Friday, November 20, 2015

Akenya | Disappear

Singersongwriter Akenya drops a new track titled disappear. Take a listen below.

-Lyrics -

Chorus: Days disappear
I wash up with the tide in my tears
Haunted caress
of duress blooming into my fears
Smoke in my chest
from this stress building over the years
What did you hear about me?
Did it revere or doubt me?

Verse 1: I’m insecure
in the measure of time
Days just betray me
and muddle my mind
I fall behind
I can’t rewind
the consequences of
settling my senses

My mental mess
keeps me restless
making me fall
into more foolishness
I may unveil
to you
all of these tales
but who will you see
when you contemplate me?


Verse 2: Some think I’m ruled
by the rich and refined
Some think I’m lured into
leisure divine
But if they knew
how much I do
try to stay grounded
with solace resounded

Still every time
conflict I find
this deeply subconscious
inertia of mine
I may prevail
after numerous fails
But who will I be
when you think about me?


Outro: And who will i be when you’re thinking about me?
would you be better off with or without me?
do you believe in me or do you doubt me?
doubt me? doubt me?

(do you believe in me or do you doubt me? )
who will you see when you’re checking me out?
(do you believe in me or do you doubt me?)
how would you know what my habits amount to?
(do you believe in me or do you doubt me?)
will you give up on me or can you figure me out?
(doubt me? doubt me? doubt me?)

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