Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Allan Kingdom | Blast

In an industry where so many artists tend to blend into one sound, Allan Kingdom’s quirky cadences are a refreshing alternative to the medium. On his latest track “Blast”, he flows over a beat with a bass that goes even harder with the volume on high. Produced by the rapper himself and the legendary Plain Pat, it’s only right that the instrumental supports Kingdom’s lyrical force, as he puts forth a well-rounded flow that goes along with his blistering lyrical prowess on the intense track.

But of course, all it works, with Kingdom showing off his understanding of using all the right creative elements and crafting them into a solid and catchy song. "Blast" is just another example of Allan's growing talents, which were on full display throughout the entire year, as seen through his various releases.

Stream the track below, and be sure to catch up on Allan's debut project, Future Memoirs, which he released back in June.

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