Thursday, January 24, 2013

Secta 7 - From The Bottom (Invasion - 2003)

Secta 7 is a 21 memeber elite that has been bringing ruckus into the underground, with their skilled lyrics and production.

Ministerz Of Tha Underground Records brings to the underground Secta 7, who have been in the uprise for 2 years now. Made up of the most skilled and talented groups to combine into 1, Secta 7 has been getting props for the work they put in to their music for the masses.

Coming from inner cites of the East/West Coast & South, such as New Jeruzalem, NYC, iiladelphia, San Diego, Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, North Chicago, and Houston.

The divine mission of Secta 7 is based on teaching righteous scripture to the masses who walk dumb, def, & blind to false doctrine and pagan godz.

The science to Secta 7 name is broken down by Lord Knowledge as follow:

(Secta is slang terminology for {Sector} which is a form of a cricle radius that is covered by areas of different measurements and angke degrees through the divine understanding of Elohim, and His form of math through creation. The 7 represents the divine perfection of who Elohim's spirit is through us in spirit. The earth was created in 7 days, and speaking musically a interval bewteen 2 tones that are 7 degrees apart is taken within a 7 breath period to compete it's cypha. And so from that you get the {7th Secta} which is Secta 7. We represent the 7th degree of the 100th degree circle that was created in the begining of Genesis that is now enclosed around us, and which the other 93rd degree of the false Secta is filled with lies, deception, and evil, as well being taught the nature of the Luciferan Doctrine.)

Group Members: (Eleazar Tha Last Testament, Lord Knowledge, Roldan Militant, Optimuz Rhyme, Man Of War, Rehab Tha Mental Therapist, Opposite, Element, F.O.G., Suplanta, Judah Priest, Strezz, Kaotic, Optixz, Black Seed, Tri, Verbal Snyper, Lyrical Shank, Demon Assiassin, & Imagiin 360.)


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