Friday, December 5, 2014

PRhyme (DJ Premier, Royce da 5'9″) Talk Battle Rap, Joe Budden, Jay Electronica + More Exclusive in-depth interview with PRhyme (DJ Premier, Royce da 5'9″). Part 3 starts with Nick Huff Barili talking to Royce about how he changed his perspective on life. "I felt like there was a dark cloud over my head for a long time. So when I was rapping about death, I was just rhyming about things that were imminent.

Stuff that was happening around that time, it was just a dark time for me." Nickel who has been two years sober states "The kind of dark place that I was in, I think lengthy periods of time in that kinda place, you know, I'd end up in one of two places. For me to make it out of that and not have done serious jail time and to still be living is a blessing."

As the conversation moves along, DJ Premier and Royce talk about Hip Hop growing up and expectations for great artists. Royce also talks about a line from PRhyme's song Courtesy, where he says that he wants to step into the Battle Rap ring. Royce and Premo share their thoughts on Joe Budden Vs Hollow Da Don, Fight Klub, what it takes to be a battle rapper, and why most battle rappers don't have successful albums. The interview ends with Premo and Nickel sharing their thoughts on favorite tracks on the upcoming PRhyme album including tracks with Jay Electronica and Common.

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