Friday, December 26, 2014

Reverie | Quicksand (Full Project)

Reverie | Quicksand (Full Project)
Project Mixed and mastered by Louden.
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Track List :
(00:00)-1. Far From Perfect (Prod. Louden)
(02:32)-2. Trains Go Fast (Prod. StuckintheTrees)
(06:56)-3. Entitled (Prod. Louden)
(11:03)-4. Family First (Prod. Louden)
(13:51)-5. Remember You Said Forever (Prod. Louden)
(16:41)-6. 6 Underground (Prod. Louden & Reverie)
(20:00)-7. Rainy Daze (Prod. Louden & Reverie)
(24:23)-8. Dear Diary, (Prod. Louden)
(27:26)-9. Packing My Bags (Prod. Blue Skies)
(29:46)-10. On The Road (Prod. Spok Beats)
(33:16)-11. Fine, Fine [Quicksand] (Prod. StuckintheTrees)

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