Tuesday, December 23, 2014

SUB.Culture | Jersey Club Documentary | Part 2

In Part Two of our three-part SUB.Culture series on the Jersey Club scene, we look at the influence of the genre's leading second generation producers.

We look at the music of DJ Jayhood, the self-proclaimed king of booty bounce music, a sparse yet catchy form of Jersey Club further popularized by artists like Mike Gip and Kayy Drizz. From DJ Lil Man, we learn the indisputable importance of dance to Jersey Club culture.

We also take a look at the impact of scene's breakout stars, Nadus and DJ Sliink, from their incorporation of other genres to create their own breed of Jersey Club to opening the doors for other producers to be seen and heard by a worldwide audience.

These artists have inspired a third and now fourth generation of Jersey Club producers--and due to the genre's current popularity, not all hail from New Jersey.

Watch Part 1: http://bit.ly/1we7aCf

Featured Music:

"Start It Up" - DJ Tiga
"Booty Bounce Anthem Part 2" - Mike Gip
"Polo Remix" - DJ Jayhood
"Hands On Ya Hips" - DJ Jayhood & DJ Joker
"One Leg Get Back" - DJ Lilman
"Team Lilman Anthem" - DJ Lilman
"Money On The Floor" - DJ Fade
"Haters Anthem" - Mike Gip and Kayy Drizz

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