Friday, October 23, 2015

Monte Booker | Soulection White Label: 016

Blending hip-hop, R&B, soul and melodic electronic sounds, Monte Booker highlights a percussion-heavy, sample-free sound that is unable to be imitated.

The 20-year-old producer who has been providing some of the finest instrumental backdrops for Chicago's music scene brings you the 16th installation of our White Label Series.

“While creating this White Label I was definitely influenced by lots of jazz – primarily because of how innovative it is, electronic sounds and Flying Lotus. In fact, Flying Lotus should just be a genre at this point lol.”

Monte brings a couple of new artists along with him on this installation – Ravyn Lenae and Smino are “really close friends with amazing talent” – the trio goes by "zero fatigue” and have created a collective based out of the South Side of Chicago.

Stay tuned for more timeless sounds and good vibes from Monte Booker

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