Thursday, June 8, 2017

Rhythm Roulette | P-Lo

Fresh after an interview with us and dropping his new album, 'More Than Anything,' Bay area producer-slash-rapper P-Lo pulled up to A1 Records in New York for today's "Rhythm Roulette." He submitted to our tradition of blindfold record digging and sample-based beat making with good humor, ending up with some Imperials, some Aretha Franklin, and some Iranian music.

After passing on the Iranian stuff as "too zeeky," P settled with thoughtful head-nodding on Aretha's powerful "Song For You." He threw the sample in reverse, pitched it up and went in. With hollow drums and skittering snares, a couple vocal percussive chops, and some bouncy ratchet keys, he flips the tune into true "collar popping music." At the end, he gives himself a shout. We give him a shout, too. Salute!

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