Thursday, May 30, 2019

Shutting Down the Streets of LA | Sideshow Takeovers

Sometimes I wish I could do so many things at once. Owning a dope with became a lifestyle for me after high school. It was just part of the click I sometimes got up with. We would even trade whips for a day or two. Miss them days, but always creating the new days. This might be nothing like that but I wanted to share that thought. Here's this piece from Vice I just saw about "Shutting Down the Streets of LA | Sideshow Takeovers. Looks like its getting a lot of negative feedback. The first comment is a but funny but probably real spit.

Originating in the Bay Area, “sideshows” are events where participants shut down busy public intersections and perform car stunts such as donuts, burnouts, and drifts.

In Los Angeles, one of the biggest sideshow car clubs is TAKING 0VER and every Sunday, members from TAKING 0VER and other car clubs participate in an unsanctioned sideshow event called Sunday Funday. We visit Los Angeles to spend a day with TAKING 0VER members and get a closer look at the risks they take to put on the sideshows they love.

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