Tuesday, March 25, 2014

FKA twigs x inc.| Video

FKA twigs is already living up to our “Fresh Female Who Will Rule Pop In 2014” expectations. The British alt-R&B artist has teamed up with Los Angeles duo inc. to serve us the seemingly untitled “FKA x inc.” collaboration video, and, unlike their lowercase monikers, it’s worth all kinds of caps-locked #PRAISE.

Directed by Nick Walker and twigs herself, the black and white clip sees the “Water Me” singer and inc. brothers Andrew and Daniel Aged inhabiting a mundane homestead in the middle of what looks to be SoCal’s desert. Interspersed are scenes of twigs convulsing in a shower and all three partaking in some sort of ritual involving a Bible and a joint. (NSF Sunday School, obviously.)

Needless to say, the video’s as anxious as it is striking. There’s a fragility to the visuals, like they might crumble away at any second.

This temporal feeling’s probably intentional, since the lyrics say as much. Over ghostly blips and glitches (think Blood Orange-meets-Portishead-meets-Physical Therapy), twigs hauntingly cries: “So I try to satisfy/ By falling down, by falling down/ But, I’m never gonna be your savior.” We’d beg to differ on that last point, but whatevs.

The song is only part of a greater “FKA x inc.” collaboration between the three musicians, which includes the track on a one-sided 7″ record plus a full-color zine. OH WAIT, NVM. All 400 copies have already been pre-ordered. Guess we’ll have to return to our regularly scheduled programming: twigs worshipping sans swag.

Written, performed & produced by FKA twigs and inc.
Video directed by Nick Walker and FKA twigs.

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