Friday, June 22, 2012

#TGIF #NBA2012Done YP - Kick Game (Pord. by Chuck English

Yeah, today is Friday in the C-H-I and the weather is really on point for the second day of summer. Last night the Heat beat OKC in Miami to win the title. It was not what I expected from the series, but it was what Big Sean quoted from the track "So Much More" "Coming soon like Lebron's ring" Anyhow, I am not a big fan of the Heat because of the way their team came together. Lebron is definitely one of the best to play the game, not gonna lie about that at all. I fux with Wade because he from the C-H-I, glad he got another ring. I'm also happy for Juwan Howard for winning his first NBA Title in his I believe 18th season in the league. Big ups for being the one on that Fab-Five for getting it, thank them team mates... Well, no more NBA...unless I fire up that NBA2K12! Back to YP... I'm also a fan of this guys music, I'm trying to thing when I first came across his music. It was either on or something else, but I was pulled in by his flow. So please don't sleep on this dude. Follow him on Twitter @YP27

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