Thursday, November 19, 2015

BATTLE ANALYSIS: Pocket vs Menno at Red Bull BC One 2015 | .stance

With Dyzee's help, we analyze some of the Red Bull BC One battles. A few things:

- yes, we would love to get more people involved. But with everyone in different parts of the world and the immediacy of these videos, I felt having a friend like Dyzee, who was at the event, analyze the battles would be beneficial.

- these are just concept videos done at home to help the viewers understand the judging results. The judging decisions are final, we are just helping viewers understand them.

If you like these, there are more coming! Ideally I would love to be at the event, with a separate studio space to do an official post-analysis. I feel having the time to look back and think is much more beneficial than explaining everything in livestream realtime.

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