Friday, January 11, 2013

Ken Swift Interview | The Core Media

Interview of the Legendary Prince Ken Swift
7 GEMS / New York City
Filmed&Edited: The Core Media

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  1. Sickness... Ken Swift has always had a such a huge fundamental for the art of bboying/hip hop.. THIS VIDEO needs to be a main instrument in helping other bboys coming up now and past to learn what it was to be a bboy in our days.. I KNOW i came after Kennys time, but i learned what he learned and knew i asked all the pioneers how it was all the scenese i knew what our scene was.. BIG UPS!@!! PEACE OUT TO KEN SWIFT

  2. I agree, this video is worth a billion views easy...When I first posted it, I wanted it to be the only thing I would share today. That's how dope I feel about this interview and the words from it, mainly what I felt from it...#BHZLife