Sunday, March 30, 2014

CunninLynguists ft. Blu & Psalm One | The Morning

The Morning is one of the recently released tracks off the CunninLynguists newest album Strange Journey Volume 3. The album is to be officially released on April 1st, but up until the official release date, you can download the album for no charge, or whatever you'd like to offer up.

"We were going to make it free on March 31st to our fans as a thank you for helping us make the record, but The Internets decided to leak it -- and "ripping groups" weren't involved in making this record, so fuck 'em...we're putting the deluxe digital edition up for free right now! "Burn it off the fucking internet, and bump it outside..." You can still pre-order "The Rocket Booster Pack", but "The Format Pack" has sold out! Peace!" - Kno

Stream/download and if you enjoy what you hear, be sure to pick it up at West Coasters can also show your support by attending any of their Strange Universe Tour stops.

Strange Journey Vol 3 will consist of fan input for the first ever crowd-sourced album. The role of A&R will be filled by the fans.

The first ever truly crowd-sourced album. Not happy simply “crowd-funding” a release via Kickstarter like so many other artists, Deacon The Villain, Natti & Kno asked their fans for no money — instead they spent a year interacting with fans via social media & allowing them to vote on guest artists, suggest song concepts, letting them peek in on studio sessions & make decisions on album artwork.

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