Thursday, November 26, 2015

Ki & Sunny Ture | GUILTY.

Note from cover art artist:
"So based off the title being "GUILTY.", the image seems to depict a black man who was judged, found guilty of a crime, and executed. However, the arrangement of blades in this black body are actually an Ogun Pot. Ogun is the Orisa of war. People keep iron pots or cauldrons by the door of their homes to praise Ogun and seek his protection and blessings. Consider the phrase "They tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds." What seems to be persecution is really just setting the stage for an evocation of a great, ancient spirit who will see to it that his people are victorious in their struggle.

S13P artists Ki & Sunny Ture join forces for GUILTY.

1 - Freedom Time - (King i Divine)
2 - Kill Lie Cheat Steal - (J. Dilla)
3 - Like We Do - (Big Silk)
4 - Fiendin' Fo’ - (Kwajo)
5 - Spending The Night - (Wun Two)
6 - Ms. Mary - (Pete Rock)
7 - Deep Thinkers - (Ohbliv)
8 - Sundown City - (Dank Lotion)
9 - Keep On Vibing - (J. Dilla)
10 - Dumpin' - (Wun Two)
11 - Back To the Fam - (Ohbliv)

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