Thursday, October 29, 2015

Anderson .Paak | A N I M A L (Epsiode 5)

Anderson .Paak is steady steady cooking up that soul. In the fifth installment of his A N I M A L series, you get the complete picture of Paak as an artist from bare-bones creation to his amped up onstage persona. Scaling back on the quick, playful cuts, the shots linger much longer; the song snippets are extended; the sense of materialization is unavoidable.

The studio rat in him comes out like the occasional NYC subway rodent with the audacity to scurry on the platform instead of on the tracks. Whether AP is banging on a digital drum set while simultaneously laying down some vocals with DJ Khalil, or getting cosigns aplenty from Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolboy Q, Omarion, and others, it is clear that the stu is the animal’s natural habitat. With so many artists floating in and out of sessions and so many different snippets of songs, it’s unclear when and where all of this music will show up; but lawd it’s so funkin’ funky. A live performance for Revolt TV also displays his raw, beastly energy on stage for a guy on the smaller side.

The intentions behind this series were clear from the beginning: Get as many people hyped as possible for what Paak has in store. As transparent as that is, it’s pretty damn difficult to not be excited.

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