Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lady Alma | It's House Music


Yoruba Records is honoured to bring to you the incomparable Lady Alma.

Coming from the roots of that Philly soul sound, she quickly became synonymous with house music. Her powerful voice and empowering lyrics lift generations to fully understand self-worth and self-love.

Osunlade is a force within the foundation of house music. Born at the intersection of funk, jazz, blues and rock n roll, he injected new sounds into house with his pristine production and respect for the harmonizing roots of all music. These two dynamic souls join forces in an explosive song.

It's House Music takes us back to a time when one would stand in the alley of the warehouse district in sub-zero weather to hear the latest grooves of the night, dancing till dawn and emerging only for breakfast and a bed. It's House Music’ will have you dancing all night long with its infectious hook and anthem to house music itself.

Lady Alma's soul stirring powerhouse vocal perfectly marries the mood and movement of this multidimensional sonic offering. This mix will have the world passing the plate from the dance floors of Chicago, Detroit, New York and Philly to the shores of Cape Town and Nigeria.

Written by Osunalde & Alma Horton
Produced by Osunlade
Co-Produced by Rob Paine & Lady Alma
All Instruments by Osunlade
All Vocals by Lady Alma

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