Thursday, October 22, 2015

LA Graffiti Artist Known as Skid Robot Creates Awareness on Extreme Poverty Using Street Art

Los Angeles-based graffiti artist known as Skid Robot, speaks on his beginnings with creating art that calls attention to poverty and homelessness. He says it all started one night when he was out with his girlfriend and expressed to her that he wanted to do something unique and meaningful with his art. “We pulled up to a red light over in skid row and she pointed at someone sleeping on the floor and she suggested that I paint that person dreaming of money. I thought the idea was brilliant . . .”

Skid also talks about his “Birdman” piece and his message aimed to Mayor Eric Garcetti, which less than a week later, led to the mayor’s announcement to a $100 million plan to fight homelessness. “If I can get the mayors attention, I want the presidents attention and the U.N.’s attention.” Skid Robot’s ultimate goal is to open up conversations about current social and economic injustices in order to help end extreme poverty worldwide.

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