Monday, January 21, 2013

VISUAL - Perfectly Placed Paint

From VISUAL's Hello Hip Hop mix tape : VISUAL's Hello Hip Hop, presented by, & Community Service Records was specially crafted for "golden era" connoisseurs. Classic production, comedic skits, conscious lyrics & a raw essence are the foundations that this mix tape was built on.

VISUAL - Perfectly Placed Paint from Visual on Vimeo.

VISUAL has been releasing independent music since 2001, gaining international recognition, most recently touring the South of France and after a studio hiatus from 2010 to 2012; he reintroduces himself to the people with Hello Hip Hop. From the socially conscious Marvin Michael & Stevie, Chicago Daze and Karma to the laid back Nothing to it and God Given; to the comedic moments on tracks like Pimps Don't Run & Swag, Hello Hip Hop gives the listener a diverse vibe

Perfectly placed Paint lyrics - I'm in Logan just strollin, hoping crooked cops ain't even scopin I ain't provoking, I just know them dudes are very bogus I'm trying to focus, picturing my magnum opus Staring at society realizing that its broken Smoking, breathe vaporize right in front of my eyes & I can't tell if its this weather, my words or my life I'm gonna fight, I'm the gritty,witty,windy city type Knives stickin out my back but I still feel alright Sometimes I'm high,trippin staring at the sky & lake Thinking if everything I see is really in front of my face Or if everything I see is just perfectly placed paint Or if everything I see is just perfectly placed paint Released by: Community Service Records Release/catalogue number: CSR-008 Release date: Oct 17, 2012 ISRC: US-QQ7-12-00017 Directed by : VISUAL Shit by : Gerson Donis Edited by : Ivan Contreras

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