Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work | DJ Skee's The Red Pill

In this edition of The Red Pill, DJ Skee talks about what goes into the team behind a successful project or artist. In order to achieve success, all the members of the team must be able to identify and work towards a single goal, with each member exerting equal effort into the project. As an artist, creating a successful team starts with the strength of both the artist and the manager. The artist must have sufficient talent while the manager must be able to effectively execute goals and responsibilities.

Always be mindful of where you are in your career while perfecting your craft and learning from every experience that brings you closer to your goals. While building the members of your team, always be weary of whom you bring inside your circle. Make sure everyone has a dutiful role that contributes to your vision as an artist. Collaboration between team members is crucial to the successful growth of every artist’s career.

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