Monday, May 13, 2019

Unbecoming To Become | Dante Qushawan Farrar

Writing, recording and shooting this piece of content was so difficult but liberating at the same time. We all have felt with trauma, I’ve learned it’s not about what happens to you it’s about how you handle it. As men we deal with so much that we don’t talk about but I think it’s time we free ourselves from the bondage of our pain. Some people won’t bother reading this or listening to the message in the words, all they will see is that I cut my hair. Whatever you may take from this is completely out my control but I would love for this to serve as a tool for healing, anyone who may be struggling to address whatever trauma they have yet to process and deal with. “Unbecoming to become” - Farrar

Appreciate the powerful message and courage of this. This gives life subtance and a since of advice to people growing up with similar backgrounds. To understand different paths and see the outcome so far is a certain kind of gratification. Thank you, Dante Qushawan Farrar. #BeattHeoddZ #BHZLife #CultFamily

Credit: Directed and photographed by SASSO
IG: @Sasso
Written by Dante Farrar
IG @leaderofcultrap

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