Saturday, August 16, 2014

2014 DJ Expo Booth Walkthrough | Videos

This year's Atlantic City DJ Expo at the Trump Taj Mahal in my home state of New Jersey was a huge success and lots of fun! All of the announced DJ equipment was at the show in full working order for everyone to use before their potential purchase. We went to most of the big name pro gear manufacturer booths to bring you a quick video tour for those of you who couldn't make it to the event in person...

ADJ Booth

The American DJ or ADJ booth was filled the brim with the latest and greatest LED lighting rigs and fog machines. They had the full "Inno" and Inno-Mini range on hand for everyone to test out and purchase. They also had their new American Audio speakers in full working order to show users an inexpensive alternative to the others.

Virtual DJ Booth

The folks over at the Virtual DJ booth had all sorts of controllers and mixers playing in perfect harmony with their new Virtual DJ 8 software. They software showed lots and lots of versatility and VDJ 8 was even working flawlessly with the touch screen interface as you can see from the video above.

Denon DJ Booth

The Denon DJ booth had the MC6000MK2 on hand and showing off the new DVS function of the unit. They also had the SC3900 and SC2900 decks ready for everyone to use, along with the MC3000 and MC2000 to round out the lineup. You can also see some very clever sister brand placement with the Akai AMX making an appearance along side the Denon decks.

Stanton/KRK/Cerwin Vega/Philips Booth

The Gibson Pro Audio Booth had all their major players around including the Stanton Turntable, mixer, and controller lineup and the full Cerwin Vega P-series product range including the new P1000X 10-inch speakers. We also saw the new Philips Armin Van Buuren A5-Pro Headphones and their new portable DJ rig which can be seen towards the end of the video. The KRK monitors were also littered throughout and everything except for the prototype A5-Pro headphones was for sale!

Reloop DJ Booth

The Reloop Booth was a huge success this year! They had their new RP8000 MIDI turntables on full display with multiple setups so that users can try them out. They also had the whole Beatmix line of controllers and the new Terminal Mix 8 as well. And for the second year in a row, they had famous turntablist DJ Angelo from the UK there to rip it up on the decks. Great times indeed!

D.A.S. Audio Booth

DJ B-Side was also at the DJ Expo with the D.A.S. Audio company showing off their latest lineup of Pro Installation speakers and mobile DJ speakers as well. I was very, very impressed with everything I heard coming from this booth. The new D.A.S Action Series comes in many different configurations including passive and active models which would work PERFECTLY for the mobile DJ guys. The construction is second to none and even the power cables have locking mechanisms in place. The sound quality was excellent and the power draw was lower than expected. Check out the rest of their speakers at the link below. D.A.S Audio

Everything Else...

The InMusic Brand booth that holds Akai, Numark, and M-Audio gear were way too packed to film a proper walkthrough video, so we instead brought you the First Impressions videos of the new Akai AMX & AFX Serato Controllers along with the Numark NV Controller. The same holds true for the Pioneer DJ Booth where we went through the new DDJ-SX2 Controller and the Analog PLX-1000 Turntables. Also on-hand were various speaker companies including Mackie, Peavey, and EV who were all promoting and also selling their new speaker lineups at great discounts for DJ's. Also huge at the DJ Expo were bag and case companies... It's always wise to protect your investment, and UDG, Magma, Decksaver were all there to be of service at the Mixware booth.

Once again, this year's show was a great success and fun for all. The Trump Taj Mahal again proves to be a great venue for those who want to have a great time while experiencing all the DJ world has to offer. If you didn't make it this year, try to come out for the next show in 2015! See you there!

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