Sunday, November 29, 2015

Fatel Flows | Plight of a Soldier

This album "Plight of a Soldier" takes me back when I first discovered Fatel Flows. I was at the Bassment store going through CDs while setting up for some internet website photos. Came across his cd "Born to Lose, Destined to Succeed", put it on through the shops speakers and it was instantly something I connected with. The production selection and griddy lyrics from the latino emcee from Little Village in Chicago was a underground favorite.

Like I month later, I ended up DJing for Confusion Entertainment in Schaumburg at some club I can't think of the name at the moment and guess who was performing there? Yep, Fatel Flows. At the end of the night I introduced myself and told him I appreciated the album and was playing it at The Bassment. Over the years we established a relationship in this industry. I can't tell you how many people started with me when they started throwing events. All I can say is "The Streets Are Watching".

Back to this ablum, I started reminiscing some times. From the intro on it takes you on a journey through the eyes of Fatel and his featured artist. I was gonna point out some favorites but I'm not gonna limit it to a few tracks. If I had to reference a track to show Fatel Flows to someone interested. I would send them "Resurrection". Check out the album for yourself. Let me know your favorite in the comments if that's something you like to do. The only way we can build and show our appreciating for something is together.

If you are into hip hop on a wide scale, you will make sure you put Fatel Flows on your list of great artist. Don't forget to put from "Chicago" on that list because he won't let you.

Shout out to the DeLaRosa family.

Fatel Flows | Plight of a Soldier

Tracklist and features
01. Intro
02. Plight of a Soldier | ft. Demo, Aliaz Unknon
03. Cold Blooded | ft. Waterr
04. Main Attraction | ft. Brown Lucci
05. Help Me | ft. Demo, Jwise
06. Casualties | feat. Aliaz Unknon, DJ Illanoiz
07. Skit
08. How it Feels Like | ft. Fresh Dibiase
09. Important in Life
10. Movin' On | ft. Anais Lauren
11. Resurrection | ft. VNMS
12. So Clear
13. All or Nothing | ft. Juan Zarate, Valli DeVille
14. Free at Last
15. Outro

This album was release on July 26, 2015

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