Wiley and Vic Mensa (prod by Chuck Inglish).

Video by Andrew Zeiter.

Download the full song at

HipHop Hooray | 20 Year Anniversary | Tour Video Promo

Naughty By Nature performed live at Gramercy Theater in NYC to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of "HipHop Hooray". Twenty years after its relase, this song still proves to be one of the greatest HipHop anthems ever created. Numerous special guests came out to celebrate. The 3-Man Threat is currently touring the US in support of this iconic song's 20 year anniversary. Check for tour updates.

Clip produced by: Rock Davis & Jay Rodriguez for Itchy House Films

2013 TOUR DATES: (Partial List of Tour Dates)

Mar 5 (Tues) - Jacksonville, FL @ "Brewsters"
Mar 6 (Wed) - Miami, FL @ "LIV"
Mar 8 (Fri) - Winter Haven, FL @ "Jessi's Lounge"
Mar 9 (Sat) - Las Vegas, NV @ "Hollywood Bar"
Mar 12 (Tues) - Panama City @ "Club La Vela"
Mar 16 (Sat) - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia @ "Future Music Fest"
Mar 23 (Sat) - St Petersburg, FL @ "Janus Live"
Mar 28 (Thurs) - Montreal, QB @ "Roxbury"
Mar 30 (Sat) - Denver, CO @ "Grizzly Rock"
Mar 31 (Sun) - Park City, UT @ "Star Bar"

Apr 4 (Thurs) - Kalamazoo, MI @ "Shakespeares"
Apr 5 (Fri) - Chicago, IL @ "H.O.M.E."
Apr 20 (Sat) - Queens, NY @ "Club Jouvay"
Apr 26 (Fri) - Hobbs, NM @ Lea County Events Center

May 18 (Sat) - Durham, NC @ Cultural Festival
May 31 (Fri) - Newark, NJ @ NJPAC

June 1 (Sat) - Philadelphia, PA @ Roots Picnic
June 29 (Sat) - Brooklyn, NY @ Ft Hamilton Army Base

#TBT | Notorious B.I.G. | Tribute Party Tomorrow | Club E | Chicago

Tomorrow night #HELLOHIPHOP presents "NOTORIOUS B.I.G. | 90's Hip Hop Tribute/Party) featuring DJ GREEN EYEZ (Core DJs | Coast2CoastMixtapeDJs) & myself, SHON ROKA (BRICKHEADZ | Coast2CoastMixtapeDJs)
Don't miss this event, Ladies FREE B4 11.

 photo NotoriousClubE.jpg

"Juicy" by The Notorious B.I.G.

From The Notorious B.I.G. album "Ready To Die" (1994).

Download on iTunes:

Listen on Spotify:
© 2011 WMG

Coast 2 Coast Industry Mixer | Miami Edition | ReCap

Artists sign up to perform at the next mixer:

Coast 2 Coast Industry Mixer Miami Edition featuring guest judges Bigga Rankin, DJ Nasty , and Erik Mendelson! Featured performers includes Mesha Milan.

Song credits:
Pusha T - Millions
Wale ft. French Montana - Back 2 Ballin

DYZEE | FRANCE | Real Cypher | Learn Today

Dyzee gets called out backstage at Chelles Battle Pro 2013 by French bboys Colonel Shakazulu, Shlag, and Niggaz. (Chasseur de Prime, Pockemon, and more)

Other participants include Puzzles, Morris, Hannibal, and Sketch from BMT Russia

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Assata Jones | I Can Love You Better | Shot by @DGainzBeats

Produced by Jabari Rayford & William J Stokes

Chance The Rapper | Interview by The Fresh Heir

Produced by Tim Larew (@timlarew)
Filmed & Edited by Goodwin (@goodwinwinsgood)
Instrumental: "Ash Rockin" by J Dilla

0:00 - 0:40 - Intro
0:41 - 1:04 - Life since #10Day
1:05 - 2:26 - Response to Juice and Acid Rain
2:27 - 3:00 - Austin Vesely
3:01 - 4:27 - Ruby Hornet and Fake Shore Drive
4:28 - 4:59 - Acid Rap || @ChanceTheRapper || @TheFreshHeir


For Nekst | LRG | RIP | Graffiti

In fitting tribute to his recently passed brother, VIZIE heads to their hometown of Houston to honor the memory of NEKST as part of our ongoing Artist Driven series

Monster Kids 2013 | Maury | Chi-town Finest Breakers

Maury Povich Show for Most Talented Kids " CHI-TOWN FINEST BREAKERS "AKA" Monster Kids

Bgirl Spinderella
Bboy Ozzy
Bgirl Livia
Bboy Turbo
Bboy E-Fresh
Bboy Turbo
Bgirl Precious

Instagram @Monster_Kids
Twitter @RealMonsterKids

Instagram @FinestBreakers

SINCITY87 | THE ESSENCE | Official Video

Dir By Lucky Lu (J.Mason)
Instagram: @TheRealSincity87
Twitter: Sincity87
Twitter/instagram: @LuckyLuchie

Neak | Real N%&$A | Shot by @APJFILMS

Directed and Edited by Aaron Perkins Jr |

Artist: Neak |
Song: Real N%&$A
Producer: Slot-A |
Mixtape: Forever Chi Compilation 2012 Mixtape |
Album Download:
Director/Editor: APJ Films
Location: Chicago, IL.
Guest Appearances By: Slot-A & Sincerely Yours

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Is World Star Hip Hop ruining Hip Hop culture? | ZULU | Letter | What do you think?

World Star Hip Hop comes under fire from the Universal Zulu Nation. Subscribe! Quadeer Shakur, the Minister of Information for the Zulu Nation alleges that the website promotes child pornography, federal informing, and claims that the site is "not hip hop". Does he have have a point, or is this just the musings of an aging rapper? Jon and Cynthia BRK it DWN.


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What If Teachers Used Hip Hop? | EPIPHANY | THNKR

Would urban students learn more effectively if their teachers spoke the language of hip hop? On this EPIPHANY, Dr. Christopher Emdin stresses the importance of teachers understanding their students' culture.

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Tay Rico | Next Up | Official Visual

Chicagao Artist Tay Rico is back with this new DOPE visual & song called "Next Up" produced by SuicideBeatz. The song itself is self explanatory in the defense that Tay Rico is "NEXT UP" Watch, Share, Comment, Favorite, & Like if you wanna see more Tay Rico.

Follow TayRico on Twitter & IG - Artist & Video Editor - Producer - Film Director

Monday, March 4, 2013

Waka & Evol | BRICKHEADZ | Shut Up & Battle | Prelims

BRICKHEADZ Waka & Evol prelims battle in Moks' "Shut Up & Battle" Event
To Book The BRICKHEADZ Email:

Artist Submit Songs | Next Mixtape | Hosted by KID INK

Artist Submit Songs For Next Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Vol. 237 Hosted by KID INK Through SHON ROKA Here:

 photo 237KidInk.jpg

Young Myke ft. Roman Flowrs & Reggie Ruler - Coolin' | Official Video

Filmed by Brianna Lashé @Lashe_2tone

@MCTreeG introduces "Sunday School II" | CHICAGO

An introduction to "Sunday School II", rapper Tree's debut mixtape with Creativie Control's BENT. Coming soon!!!


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Chicago Overnight Crime Report | Stop The Violence

Chicago Tribune reporter Adam Sege with Sunday's overnight crime report (Posted on Sunday, March 3, 2013)

For more video, visit, subscribe to this channel, or follow us @TribVideo.

Chitown Cypher | Preview | Acapella

Preview to the Chitown Cypher series:
On the first Saturday of each month, a live cypher will be filmed somewhere in Chicago, showcasing the talents of underground hip/hop rappers and producers.

Mikey Dolla
T Wins Anythang Goez
J Anythang Goez Knuckles

Instrumental and Visual Production: Griffin Thomas

Sound Production: Custom Made x Serious Beats "Gun Music" Visual Production: Griffin Thomas

Add "Chitown Cypher" on Facebook for more information Follow us on Twitter @ChitownCypher Email:

DeMond Du'Shawn | My Check (Official Video) | MarDre International Films

Westside Chicago native hip hop artist Demond Du'Shawn performing "My Check" off of his coming mixtape.
2013 MarDre International Films; Don Julio Studios; Sketchkilla [Video Producer] RedCity [Associate Producer]

Bad Boy Bill | Behind The Decks | Remember

Just paying some respect. If you don't know about this guy, it is what it is.

BAD BOY BILL TOUR Behind The Decks (A3TV 2006). A special full length documentary behind the scenes on tour with Bad Boy Bill. A 5th & Ocean Production. Hard-house DJ Bad Boy Bill was born and raised in Chicago, and began mixing records at the age of 14. An avid fan of Chicago radio station WBMX's Hot Mix Five mixing team, Bill landed his big break when none other than Farley "Jackmaster" Funk gave him his first broadcast gig; he went on to emerge as one of the hottest turntablists on the Windy City scene, and in 1988 took top honors in the Midwest division of DMC's Battle DJ competition. Bad Boy Bill went on to spin records throughout the world, even maintaining a long-term DJ residency in Germany in addition to hosting "Street Mix," a top-rated weekly radio mix show on Chicago's WBBM. He also founded his own label, International House Records, and through its Mix Connection Multimedia Inc. subdivision issued a series of mix tapes, the ongoing Bangin the Box series. Utilizing up to fifty records -- a reflection of his hip-hop background -- where most DJs would use only ten, Bad Boy Bill gained a great reputation for playing fast and loose with the mix, rarely pausing to rest on his laurels. Along with the Bangin the Box series, he's issued several volumes in a four-turntable battle series (with Richard "Humpty" Vission) titled The House Connection. In May of 2000 the bangin' series continued with the release of Bangin in London.

He is an investor in along with Jonas Tempel, Eloy Lopez, Richie Hawtin and John Acquaviva. He also runs Ménage Music.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

RIP JVN | 1993 - Infinity | Configa on the Beat

Chicago B-Boy Tribute to John Vietnam

Chicago Killings On The Decline | Life Since 57 | SMH

The number of homicides in the Windy City is the lowest since 1957. SMH on that quote.

Bun B - "Big Pimpin" | The Shrine | Chicago

Footage shot by Derrick Salter for DerrickNtheCity. Follow @DerrickNtheCity on Twitter.

Big Once Presents: New Routines Vol 3 - The Louder Juggle

Edited by Kyle Miller @ The Saucy Monster

Filmed in the illustrious kitchen of Trentino Worldwide Headquarters

Track used: DJ Fresh - Louder (Flux Pavilion & Doctor P Remix)
Used in most 2012 showcase sets

Friday, March 1, 2013

Ding Dong Chicago's Hip Hop Clown

Ding Dong isn't your average clown, there's something very unique about this Chicago entertainer. Find out more about Ding Dong @

Chance the Rapper | "Living In Vain" | Decoded

Chance the Rapper talks starting from the bottom and Chi-Town's place in Hip Hop history as he decodes his feature on Lorine Chia's "Living in Vain" at downtown Chicago's Jugrnaut boutique.

Life+Times | Twitter:
Life+Times | Facebook:

#TGIF Events | Talib Kweli x Bun B | Shon Roka | Jargon

Yes sir, today is Friday, on the agenda for me, is this after I #GRIND25
Talib Kweli x Bun B (Meet & Greet)
 photo BunBTalib.jpg

Then "Academy Of Heroes" ft. my brotha, JARGON.
 photo 1bb2b502-0820-472e-89e5-045cddadd493.jpg

and then DJing at Club E for "Fly Fridays" (Keep in-tune w/ #HelloHipHop:FlyFridays (Club Night)
 photo HelloHipHopClubEMarch1st2013.jpg

Phero - IV (Official Music Video)

Phero's delivers a new visual for his forth single "IV" of 5 single project titled, "The Five Columns," (I, II, III, IV, V).

Presented By: Whyknot Records
Directed By: Stefan Klapko
Recording By: Classick Studios
Production By: The Boomjacks
Model: Karla Gomez
Special Thanks: Kolorblind

For more info please visit:

LRG | Spring 2013 | Explore - Dream - Discover

Pac Div (Like, Mibbs and BeYoung), Tommy Sandoval, and Jack Curtin ventured up to Northern California to shoot our Spring 2013 lookbook. At LRG we realize that the only promise in life is a one-way ticket. Forget the familiar and find your home in the unexpected, because the final destination means nothing if you don't enjoy the journey

Pusha T ft. Popcaan & Travis Scott - Blocka (Official Video) | ReUp

This brings out the Westside in me. Hands down, Pusha T is a favorite. #BHZLife

Directed By: Orson Whales (Shahan Jafri + Alex Germanotta)

CHAD B x INSITY - Nobody Told You (Remix) | Official Music Video | Indie

New video from Chad B x Insity - Nobody Told You (Remix)

DJ PROSTYLE ft. CHAD B "PRESIDENTIAL" available now on I- Tunes

Artist Info: Chad B

Label: HardRoc Records

Manager: Victor "Vitin" G. (Logy Music)

Filmed and Edited By
Ron Downes Jr.
A Ron Ron Production

O Lyfe - Ass Shots (Promo Run) | Club Joint | R&B

Promo run in Atl clubs for O Lyfe single "Ass Shots". I playing this in the Club at "Fly Fridays" at Club E, DJs do help break records in every which way and on every level and genre. I choose to keep this in my arsenal for the Club.

Stay Tuned for next video...
Follow @O_Lyfe

Papoose ft. Mavado - Top of My Game | Official Music Video

Brand new single off of Papoose's Nacirema Dream. Papoose enlists Jamaican superstar Mavado for his lead single.
Nacirema Dream pre-sales start March 5th, official album released March 26th.

Video was directed by Gabriella Loutfi and produced by Fenix Studios Films