Friday, October 23, 2015

5 Under 5: Chris Rivers | Mass Appeal

When your father is on most hip hop head’s G.O.A.T. short lists, there are easier paths in life to choose than becoming an emcee—but then again, Chris Rivers was never really into the easy path. Born in the Bronx, he lost his father, Big Pun, at age six. When the riches ran out—under circumstances that are the subject of an ongoing lawsuit—his family was plunged into poverty, living in and out of homeless shelters for a time.

Chris clearly inherited his father’s powerful intellect, and considered becoming an astronaut, but circumstances prevented him pursuing those interstellar visions. Instead, he’s pursuing the rap game in hopes of saving up 250 racks so he can purchase a ticket to the cosmos. His new mixtape, Medicated Consumption, drops today with an accompanying EP for those who want to support the kid’s outer space movements. What better time to catch up with Baby Pun? He gave us the 5 Under 5 breakdown of relevant topics, plus a bonus freestyle. Check it.


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