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The 16 Red Bull BC One North America Final competitors include: Jayd-illa (Los Angeles, CA), Vicious (Montreal, Canada), Victor (Orlando, FL), Morris (Sacramento, CA), Tung Fu (Orlando, FL), El Niño (Boston, MA), MN Joe (St. Paul, MN), Rion (San Diego, CA), Icey Ives (Anchorage, AK), Tata (New York, NY), Isaiah (Washington D.C.), Tony TBags (Boston, MA), Toyz aRe Us (Silver Spring, MD), Maynard (Las Vegas, NV) and Gravity (Brooklyn, NY).

Each B-Boy will need to demonstrate his best skills, rhythm and creativity impress the panel of judges, RoxRite (Red Bull BC One All-Star and 2011 Red Bull BC One World Champion), Neguin (Red Bull BC One All Star and 2010 Red Bull BC One World Champion) and Marlon (Havikoro Crew, Texas).

Red Bull BC One is the one-on-one B-Boy World Championship. 2014 marked a record year for Red Bull BC One, with more than 1,500 B-Boys competing across the globe in over 90 Cyphers to earn their spot in one of the upcoming finals. From Azerbaijan to Ukraine, up-and-coming B-Boys and veterans alike battled for a chance to represent their country in the next round.

Red Bull BC One Finals will take place in North America, South America, Eastern Europe, Middle East Africa, Western Europe and Asia Pacific regions. The winners of the Finals will compete alongside 10 Wildcards on the global stage in Paris,France on November 29 at the Red Bull BC One France World Final 2014. The “City of Lights” first hosted the event in 2008, when Red Bull BC One All Star Wing took home the world championship.

All events will be livestreamed on The first Red Bull BC One Final will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada on August 15, at the Brooklyn Bowl. North America’s best B-Boys will battle it out on the renowned stage where some of today’s top Hip Hop artists have performed, including N.E.R.D., Snoop Dogg and Kanye West The Latin America Final will be held on August 30 at the Parque dos Igarapés in Belém, Brazil. This ecological park will provide an exciting natural backdrop for South America’s best B-Boys to compete.

On September 13, the Z.T.D. Hrvatski Sokol will host the Eastern Europe Final in Zagreb, Croatia. This heart of this sports center and gymnastics school perfectly mirrors the acrobatics of the region’s top B-Boys. Middle East Africa will welcome B-Boys on September 26 at the National Theatre Algeria (TNA), a cultural and educational center, which today is home to the Algerian National Ballet.

On October 11, Western Europe’s top B-Boys will go head-to-head at the Vanha Ylioppilastalo in Helsinki, Finland, a 140-year-old building originally designed as a meeting place for students. And the season concludes at the National Palace Museum in Taipei, Taiwan on October 25. The National Palace Museum, consistently rated as one of the world’s best museums, represents Taiwan’s evolution, with artifacts and antiquities representing more than 1,000 years of culture, heritage and tradition. It will be the first time an event of this type and magnitude will be hosted there.

Red Bull BC One, was created in 2004 in Biel, Switzerland, in order to find the world’s best B-Boy, or breakdancer, as they’re commonly referred to in the media. The competition has since traveled to Berlin, São Paulo, Johannesburg, Paris, New York City, Tokyo, Moscow and Rio de Janeiro. Last year, millions of people tuned in around the world to watch the showdown in Seoul, South Korea, where Red Bull BC One All Star Hong 10 took home his second championship belt.

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