Thursday, February 24, 2011

PAYPA - "Black & Red" Music Video(download link in description)

The other day I stop by The Bassment (Chicago's One Stop Hip Hop Shop) to meeting up with DJ Skor on my usual business of DJing for my city. Anyhow I ran into Nando Calrizian and we were just talking about music and the usual. In the conversation we had, I ended up saying, do you wanna even hear Wiz Khalifa's - Black & Yellow anymore? He said no. I told him I never played that track, I always played Paypa - Black & Red (Below). Its funny because the crowd would always think it was Black & Yellow, but when they heard Black & Red, they would kinda be in shock, but when they heard it was a CHICAGO cover, they started back getting into dancing. I just thought I throw that out there, since I'm posting CHICAGO ish. Till next post.

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