Monday, June 12, 2017

Soundset 2017 Ironlak Live Painting

Once again the party people of Minnesota descended upon the Minnesota State Fair Grounds in Minneapolis for the annual Soundset weekend. Hosted by the amazing team from Rhymesayers Entertainment, the 2017 Soundset event was the tenth anniversary of the independent Hip Hop festival, and the show they put on did not disappoint.

Over 35,000 attendees hit the festival, with a solid line-up of Hip Hop acts gracing the stage. As always, the Ironlak Live Paint was in effect, with the A-team of rap sprayers on hand to give an array of surfaces a fresh lick of paint. From custom shaped IRONLAK/ SOUNDSET panels, to trucks – no surface was safe from the fury of the Ironlak and Sugar Artists’ Acrylic spray paint.

“EWOK, MAST, RIVER, WANE, Carly Ealey, SEB, ERGOT, MUCH, NMPH, Wezz Winship, and I made sure Christmas came a good six months early – smack in the middle of the Twin City’s summer heat wave – blessing all the good children of Soundset with gifts of spray gold, and reminding the bad kids out there that despite their misgivings, Soundset was meant for the bad kid in all of us – not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good!” –JURNE HM TGE YME

Ironlak spray paint is available at Fifth Element – 2411 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55405, USA

Shop online: Yard Master Classics, Kolour, & Sugar Artists’ Acrylic spray paint is available at great prices on – $10 flat rate shipping (ships domestic USA only)

Shot/cut: Spencer Shea of Chop Em Down Films @spencershea @chopemdown
Music: Atmosphere – ‘Finer Things’ courtesy of Rhymesayers Entertainment

JURNE HM TGE YME – Instagram: @scienceism
MAST – Instagram: @indeliblefunk
EWOK MSK HM – Instagram: @ewokmskhm
RIVER – Instagram: @watersfresh
WANE COD – Instagram: @waneonecod
Carly Ealey – Instagram: @carleyealey
SEB – Instagram: @napalmclusterconfiguration
ERGOT – Instagram: naaaaaahhhhh
MUCH – Instagram: @heavymetalgang
NMPH – Instagram: @heavymetalgang
Wezz Winship – Instagram: @wzzwnshp, @brlsqpublicworks


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