Sunday, March 13, 2011

Anacron - "This Is Me" & "Proverbial Slap"

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Let me catch you up with the new singles from Anacron. From L.A. to CHI-TOWN to CHI-TOWN to L.A.

Damn fool, don’t know Anacron yet? Man, you’re wrong.” Two new singles from Anacron called “This Is Me” and “Proverbial Slap”. “This Is Me” was created exclusively for Fusicology‘s “What Is Good Music 2011” compilation. Crafted with an upbeat tempo that’s designed for dancefloor movement. Don’t let that stop you from hitting play though, Anacron raps cleverly on who he is and what he’s about. Lyrical heat while makin’ your body move to the beat. I’m diggin’ it. Now on the flip side is “Proverbial Slap”. And if you downloaded Culture King‘s “For The Love” (Tribute to J Dilla) project that I had posted about a week ago, you already know this one. The two flow together nicely, as they have the some of the same sounds, but this is a little less uptempo. Heavy on claps, turntablism, and live instrumentation. I love the scratches and saxophone, mmm. Okay, enough talking… take a listen.

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