Thursday, March 3, 2011

Chi-Town Finest Breaks gets a new vehicle from Chrysler! On the Paula Abdual's "Live To Dance"

Being from Chicago and being a big part of the B-boy scene for over 20 years I for one definitely know how hard it is and how it is a blessing when your talents are recognized. Chi-Town Finest Breakers have been in my life before they even new they were in it. Their father Herny Rojas known as DJ Westside who I knew since high school has paid his dues in the Hip Hop culture for years. Teaching his kids the elements we so much love. There is one element they did excel at for their age and that is the art of B-boying & B-Girling! They recently been in L.A. for the show Paula Abdual's "Live To Dance" if you haven't seen it on ABC, you missed out! But her is a clip of the big give away. I wasn't sure when I was going to post this the day I saw it live, so I decided to updated you on Chicago's Youngest Professional Breakdance Crew "CHI-TOWN FINEST BREAKERS"

CTFB has been like my second family. I love what they do but more so their qualities. Each individual is their own and they show it in the finest ways!

The give away is at 3:15.

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