Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sa-Roc | Shadows Approaching | Prod. Sol Messiah

New Sa-Roc on The Sol Messiah: Legend (Mixtape)

What im gon do now? I'm 5 foot 3 and 132 pounds. size 6 frame, with a legendary name, trying to live up to the honor with a few raps and a cute smile.
But that don't last forever.
This could be my last letter, so I write it with blood and sweat so it last better.
They wanna wipe me from the books cuz I'm plot heavy, but they won't give me 2nd looks less I'm top heavy.
Let me talk to you, my daddy sharecropped tobacco age 6 fore he learned to even walk proper.
You want some real spit? What you know about watching your father numb so he wouldn't have to feel shit?
Real quick out the room before the tears hit.
Clutching pipe dreams to my chest like a meal ticket.
And as much as I'd like to think it we aint much different, 30 years apart but the cops think we just niggas.
But let me slow down fore attention span go down, Gucci, Bugatti, fat bootys, illuminati.
Now, am I allowed to finish? Youngins lying in a pool of that red sauce all in the name of spinach.
Noodle all on the sidewalk, like an Italian dinner. But y'all don't wanna hear it.
Y'all tone deaf til I start talking c notes then y'all ninjas Bob Dylan.
Street poets, writing poems for the muh effing highest bidder.
Yeah I'm kinda bitter. You want a sweetheart, just stop making the street hard, then you won't get this sour lemon.
I'm feeling out of place in the places that I invented.
Feeling stifled, so I'm venting. Ear conditioning, pun intended.
I may be cut from a different cloth, but we all kindred. Formerly good kids in a mad city, call kendrick.
This high power coming from out the Nile River. Rap pharoah from the hells of the district, the sound killer.

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