Monday, May 20, 2019

Midway Radio 66 | Moz Definite & DJ Illanoiz

When I think of Moz and Illa (DJ Illanoiz), I think about the classic grind of Chicago Hip Hop DJ's and life. The conversation of these individuals are very much needed because there is not artistic development, there is no blue print for this lifestyle. When you give yourself to this culture you are young, you are in the movement, you are in its essence. As you get older and the essence goes away for a moment and life hits you with the ups and downs a light bulb goes off. Moz and Illa are not just talented their a solid core of Chicago hip hop who I say have extra light bulbs. I could tell you my favorite Moz and Illa stories but I'd rather you listen to this and learn some of their history. Thanks Midway Doc. Documentation is the wave.

Midway Radio 66 | Moz Definite & DJ Illanoiz

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