Thursday, August 28, 2014

Lil Debbie Cool w/ Nicki's "Ratchet" Anaconda Cover

Lil Debbie shares her thoughts on Nicki Minaj's Anaconda cover, and while the Cali rapper feels the artwork is "ratchet," she admits that Nicki has a "fat a**." Lil Debbie says Nicki can do whatever she wants to at this point, and delves into a story about how much she loves the Queens femcee.

The Queen D rapper says that she used to post photos of Nicki on her Facebook about five years ago, but her followers always hated on them and said that Ms. Minaj was never going to be anything. Debbie elaborates, recalling that she would post a photo of the "Bees In The Trap" rapper wearing just a simple jeans and t-shirt, and her fans would respond by calling Nicki a "tranny."

Debbie speaks more on the situation by pointing out that it's funny what the media will choose to accept and what they won't. She also speaks about how Nicki has made sex sell, but adds that the YMCMB rapper has worked hard to earn her spot.

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