Friday, June 19, 2015

RUBBLE KINGS | Hits Theaters Today

The documentary RUBBLE KINGS will hit theaters today, June 19th in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, with a wider release to follow. The film, narrated by John Leguizamo, follows the story of the gangs that roamed the streets in NYC in the 70's and their impact at that time.

From 1968 to 1975, gangs ruled New York City. Beyond the idealistic hopes of the civil rights movement lay a unfocused rage. Neither law enforcement nor social agency could end the escalating bloodshed. Peace came only through the most unlikely and courageous of events that would change the world for generations to come by giving birth to hip-hop culture. RUBBLE KINGS chronicles life during this era of gang rule, tells the story of how a few extraordinary, forgotten people did the impossible, and how their actions impacted New York City and the world over.

Take a look at a scene and the trailer for the film below.

Available TODAY in theaters/digitally through Saboteur Media,

RUBBLE KINGS, distributed by Saboteur Media, is directed by Shan Nicholson and features interviews with "Yellow" Benji Melendez, Afrika Bambaataa, Blackie, Carlos "Karate Charlie" Suarez, D.S.R, Ed Koch, Felipe Luciano, Harlem Cody, Jazzy Jay, Jee Sanchez, Joe Conzo, Kool Herc, Lorine, Marshall Berman, Nono, Red Alert, Rolando Ruiz, Topaz and more.

Produced by Dito Montiel, Michael Aguilar and Jim Carrey. Executive Produced by Nick Quested and David Kennedy.

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