Monday, April 18, 2011

Rapper: SubsTance

I just dug up some exclusive ish that I didn't even know was going on. Anyhow found this guy called SubsTance performing at a event called "No Excuses". Didn't even know some live band ish was going down like this. I have been looking for a live band to book at a venue on the Northside. Can someone link me to the contact of the band in this video? In the first video below I felt like he came off like Black Thought from the Roots. Then I searched further, I sae that SubsTance has performed at The Bassment, Abbey Pub. Adrianna's etc. and heard a few more joints suck as the second video "Cufflinks" directed by Shaun Cave

I also found him in this Redeye contest and the deadline vote is today.
Here is the link

I'm definitely feeling the lyrical skill and content. I'm sure I heard or seen this cat before, but I finally got the opportunity to really listen and review. It so many artist in today's industry its hard to see and hear them all. I always say, better late then never.

SubsTance (Live at Pressure Billards & Cafe performing for event called "NO EXCUSES")

SubsTance - Cufflinks

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