Friday, April 8, 2011

STRIFE TV - not only for the BBOY/BGIRL on Youtube!

If you don't know about Strife TV, you should. Keeping me updated with the lastest fresh battles from every where I need to be if I can't. Be sure to subsribe to their channel and LIKE all the videos they post. This is still away to keep the scene alive. Support, Evolve!

Strife TV is a website and webisode series started in 2008 as a way to promote, document, and expose the hip hop dance culture. All have backgrounds in entertainment and online media, with experiences in video production, event promotion, web and business development, as well as Bboying. Arming themselves with a camera and film crew, Strife TV is set to create a site and series aimed to cover Bboy jams, events, and battles in the vein of ESPN and ATTACK OF THE SHOW; showing the world that Bboying is more than just a dance, but a rigorous art and diverse culture.

Strife TV also plans to dive into the lives of Bboys and dancers, fans and enthusiasts, promoters and organizers, to learn more about what makes the culture so attractive to its audience and expose the world to more than what they've seen in commercials, music videos, and dance shows. Through webisodes, documentaries, and other types of media, Strife TV intends to create a place for people to view highlights and results of top events, see incredible battles with the best crews, watch interviews of their favorite Bboys and Bgirls, and enjoy various other features in order to create a community for both veterans and newcomers to explore and learn about the culture

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