Sunday, November 1, 2015

Jamal Bufford x Kensaye | Freedom Is | Album

The Black Op: Era II continues to shine a light on the collective's individual artists, this time around it's co-founder Jamall Bufford's turn to hold the torch. In collaboration with new TBO producer Kensaye, from London, he delivers Freedom Is. The album is not only a statement but also an exploration of freedom's complexity, a question aimed at engaging the listener and provoking thought.

Jamall Bufford stays true to himself and shows maturity and growth, exploring different topics with unconventional viewpoints and his personal insights. Once again Bufford demonstrates the versatility that has garnered the Ann Arbor, MI native worldwide recognition. Kensaye gives his take on freedom by showcasing a varied palette of sounds. His live instrumentation, electronic synths and soulful undertones prove that he cannot be pigeonholed. The genre-bending sound is the perfect ingredient to blend with Bufford's verses. Freedom Is is Jamall Bufford and Kensaye's idea of freedom, and at this crucial time in history, it's their way to engage listeners to join the conversation.

All Beats Produced by KENSAYE.

Released July 28, 2015

Additional vocals sung by Magestik Legend on tracks 7, 10 and 14
Additional vocals sung by CallMekyLA on tracks 7 and 14
Additional vocals sung by Himal on tracks 5 and 10
Additional keys performed by Andy Yeates on tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10 and 14
Guitar performed by Ryan Ansah on tracks 3 and 13
Acoustic guitar performed by Andy Yeates on track 5
Chorus performed by Magestik Legend on track 6
Freedom Protest skit on “Nowhere Without You” performed by Mikey & Kaya Fletcher
#FreedomIs skit by Will Ross on “Memories”
#FreedomIs skit by Magestik Legend on "Extraordinary"
#FreedomIs skit by Kensaye on “Freedom Midtro”
#FreedomIs skit by Sabira Jade on “Freedom Nowtro”

All tracks mixed and all artists recorded at The Legend Lab by Magestik Legend in Michigan except Madame Pepper, Himal, Andy Yeates, Ryan Ansah, and Artcha recorded by Kensaye in London.

Sabira Jade recorded herself in London.
Album mastered by Eric Morgeson at Studio A
Executive Produced by The Black Opera

Hand-Drawn Art by Sammy Bernoussi
Album Art Concept and Graphic Design by Younes Duret

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