Thursday, January 17, 2013

#TBT (1995) MC JUICE - Straight From The GO (Get Off My Productions)

This is another one of J.U.I.C.E.'s rarities all the way back from 1995. This is the earliest material of his I can find. It was produced by a Chicago production team (or one man team) called "Get Off My Productions". They had a "Various Artists" CD and Cassette released that same year of some up and coming Chicago artists and independent rappers with J.U.I.C.E.'s track on the album yet no mention of his name (just titled "Get Off My Productions - Straight From The Go"). As far as I know, G.O.M.P. only has two official releases; the aforementioned and the 12" single with J.U.I.C.E. with The Figure's "Dream Come True" on the B-Side.

This vinyl was released on "Beathole Records" which is most certainly G.O.M.P.'s record label at the time and had a clean and dirty version of the featured song in this video entitled "Straight From The Go". You can tell that J.U.I.C.E.'s first three tracks of any marginal repute came out of G.O.M.P. because one of the producers (and again, maybe the only producer) that was with them had a spot on two of the chorus' (see J.U.I.C.E.'s "The Man" for the other spot).

This record is up-tempo, low fidelity, and just effervesces of mid 90's underground hip-hop. It's a fun dance groove type of song without the pop genre aesthetics. You'll notice J.U.I.C.E.'s lyrics here are not as complex as in his freestyles or even future songs, but it still showcases an MC with some great potential.

The B-Side of the vinyl is a chill, low tempo, easy going track featuring "The Figure" (two Chicago underground rappers at the time). The MCs aren't the greatest but the production is pretty nice.

All in all, a cool and highly rare record. For J.U.I.C.E. fans it's a must have in their catalog. This is the origin of the man who would blow up the Wakeup Show, beat Eminem in a freestyle battle, and probably go down as one of the greatest who never "blew up".

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