Friday, June 30, 2017

Rhythm Roulette | Rahki

With Grammy Awards already under his belt already, Rahki is one of Top Dawg Entertainment's most trusted producers. The Minneapolis-born producer was the man behind "i," one of K-Dot's biggest singles, for which he sampled a '70s Isley Brother's track, "That Lady." Besides making beats for other members of TDE such as Ab-Soul, Rahki has produced for Eminem, 50 Cent, Travis $cott and more.

Rahki's ear for samples is so good, MASS APPEAL had to put him to the test in our latest episode of Rhythm Roulette. We met up with Rahki at Ameoba Music in L.A. where he tied on the blindfold and picked three records from the shop's clearance section. His picks were random as hell, including a chorus recording, orchestral music, and one album whose cover gave him "Illuminati type of vibes."

It seems those left-field selections posed just a small challenge for the talented beat-maker. What he came out with in the end is a banger. Check out Rahki at work in our latest Rhythm Roulette video above.

Rhythm Roulette | Rahki

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