Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The True Role Of A DJ (A Note From "JREALTHEDJ"


Early today this was posted by "JREALTHEDJ" someone who I deeply respect and honor on the turntables. It truly made my day. Happy Holidays to all! (Read Below)

The true role of a DJ is not to be a superstar, you ain't shit but someone who plays the music of the artists people want to dance to. DJ means Disc Jockey which is a shuffler of music. Get it through your heads.
When djing first started out way back when you were someone who played records, RECORDS, not cds. Yes technology has evolved but the true idea and meaning and mental perception of a dj has always stayed constant. One who is on 2 technic 1200's and is spinning those records, not someone who is putting in cds to cd players and just standing there.
Now there are talented djs out there, do not get me wrong, a few examples are Dj Shon Roka, Dj sin,Dj scend, Dj trilogy, Dj clash titan, to name a few locals and then more staples in the hip-hop community, dj craze, klever, atrak, GM Roc Raida(R.I.P) , Qbert, Mista Sinista, Rob Swift, and the rest of the Executioners. Well the lists can go on and on, but what do all the DJ's I just named have in COMMON, their TURNTABLISTS. Thats a whole nother breed of djing. I am from that background to. We create music from the music created by others. Their is scratching involved and tricks and it becomes a beautiful array of eye and ear candy.
These are people who deserve to be on the cover of flyers, cause they draw crowds, and can entertain as well as give the crowd their just due of good music. Even your nicest producers come from a TURNTABLIST Background. DJ premier, Dj Pete Rock, 9th Wonder, etc........
People the reason for this note is not to piss you so-called serato djs off, it is to give you a deeper understanding that our role is to be entertainers again. Not just request takers. Stop letting club promoters handcuff you and tell you that they only want this type of music played. You a FUCKEN dj, you know what good music is or else hang up your headphones and put away your labtops!!
People trust your judgement, So GIVE EM WHAT THEY NEED, NOT WHAT THEY WANT
That is all from "jrealthedj"
www.jrealthedj.com (COMING SOON!)

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  1. REAL TALK! couldnt agree more! i've been feeling this way for the longest time too. I miss the days when DJs would break Records before the song even become Mainstream. DJs used to have the power to make or break a song... Too many request takers nowadays and not many real DJs. shout out to u for such a great article... im goin to repost this on FB...lol