Thursday, May 5, 2011

Derrick Rose - Youngest MVP in NBA History!

Last night I went on a Derrick Rose search party on youtube. Finding anything and everything on the youngest MVP ever in the history of the NBA. Watching his HS top plays and the road to the windy city city CHICAGO BULLS. It was a good journey, reminded me of when I first saw Devin Hester's footage on the football tip. Anyhow I even found a new track from rapper Chicago artist Yung Berg called "Derrick Rose", I sent it to the big homie Westside and he was feeling it!

So we tied the series the other day 1-1 against Atlanta and I am feeling confident we will beat them only if Boozer stops being on the BS. Check out some of my favorite videos these youtube heads did, mad props and love. Subscribe!

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