Friday, April 8, 2011

Interview w/ artist BIG X (Chicago)

So recently we threw another Chi-Rock Nation & Rocmore production called "Don't Call It A Come Back". The first was amazing. It was called "Whose Who!?". Anyhow the second graced the presents of local artist BIG X. I took the opportunity to interview him and bring it to you on my Blog!

How did you get the name BIG X?
Well to me all the best rappers had BIG in their name, Notorious B.I.G., Big Pun, Big L, Big Daddy Kane and my mother named me Xavier (which by the way means brilliance, go figure right.) hence BIG X.

Where are your from?
"SOUTH C" 84th & BALTIMORE (Chicago)

What makes BIG X do what he does?
I do what I do cuz I LOVE IT & I keep goin because thats what people who want to achieve greatness do.

Talk about this track Skyzoo, who produced it, the process, etc?
Skyzoo is an interesting story. one of my artists (I have an entertainment company I'm workin on gettin off the ground O.T.S.S Ent.)(Only The Strong Survive) comes in the studio wit a cd of beats; I think like 6 joints. He only liked the first 1 & hadn't gone threw the rest. so after we knock out his joint I start skimming through these beats & heard "Skyzoo". I immediately started jappin.

When I create I get real animated like I'm actually performing. I don't use a pen & paper I pace back & forth in the studio till I finish the song in my head then I record it. So I record the joint. Then ask my mans to call the producer so I can speak wit him. The producer gives me this speal about money and blah blah blah, so I tell him I'll think about it. A few days go by & I'm lettin a few friends hear the song (which had no name at the time) & one of my guys is like yo thats a Skyzoo beat.

I couldn't believe it he pulled it up on Youtube, sure enough there it was. So at this point I'm like fuck that! I love what I spit. I'm not gonna scrap it, its beautiful. So I told the producer to eat a penis & named it Skyzoo, not because of the rapper but because the way the term "Skyzoo" reminded me of my head always being in the clouds an the chaos that goes on up there. I felt that the lyrics reflected those emotions.
(Artist learn from this story, this is not the first I heard of a story like this)

How did you like performing at the "Don't Call It A Come Back"
I loved performing @ the "Don't Call It A Come Back" event. I had fun and to be real honest with u, I'll perform anywhere, lol. I just love to spread my music and hear the applause afterwards. Thats why I'm here.

What are you working on next or when is the next show?
I just released a project "KILL 'EM ALL" on February 16, 2011. Its available for free download @ I was supposed to release a follow up project on March 16, 2011 called "DEVILS ADVOCATE", but decided to push it back till late June. The reason it is being pushed back is because I've been getting a very large amount of super hot beats from all over the world. including a couple joints from the platnium producer named Domingo. Domingo has worked with major artist such as KRS One, Big Pun and Mobb Deep. Domingo's track list record is below the "SKYZOO" Video.

As for upcoming shows check the website as soon as I get em they will be posted on my web calender!

So there you have it, straight from the homie BIG X! Check him out in the "Skyzoo" video below. Visit his site here


• 3 6 Mafia - Adventures in Hollyhood - score music Mtv
• Amy Winehouse - "Stronger then me" (Jan 08)
• Angie Martinez - "Suavamente (f/ Wyclef Jean)"
• Bamboo - "Not The Ones To Sleep," "My Right Hand," "From The Get Up,"
• Bernie Mac - TV Show [Soundtrack]
• Big Ben - "Unfinished Business"
• Big Daddy Kane - "Flame On"
• Big Punisher - "Dream Shatterer"
• Boogiemonsters: "Beginning of the End","Behold The Pale Horse," "Whoever You Are"
• Bone Thugs N Harmony : "1st Of The Month (Remix)"
• Channel Live: "Maintain","Live For Hip-Hop","360","Rethink
Replan Refine","Illegal Broadcasters," "Spark Dat (f/ Benny Boom & Truck Turner)"
• Chords - "Days Chasing Days (f/ Tonedeff)," "Searching For Dreams"
• Chubb Rock - "East vs West"
• Cocoa Brovaz - "Play No Games"
• Craig G. - "Do It Again"
• Craig Mack - "The HA HA HA," "On Da Run"
• CunninLynguists - "Southernunderground (title song)"
• Das EFX - "If U Luv"
• Deacon The Villain - "Next To Die"
• Dhark Citi - "Petrified"
• Dilated Peoples - "Certified Official"
• DJ JS-1 - "Essentials (f/ KRS & Rahzel)"
• Domingo Presents - "Behind The 13th Floor" Full LP
• Domingo - "Para Mi Gente - Estamos Unidos" Full LP
• Eminem - "Hustlers & Hardcore (f/ Feel-X)"
• Fat Cat Kareem - "Money Game"
• Fat Joe - "Success","Part Deux","Say Word", "Dedication"
• Feel X - "One Time (f/ J. Getm)"
• First Platoon - "Bodega","Knockin At My Door"
• Full Nelson - "Candela (f/ SU)," "Toma Lo Que Tengo,"
• Funkmaster Flex Vol.3 - "KRS Freestyle"
• Game Over 2 - Various Artists LP.
• Godsons - "718","Sunday Morning," "Bacardi & Smoke," "Official," "Watch What You Say"
• Guatauva - Hip-Hop Side of self-titled LP,
• High & Mighty - "Rumble"
• Hurricane G - "Wuteva","Underground Lockdown", "Coast To Coast", "De Corazon","Neva Give Up", "Mama","Sound Like Me"
• I-BORN - "Uncle & Nephew","Me & You"
• Immortal Technique - "Internally Bleeding," "Sierra Maestra"
• Infamous Mobb - "Mobb Niggaz (f/ Prodigy)"
• Irv Gotti show - MTV score music
• Joell Ortiz - "Exactly"
• Kid Frost - "East Side Rendezvous (RMX)"
• K-Slash - "Blow It Up, Shut It Down"
• Kool G. Rap - "Risin up","What's more realer then that","Take A Loss," "Sex, Money, Drugs," "My Life (f/ CNN)"
• KRS ONE - "The M.C."(GOLD), "Clear Em Out (f/ Tonedeff)," "Temple Tactics", "The Warning Shot," "$20G's" "Hip-Hop Knowledge", "What Kind Of World", "Crush Them," "Illegal Business 2004," "Are You Ready For This," "Me Man"
• Lady Red: "Dona Roja","Talk Game","Me & You," "New York, New York"
• Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz - "UNTITLED" (UNRELEASED)
• Main One - "Bring The Drama," "El Gran Combo," "4 My Shorties"
• Maniac Men - "Mecca"
• Masta Ace - "No Regrets", "Dear Diary", "The Type I Hate", "Alphabet Soup"
• Mecca - "Beastin"
• Mexicano 777 - "Balumbalang (f/ KRS-One)," "Llegamo (f/ Tomorrowz Weaponz)," "Bums In

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