Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Gensu Dean | The Art of Digging

The Grand Imperial, Gensu Dean, SP1200 producer, analog equipment junkie, and Mello Music producer, recently took a moment out of his NYC travels to talk about "The Art of Digging." A pure vinyl head, who abides by the Jedi code, Dean still covers labels, doesn't do e-digging, and explains why in this short video clip. It's this ethos, combined with hard knock production, that has garnered Gensu production credits and friendships with Large Professor, David Banner, Brand Nubian, Planet Asia, and even a co-sign from the King, DMC of Run DMC. Most recently Gensu Dean produced the entire album for Mississippi emcee 7evenThirty on a record titled "The Problem."

Shot/Edited by Jay Brown
Mello Music Group, 2014.

Check the new album produced entirely by Gensu Dean from 7evenThirty: "The Problem"

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