Friday, September 19, 2014

NehruvianDOOM | Caskets

The teenage Brooklyn rapper Bishop Nehru has teamed up with the masked underground rap eminence DOOM to form a duo called NehruvianDOOM, and their self-titled album is coming out later this year. We’ve already heard two of the LP’s tracks, “Darkness (HBU)” and “Om,” but we haven’t heard one thing from the LP yet, and that’s DOOM delivering a proper verse on the album. But on “Caskets,” the latest track from the EP, DOOM opens things up with a nicely grizzled appearance before Nehru takes over the track with young-scholar energy. DOOM also produced the track, and it’s got his woozily melodic dusty jazz-influenced fingerprints all over it. Listen below.

NehruvianDOOM is out 10/6 on Lex.

CASKETS is taken from NEHRUVIANDOOM, the forthcoming album by Bishop Nehru & DOOM.

Available to pre order now and released on October 6th UK / 7th US

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